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Sunday, May 15, 2016

FaceBook, Social Engineering, Manipulation and Narcissistic Bullying

Many of us have been dragged into Facebook as a way of staying in touch with family and friends, a an online diary and a place to share thoughts, ideas and photographs. It's true Facebook is a clumsy, inadequate platform as far as things go, however sheer weight of numbers means it is easy to get sucked into a social media platform that seems to have no other real competitors. However Facebook, time and again seems to be socially engineering and attempting to manipulate people's thoughts and ability to communicate. Heavy "Trolling" online bullying and negative attention from what appear to be paid shills cause people to think twice about what they may post or comment and self censor themselves so they are not attacked and involved in lengthy boring and usually off topic arguments.

The two main subjects under attack at the moment seem to be Anti Vaccination and Chem trails, Anyone writing or sharing posts on either subject coming under attack that is generally off topic, personal hurtful and designed to stop any free speech or discussion of either subject. I have found myself not sharing memes on Chem trails that I knew would result in attacks like this, or posts outlining the pseudo science that is "Vaccination" and the accompanying side effects such as Autism, Alzheimer's, cancer etc.Not because any of the online bullying has changed my mind but because I could not be bothered with the same old attacks that are not debate, just an obvious attempt to stop discussion

I received a message from a friend of mine last week asking if I knew "Drew Miles" in real life, I do  know Drew from "The Secret Chiefs" a pagan moot that I attended several years ago, and various other pagan meetings and celebrations. I knew "Drew Miles" as a minor acolyte, subject to depression, the last I heard from him he was attempting to make a career because of his uncanny resemblance to Boris Johnson. I knew that Drew was often a victim of bullying so I was shocked to find he was now bullying his way around Facebook.

My friend explained that she has been in a group on Facebook and had been discussing Chem trails, Drew had attacked her, whilst claiming she was attacking him, telling her to leave him alone and urging the moderators of the group to ban her from the group, Clearly the attributes of a trouble-making shill. True to average Troll behaviour Drew was accompanied by another calling himself Isaac Yirschpal, who claims to be a "Swedish Israeli" Not content with abusing my friend and getting her booted from the group, Drew decided to persuade his friend Isaac to send the most vile messages, which my friend, obviously shaken passed on to me. I looked briefly at Isaac's Facebook account, 12 friends and a lot of whinging about other people being trolls and a swipe at Drew from posting memes from "Anti Semites". This is what Isaac wrote:

"So you're terrified of clouds, tap water, and fuck knows what else in this world, and you STILL decided to bring a child into it?!!!

You've no right to call yourself a "concerned mother", you gobby cow! No-one as retarded as you should EVER be allowed to breed!!!

I've got copies of everything that you said, on Shit London, on your own wall, and to my friend Drew. I've also got friends in social services - they're going to see all of this on Monday, and they're going to get your kids taken away from you. Though frankly I couldn't give two fucks what happens to them - knowing how idiotic you are, they're probably gonna catch measles or pertussis and die anyway.

Bet your ass won't miss them, anyway. Selfish narcissistic whore!"

Drew Miles had posted a post on his page lying about what had happened with in the group and slating my friend, he had left his page open so my friend posted the messages from Isaac Yirschpal asking Drew to explain himself, I also posted on the thread as Drew was so clearly out of order, threatening a woman and attempting to dictate what people could or couldn't say on Facebook, only to find out that Drew was banned from Facebook for a day for bullying yet another person. When Drew was once again allowed to post he and "Topher O'Connor" His "Fiance" proceeded to loose spectacularly in the Flame War. Mainly because they lied, could not stay on topic and played the victim, claiming that my friend and I were Homophobic and "Jew hating" they also declared that science is an absolute! ignoring the fact that scientists are notorious for saying whatever their sponsors were paying them to say, and indeed were guessing with many of their "results".

I hoped I had planted enough seeds by insisting that Drew Miles and his chum Topher were not, in fact the "Chem trail police and did not in any event have any right to tell people what they should write, think or believe. Drew unfriended me, but no worries there, someone I had considered a minor acolyte years ago had clearly not progressed, indeed it seems that Drew has lost any credibility that he had by bullying, lying and generally causing trouble. Although Drew does seem far gone with his psychosis i took heart that he had been told about himself and hopefully we had planted enough seeds that some might grow and nourish his weak narcissistic mind.

However the very next day "Drew" launched an attack on me, lying that I had been homophobic that I was "EVIL" that he was reporting me to the Metropolitan police and was going to the press to expose "The Pagan Community" as homophobic in "The media. He tagged in several Facebook friends of mine saying

"I want you all to know in brief that i have made this post because of an EVIL homophobic person whom you are friends with on here by the name of Sharon Alden Gifford

I understand some of you don't really know her that well, and she may be little more than an acquaintance. But she has made some truly malicious, abusive and insensitive remarks at my fiance and I, since Sunday.I am sure most of you will have the good sense to no longer associate yourselves with this person, and will unfriend her once you see this.

I hope you will listen to my concern as a Druid, a fellow pagan or spiritually concerned individual and a gay man who has suffered enough from abusive persons and I hope you will listen to whatever your heart urges you to do in this matter.,

As I have made clear I have reported Sharon's abusive comments to the police., I have still retained screenshots of many of them and will be showing them ,to the members of ,the metropolitan police tomorrow afternoon it would obviously not do well for anybody's reputation to associate with a felon specially a paranoid bigoted extremist like this evil, person clearly is I hope that all of you will  keep that in mind and let y,our conscience guide you.

Blessed Be"

Yep amazing hey? Drew whilst claiming to be a spiritual person attempts to organise a Witch Hunt!

I find that Drew's "Media connections" consist of "Lottie Dingle" a person I used to know as "Charlotte Dingle" in my Border Morris dancing days, She unfriended me a long time ago , I had posted a poem about how lovely it was to hear the bees in my garden and how I longed to taste the flowers I grow there, she made an unpleasant comment that honey was "Bee spit" and proceeded to lecture me about vegan stuff! I explained as an omnivore and an opportunistic eater I would eat what I chose! Unfriended and blocked! So much for free speech and the freedom to eat as one chooses! When I knew "Lottie" she was an aspiring journalist and it seems she still is. Good luck with "exposing the pagan community" Drew, no doubt "Lottie" will help as soon as she gets the chips out of her nose, apparently not an evangelical vegan any more "Lottie" eats cheese, writes for free but is rarely published anywhere, it seems.

I was also threatened to be hacked, reported to Facebook and was variously denigrated by people who actually do not know anything about me, simply because they never asked.I suppose weak minded,  narcissistic people are easy to corrupt, Drew's alleged "fiance" lives in New York and they seem to be visiting each other, there is a "Go Fund Me" page, that has raised $910 in 13 months which doesn't seem enough to fund trips to New York and dinner for two. These "Go fund me" campaigns are often a way to legitimize money.


However paid, narcissistic,shills are ten a penny on the Internet it is the specific dynamics of the Facebook platform that allows these shills to flourish. with the "Blocking" facility, which to me, seems to be the cyber equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and humming. Means that people can organise two faced,lying witch hunts against people that could cause them problems in real life. The lack of editorial control where Facebook can remove posts and ban people from posting without redress means what really is happening to people can easily be lost or hidden, even from their close friends.Leaving them alone and vulnerable when attacked by shills, causing people to censor themselves and what memes they share. A clearly organised attack on free speech. The  main subjects being shut down are anti vaccines and chem trails with, of course the shrieks of "homophobia" ever present.