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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Satanism Debunked ~ A Witch Speaks Out

I have studied and practiced magic for many years now, beginning with my indoctrination at a catholic school, I am left handed so was frowned upon and tutted over "wee Heathen" "Left handed path" etc. When my uncle, also left handed first attended the same school they had tied his hand behind his back and forced him to write with his right hand. My grandfather taught me to write before I went to school, he did not want me to be tortured and humiliated so, maybe he realised that even then I would have taken the school down if anyone had tried to do that to me. Thanks Grandpa, I love you for your kindness. Perhaps naturally being denigrated in such a manner simply for being a leftie made me very curious at an early age about "the left handed path" that was muttered over my head. I began to look into occult systems and magic. I had to break the "guilt" that my catholic training had instilled in me, I freed my mind and began a study and practice that continues to this day.

The first magic we are all blessed with is the gift of Empathy, to understand and feel with others and with the world our blessed mother and with the universe. To help others through sadness and sorrow but also to share the joys and happiness, Empathy is a true blessing. As part of my training I was taken to my sisters in the burning times, I held their hands, gave them smiles, hugs, blessings and when the time came and she could bear no more I took her pain, I felt the flames burn up through my body, the burning pain, the searing heat and when I could bear it no longer the next empath would hold me would bless me and would take my pain. We bought love to our tortured sisters, we never left them, no one ever dies alone but our Best Beloveds from the burning times were surround by loving sisters who took their suffering and shared, so we could all bear it, so that our beloveds would not have to bear the unbearable all alone. When you hear the stories of women laughing and smiling, feeling no pain as they burned you may believe them to be true, and now you know why.

As one practices Empathy, as you truly bless the world with your love, you become a healer, learning how to heal. I studied and still study natural medicine, healing foods, healing lifestyles. all the wisdom that big pharma and government have tried to steal from us is still available, ancient herbals can still be found and many peoples have held their ancient wisdom close to their hearts and are happy to share their knowledge. Healing magic often comes naturally to mothers who heal their own children, many times with a kiss and a hug, through childhood illnesses mothers develop healing skills, many people naturally develop healing skills and find ways to heal themselves and their families. "Let thy food be thy medicine" I learned what to eat to stay healthy and what not to eat. I was lucky my grandmother had bought up six children during the food rationing of the second world war, she learned to grow vegetables, fruit and kept chickens, I did not taste a store bought egg until i was a teenager, it tasted like fish as I remember! I learned from my Grandmother  how to grow food, and was fed exceptionally healthily as a child. To learn healing is a true blessing.

These two blessings are available to everybody, Empathy is first learned as a young child, identifying with his world and learning about others, healing is learned later, most often though family connections or as a young mother. Empathy is the foundation for all, which is why, I suppose Big Pharma and Hollywood are developing ways to stop people from being empathetic, from being able to help with the simple gift of Empathy. No one who feels empathy and understanding for their fellow man, for the world and with the universe can be evil, if you feel the pain of your brother of sister how can you do anything other than be kind to them? How could you hurt a child knowing the pain that will ripple out into the universe? How could you hurt people just because their skin was different from yours, knowing that their kind and powerful love would be there for you if you ever needed it? You can't, you need no threats of punishment, no laws, no governance to be a decent person if you feel empathy you will always try your best to help as much as you can. It's as simple as that.

What you do with these two Blessings is up to you, With these two blessings I went on to study and practice many different systems of magic, different cultural magic. I am eclectic and my studies took many different paths, I learned to understand truth and how to look for it in different magical ways. I learned Astral travel, I learned how to raise power, how to direct and control magical energies. I learned everything I could, before the internet, I read books, I wrote spells, I learned rituals. I never joined a coven though I was invited several times, I am an Anarchist and bowing to another and accepting their rule was never for me. Although I attended Pagan Moots and learned still more. A high priest I met once told me I was "the best qualified High Priestess in the universe." I have learned much more since then, an inquiring mind never ceases to learn. I will always share what I know freely, I make my living from turning Tarot cards on premium phone lines so I am constantly developing my empathy and psychic skills.

I tell you these things because I need you to understand what I have to tell you next, I need you to realise that I cannot lie, that what I write is true, I write so you may be brave, so you may have enlightenment and so you may be free from the lies you are being told. Because you see Magic is self limiting, if you loose empathy you loose your humanity, you loose your magical power. You cannot be an evil witch, there is no such thing, once you perform an evil ritual or an evil act the universal magic will not be able to flow through you, you will loose any psychic gifts that you have developed, you will no longer be working through love and the essence of who you really are, the essence of your soul will cease to be fed and you will need to be more and more evil to be able to function. Your spirit will no longer soar through the universe, flying free and attracting love and fellow travelers. You will become limited and limiting as a person. you will attract evil.

When I first heard of the "Satanic Rituals" allegedly performed by the Worlds most evil people I laughed, because I know that Satan does not exist he is not there, believe me I looked for him! Satan is a man made construct.  A method of controlling people, a way to explain evil personified to uneducated simple folk from different times to this. There is no Satan know that and understand in your heart that Satan is a lie. The evil people use the name Satan to instill fear into the hearts of people, to make them feel that they cannot win against such evil. These evil people use the name of Satan to give them Glamour to shield their evil ways, maybe as an excuse for their evil. People are frightened and look away and perhaps really believe that "Satan"  has magical powers and gives them to evil people who worship him. remember what I say Evil people have no magic! Once they become evil they have to lose Empathy and therefore magical doors are closed to them.

This is why the most evil people in the world perform increasingly perverted and twisted rituals, maybe they once knew true magic, once felt the truth of life flow through their bodies and because they chose to be evil that magic can no longer flow with them, they turned their back on true magic so the magical energies from the universe must turn away from them. The rituals they perfom become more jaded and sadistic as they try to achieve the magic they remember, they bigin to hurt themselves and others, they hurt children as in their depravity they feel some kind of power over others, this is not magic, this is perversion, this is depravity and this is evil. However, as people learn of their wicked actions they once again become frightened not only for themselves but for their own children as well. These people trade in lies, the truth becomes a stranger to them and they tell deliberate lies to confuse and frighten people still further. But take a real look at these people you will see that their power is very much limited, they have no true magic, their reliance on and worship of money will show that they only have worldly power. Evil people can only manipulate people through money or through bullying. They become involved with drugs and mind altering substances, not to find enlightenment but to escape the horror that their lives have become because of their evil practices.

I will reiterate evil has no magical power, look again and again at the evil people that run the world, are they healthy, strong minded individuals, keeping faith with our mother the earth? Or are they weak minded individuals easily led and manipulated themselves? Do they have empathy? Do they love and nurture or do they hurt and destroy? Are these evil people ? If they have an insatiable greed for money you may be sure they have no true magic. Money is only a tool, meant to help barter, it does not give real magical power, and you may be sure that anyone who hoards money is empty inside. Will have had to loose their empathy to make and keep their money. The "power" that money may bring is empty and shallow, the things that money can buy are not spiritual, will not aid any spiritual growth and may very will harm your spiritual development. people who have chosen evil will become very jealous of others who have kept their spiritual integrity, will lack empathy for others and we see this every day as people are no longer regarded as people but as commodities, as a means of hoarding yet more money, and no concern is given for how people are hurt in the evil peoples insatiable greed.

I write this because I see that people are frightened, that people are believing the lies and are becoming frightened of the glamour that these evil people are trying to shield themselves with people are somehow believing that there is a being called Satan, that people worship a being that gives them evil power, yet evil has no power and these people learn too late that there is only money for them, money and the thrills that money can buy, which can never come close to true magical spiritual power. They sold their soul and know they themselves are now earthbound,  they cannot fly through the ether. They know as well that they do not work through love, they work through fear, being afraid themselves or feeling a fleeting evil power through frightening others. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, in the days ahead, as the veil lifts and is lifted further, we may feel afraid, but remember to love, there is no fear in love and love will conquer all. Stay true yourself and learn to trust your intuitions, if you feel fear step back from the situation and bring yourself back to love. Although people may be evil they are people no more and no less. There is no Satan, whatever they think they do is not true. They have been lied to and liars are easy to fool because they have lost touch with reality, they have to, so they can lie. They have to lie to themselves first to make their lie credible to others.

The evil people are only fooling themselves as they perform more and more jaded and ridiculous ritual, are only sating their earthly lusts as they hurt and torture people. They think that their tales of rape, torture and murder will keep them safe as the veils lift and they are exposed in their wickedness. Do not believe their lies. learn how to trust your intuitions as you do your intuitions will grow stronger and stronger and you may rely in yourself more to recognise the truth and you too will understand that there is nothing to fear. Do not let yourself be dragged into their evil ways. We are creatures of love, made from love and made to love. Do not be afraid to fly though the ether, let your heart fly free full of love and give love where and when you can. A smile a kind word, this is how magic grows, these small deeds are what keeps us strong and brave. Empathise with your neighbour, your friend and be kind to yourself. dread nought because there is nothing to dread.

If you ever need me I will be right here, I give you the names that have been given to me over time, use the one you feel closest to. My love and the love of all my sisters is with you, use discernment and never blindly follow anybody, there are no leaders, no one to follow, guides and empaths will find you. we are never alone, not really. 

May the love of a thousand ancestors protect you, I will see you laters xx

Sharon Alden Gifford
Mother Sharon Damnable
Wild Strawberry
Migaloo Fox


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It resonates with me so much .. And I learned so much! Thank you ..xx

Friday, 07 October, 2016  
Blogger Davoh said...

Hello again Shaz. Nice to read that you remain alive.

Monday, 10 April, 2017  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Wow and you !

I have so much news and i'll bet you do too, shall i e mail you ?

Monday, 10 April, 2017  

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