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Sunday, May 15, 2016

FaceBook, Social Engineering, Manipulation and Narcissistic Bullying

Many of us have been dragged into Facebook as a way of staying in touch with family and friends, a an online diary and a place to share thoughts, ideas and photographs. It's true Facebook is a clumsy, inadequate platform as far as things go, however sheer weight of numbers means it is easy to get sucked into a social media platform that seems to have no other real competitors. However Facebook, time and again seems to be socially engineering and attempting to manipulate people's thoughts and ability to communicate. Heavy "Trolling" online bullying and negative attention from what appear to be paid shills cause people to think twice about what they may post or comment and self censor themselves so they are not attacked and involved in lengthy boring and usually off topic arguments.

The two main subjects under attack at the moment seem to be Anti Vaccination and Chem trails, Anyone writing or sharing posts on either subject coming under attack that is generally off topic, personal hurtful and designed to stop any free speech or discussion of either subject. I have found myself not sharing memes on Chem trails that I knew would result in attacks like this, or posts outlining the pseudo science that is "Vaccination" and the accompanying side effects such as Autism, Alzheimer's, cancer etc.Not because any of the online bullying has changed my mind but because I could not be bothered with the same old attacks that are not debate, just an obvious attempt to stop discussion

I received a message from a friend of mine last week asking if I knew "Drew Miles" in real life, I do  know Drew from "The Secret Chiefs" a pagan moot that I attended several years ago, and various other pagan meetings and celebrations. I knew "Drew Miles" as a minor acolyte, subject to depression, the last I heard from him he was attempting to make a career because of his uncanny resemblance to Boris Johnson. I knew that Drew was often a victim of bullying so I was shocked to find he was now bullying his way around Facebook.

My friend explained that she has been in a group on Facebook and had been discussing Chem trails, Drew had attacked her, whilst claiming she was attacking him, telling her to leave him alone and urging the moderators of the group to ban her from the group, Clearly the attributes of a trouble-making shill. True to average Troll behaviour Drew was accompanied by another calling himself Isaac Yirschpal, who claims to be a "Swedish Israeli" Not content with abusing my friend and getting her booted from the group, Drew decided to persuade his friend Isaac to send the most vile messages, which my friend, obviously shaken passed on to me. I looked briefly at Isaac's Facebook account, 12 friends and a lot of whinging about other people being trolls and a swipe at Drew from posting memes from "Anti Semites". This is what Isaac wrote:

"So you're terrified of clouds, tap water, and fuck knows what else in this world, and you STILL decided to bring a child into it?!!!

You've no right to call yourself a "concerned mother", you gobby cow! No-one as retarded as you should EVER be allowed to breed!!!

I've got copies of everything that you said, on Shit London, on your own wall, and to my friend Drew. I've also got friends in social services - they're going to see all of this on Monday, and they're going to get your kids taken away from you. Though frankly I couldn't give two fucks what happens to them - knowing how idiotic you are, they're probably gonna catch measles or pertussis and die anyway.

Bet your ass won't miss them, anyway. Selfish narcissistic whore!"

Drew Miles had posted a post on his page lying about what had happened with in the group and slating my friend, he had left his page open so my friend posted the messages from Isaac Yirschpal asking Drew to explain himself, I also posted on the thread as Drew was so clearly out of order, threatening a woman and attempting to dictate what people could or couldn't say on Facebook, only to find out that Drew was banned from Facebook for a day for bullying yet another person. When Drew was once again allowed to post he and "Topher O'Connor" His "Fiance" proceeded to loose spectacularly in the Flame War. Mainly because they lied, could not stay on topic and played the victim, claiming that my friend and I were Homophobic and "Jew hating" they also declared that science is an absolute! ignoring the fact that scientists are notorious for saying whatever their sponsors were paying them to say, and indeed were guessing with many of their "results".

I hoped I had planted enough seeds by insisting that Drew Miles and his chum Topher were not, in fact the "Chem trail police and did not in any event have any right to tell people what they should write, think or believe. Drew unfriended me, but no worries there, someone I had considered a minor acolyte years ago had clearly not progressed, indeed it seems that Drew has lost any credibility that he had by bullying, lying and generally causing trouble. Although Drew does seem far gone with his psychosis i took heart that he had been told about himself and hopefully we had planted enough seeds that some might grow and nourish his weak narcissistic mind.

However the very next day "Drew" launched an attack on me, lying that I had been homophobic that I was "EVIL" that he was reporting me to the Metropolitan police and was going to the press to expose "The Pagan Community" as homophobic in "The media. He tagged in several Facebook friends of mine saying

"I want you all to know in brief that i have made this post because of an EVIL homophobic person whom you are friends with on here by the name of Sharon Alden Gifford

I understand some of you don't really know her that well, and she may be little more than an acquaintance. But she has made some truly malicious, abusive and insensitive remarks at my fiance and I, since Sunday.I am sure most of you will have the good sense to no longer associate yourselves with this person, and will unfriend her once you see this.

I hope you will listen to my concern as a Druid, a fellow pagan or spiritually concerned individual and a gay man who has suffered enough from abusive persons and I hope you will listen to whatever your heart urges you to do in this matter.,

As I have made clear I have reported Sharon's abusive comments to the police., I have still retained screenshots of many of them and will be showing them ,to the members of ,the metropolitan police tomorrow afternoon it would obviously not do well for anybody's reputation to associate with a felon specially a paranoid bigoted extremist like this evil, person clearly is I hope that all of you will  keep that in mind and let y,our conscience guide you.

Blessed Be"

Yep amazing hey? Drew whilst claiming to be a spiritual person attempts to organise a Witch Hunt!

I find that Drew's "Media connections" consist of "Lottie Dingle" a person I used to know as "Charlotte Dingle" in my Border Morris dancing days, She unfriended me a long time ago , I had posted a poem about how lovely it was to hear the bees in my garden and how I longed to taste the flowers I grow there, she made an unpleasant comment that honey was "Bee spit" and proceeded to lecture me about vegan stuff! I explained as an omnivore and an opportunistic eater I would eat what I chose! Unfriended and blocked! So much for free speech and the freedom to eat as one chooses! When I knew "Lottie" she was an aspiring journalist and it seems she still is. Good luck with "exposing the pagan community" Drew, no doubt "Lottie" will help as soon as she gets the chips out of her nose, apparently not an evangelical vegan any more "Lottie" eats cheese, writes for free but is rarely published anywhere, it seems.

I was also threatened to be hacked, reported to Facebook and was variously denigrated by people who actually do not know anything about me, simply because they never asked.I suppose weak minded,  narcissistic people are easy to corrupt, Drew's alleged "fiance" lives in New York and they seem to be visiting each other, there is a "Go Fund Me" page, that has raised $910 in 13 months which doesn't seem enough to fund trips to New York and dinner for two. These "Go fund me" campaigns are often a way to legitimize money.


However paid, narcissistic,shills are ten a penny on the Internet it is the specific dynamics of the Facebook platform that allows these shills to flourish. with the "Blocking" facility, which to me, seems to be the cyber equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and humming. Means that people can organise two faced,lying witch hunts against people that could cause them problems in real life. The lack of editorial control where Facebook can remove posts and ban people from posting without redress means what really is happening to people can easily be lost or hidden, even from their close friends.Leaving them alone and vulnerable when attacked by shills, causing people to censor themselves and what memes they share. A clearly organised attack on free speech. The  main subjects being shut down are anti vaccines and chem trails with, of course the shrieks of "homophobia" ever present.


Blogger Unknown said...

This is slander and highly uncalled for. Do u perceive yourself as a grown up? I think not. Continuing this tirade and smearing his name does what for you? A fucking child having a tantrum. Boohoo the world sucks. There's tons of issues. But when Sharon makes multiple accounts to further harass my bro and bro in law. That's where she fucked up. And making a blog? Are u serious? What are u trying to accomplish with this? You just make yourself out to also be a homophobic bigot. The hatred just spews from this bullshit. No one messes with what's mine. That's my family your talking shit about and we'll see whos the bully in the end. Back off and get a life.

Monday, 16 May, 2016  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

This is not slander and is indeed called for as Drew and her fat chums have been bullying their way around facebook and have attacked and lied about me.

Yes there are tons of issues but Drew the blancmange and his fat friends seem to think they can stop people talking by making threats and abusing them and, of course shrieking "Homophobia" every time they are pulled for their disgusting behaviour.

Drew doesn't seem to think (at all really) that people should be allowed to make up their own minds about chemtrails, vaccines or about homosexuality, which of course they can.

I can only suggest you speak to Drew about her bullying, threats and abuse as she has bought this on herself, if she doesn't like it then she shouldn't be acting the way she does should she?

As I write in this post the bullying and harassment was bought to my attention by a friend, it didn't take much research to see that Drew is not working, is short of money yet is funding trips to New York, which perhaps explains his disruptive and foul behaviour as a money making shill.

Monday, 16 May, 2016  
Blogger Suricou Raven said...

I don't know about the Jew-hating part, but from a quick skim of this blog it's apparent that you actually are homophobic. You certainly love to throw the slurs around. I quote from your last post as an example: "Australia seems to be causing the chinless faggott "Garry Burns" to be wilting into his Wonderbra. the steaming queer "Garry burns" is reluctant to attend " mediation" as ordered by the New South Wales Civil and administrative Tribunal."

Tuesday, 17 May, 2016  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

erhaps then you should not "skim" my blog before you decide that you are qualified to judge it. The post that you quote from is concerning a very serious situation in New South Wales where a kangaroo court is trying to curtail free speech, I used those terms because I can, although in New South Wales I would be dragged before the NSW kangaroo court for writing those very things, or indeed if someone commented on my blog saying those things.

Drew Miles and his fat friends cannot do anything of the sort here,

Your comment is off topic for this post and you have no right to judge what I write without reading it properly.

Tuesday, 17 May, 2016  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

"Suricou Raven" Your comments are off topic for this post, the subject of which is "FaceBook, Social Engineering, Manipulation and Narcissistic Bullying"

I am not going to publish long winded, boring, assumptions from you concerning either Chem trails or Vaccines as they are clearly not the subject of this post.

I have not, in any event discussed either Chem trails or vaccines with Drew Miles or any of her fat friends. Therefore your assumptions are redundant.

Tuesday, 17 May, 2016  
Blogger Suricou Raven said...

I did attempt to wade through the cesspool that you call a blog. I abandoned that quest when I got to the post about "The Homosexual Political Agenda." The one in which you explain that the real aim of homosexual men is to create a culture in which they can buy and rape babies. At that point I decided I had sufficient evidence to conclude that you are, in fact, a raging homophobe. But, let me be fair - rather than paraphrasing, I shall let your own words speak for you:

"My contention at the moment is that "gay activists" are disabling public debate of their activities by attacking people who, quite rightly have serious concerns about homosexual men buying babies and not only raping and torturing, but renting babies out to other men specifically to be abused.That "Gay activists" would attempt to silence people expressing genuine concerns is not new but is another sign that the "Gay Agenda" creeps on and we ignore it to the detriment of babies and children born to vulnerable women, bought by the "pink pound" and tortured and raped by homosexual men."

Yep, that sounds pretty homophobic to me.

It's not slander if the accusation is actually true.

And... I'm done. Need to go get ready for work.

Tuesday, 17 May, 2016  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

It is true though isn't it ?

"My contention at the moment is that "gay activists" are disabling public debate of their activities by attacking people who, quite rightly have serious concerns about homosexual men buying babies and not only raping and torturing, but renting babies out to other men specifically to be abused.That "Gay activists" would attempt to silence people expressing genuine concerns is not new but is another sign that the "Gay Agenda" creeps on and we ignore it to the detriment of babies and children born to vulnerable women, bought by the "pink pound" and tortured and raped by homosexual men."

That is what homosexual men are doing, how then is that homophobic?

Again I find you too shallow and bigoted to judge anything I have written here.

Strangely you are also proving my point that shills, like Drew Miles are also trying to shut down free speech on Facebook.

Is the fact that Drew Miles also claims to be a homosexual relevant? I am not sure that I have actually mentioned Drew's homosexuality, have I ?

But the shrieking of "homophobia" is as predictable as ever

Tuesday, 17 May, 2016  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...



Tuesday, 17 May, 2016  
Blogger smokehaze said...

Exposure of narcissistic trolls who are fuelled by generalised anger and who find an outlet on Facebook to target and bully others (often people they do not know) - this exposure (as you have done here Mother Damnabke) is really the only way to combat their anti social behaviour. It is an attempt to hold a mirror up to them, so that they may see themselves as others do. But when a person is seriously deluded they cannot have the necessary introspection required to become more socially acceptable. Homosexuality is often the root cause of this anger and delusion. Homosexuality is one of the many hundreds of disorders that nature in its cruelty and indifference inflicts on us humans. Instead of coping with this disorder (a psychosexual disorder) and trying to adjust their life to accept and accomodate it without becoming depressed, the afflicted individuals have become delusional and narcissistic, by being told by the gay activist intelligentsia that homosexuality is not a disorder, it is in fact an order, quite normal and acceptable, and also a characteristic about which to be open and proud! This rejection of reality is the root cause of delusion, narcissism and confusion in the mind of many of the "out and proud" variety of homosexuals person. Basically the untruth that homosexuality is normal and homosexual acts desirable and healthy can psychiatrically damage those afflicted. It results in generalised anger that others do not share their delusions. This anger can present itself in narcissistic trolling on Facebook and the stupid default position of accusing those who don't share the delusion as "homophobic". Basically, an enlightened homosexual person would shut the fuck up about his disorder, and stop obsessively screaming "homophobia" at every ordinary reasonable person, son, daughter, mother, father, grandmother or grandfather, who has a big problem with changing marriage laws so that a couple of blokes can get married and have babies. That is the ultimate mysogynistic obscenity, to intentionally deprive a baby from the love and breastmilk from a woman, the mother of the child. For this reason, "homophobia" is a virtue, not a vice. And "homophobia" in boys nature's protection mechanism / it protects them from pederasts. Nothing said above vilifies or incites hatred and contempt for homosexual persons, it is said in good faith and in the public interests. Some things need to be said when attempts are made by gay activists to silence common sense by the stupid and delusional "homophobia" mantra - that is specifically designed to stop us questioning the ideology and aims of homosexual lobby groups.

Tuesday, 17 May, 2016  
Blogger smokehaze said...

In New South Wakes, Australia, any person who publicly expresses concern about marriage law bring changed to allow homosexual males to "marry and have children" can face court for the crime of "homophobia" Sharon is dead right in her fighting this insidious muzzling of free speech by ordinary reasonable mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandmothers and grandfathers. http://johnsunol.blogspot.com.au/2016/01/sparkles-pony-look-at-case-of-child.html?m=1

Tuesday, 17 May, 2016  
Blogger Suricou Raven said...

If I wanted to silence free speech I'd just start reporting comments here. But I am above such things - unless someone here actually advocates committing crimes against homosexuals, my ideals require I let you speak.

Thank you for the working link to Sparkles, but I am rather disapointed now - having witnessed Damnable's outrage I was expecting something really serious. She claimed there was documented child abuse on the page, but all I see is a load of joke images. They aren't even very funny. Is that it? I've first skimmed the images, then read the comments, and the worst I see are some jokes about the pony's 'Daddy.' Perhaps they are in poor taste, but certainly jokes. There's exactly one picture of a child, and all he is doing is sitting on a toy designed for sitting on. Really, is that it?

Tuesday, 17 May, 2016  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

yes indeed this "reportard" behaviour is exactly what I have noticed on Facebook, so perhaps part of the psychosis is the need to have "someone" to run to. Please feel free to "report" anything written here. As Drew Miles has already claimed to have reported me to the Metropolitan police and has lied about me and attempted to organise a witch hunt against me with the pagan community by telling lies and calling me names it seems this is part of your narcissistic psychosis. being stuck at the emotional age of a nine year old can't be much fun however as you clearly aren't ready to be an adult and communicate in an adult manner, report away!

Your threats again, prove my point, the bullying on Face Book by Drew Miles and her fat friends is designed to censor free speech, particularly in certain areas, as I have already said. Drew Miles is not working and as far as I can ascertain has never worked, yet she is traveling to New York and elsewhere, she has bullied, threatened and lied her way around Facebook,in a clear attempt to get people to stop talking about certain subjects. Then she reports the flame war to Facebook who arbitrarily deletes the thread so there is no evidence of Drew Miles disgusting bullying, lying and attempts at manipulation.

ha ha ha!

"I Let you speak" really ? You let me speak? Delusions of grandeur it seems, as well as your narcissistic tendencies. You cannot stop me or anyone else from speaking, you have no right to even imagine that you do. once again your stupid, badly thought out comments prove my point quite nicely, why would a reportard like you imagine they had any right to control what anyone says? In any event annony mouse creep you have no fucking right to stop or indeed let anyone speak anywhere!

Sheesh where do they dig up these fuckards from?

I think you should try and remain on topic here, if you have any comments about my other posts then leave comments on those posts. The topic here, as I have explained before is the bullying and social engineering of free speech on Facebook, most recently by the blancmange that calls himself Drew Miles and her fat friends.

Once again paraphrasing me and out of context. You are as ignorant as you are delusional the sparkles the pony page is smut start to finish, homosexual, misogynistic smut, to picture a child, full faced in the middle of such a revolting page would be illegal here in UK, are you so fare gone with your psychosis and delusions that you cannot even see that ?

In any event as the authors of the page are constantly trying to get the page taken down they must feel that the nasty page shouldn't be on the Internet.

Please keep your comments relevant to the post. You are clearly trying to confuse issues here, hysterically screeching that everyone that disagrees with you is "homophobic" and in my case a "raging homophobe" just makes you look like a paranoid drama queen luvie, and nicely proves my point concerning the attempts at curtailing free speech.

Wednesday, 18 May, 2016  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

"Charlotte Dingle" I have no intention of promoting you on my blog any more than I have done already.

Silly, silly slander is spoken and libel is written, perhaps not the expert you believe yourself to be.

It does not surprise me that you have no recollection of being such an annoying, snotty little vegan, it is a bigoted episode best forgotten.

That you have occasionally written for a few niche rags hardly makes you a journalist darlin' and in fact I would have thought as a "qualified journalist" you would have known better than to make assumptions about someone that you know nothing at all about.

If you have anything relevant to say I may publish your comment, try not to look too stupid tho' dear.

Wednesday, 18 May, 2016  
Blogger binladen said...

Interesting how they have the time to follow you onto your blog.
I find their comment about the "so called blog" being a "cesspool". This may just be unimaginatively abuse and ad hominem (aka man not ball) but seeing as they appear to have only just started to say that they're getting "married" then I think that they're actually offended that you object to paedophiles getting "married" so they can get hold of children to abuse---normally boys seeing as they're chosing the sodomic path, probably having read and become very confused by Alestair Crowley's books.

I'm putting a link to this ozzieslovepedos on Youtube and Twitter. On Facebook it was taken down.

Good timing Snow Raven as this one's my last Tweet and it's about another "Gay Marriage" being a cover for fugitive sodomite boy ravegers.

Wednesday, 18 May, 2016  
Blogger binladen said...

Tom Cahill ‏@t0mcahill now27 seconds ago
Right now attacking person making same #pedologic al link
http://motherdamnable.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/facebook-social-engineering.html …
@ozzieslovepedos @VGB_OPSEC @ezahekoms

Australian Gay-Marriage Crusader Was Fugitive Wanted on Kiddie Porn Charge http://theothermccain.com/2016/05/14/australian-gay-marriage-crusader-was-fugitive-wanted-on-kiddie-porn-charge/ …


Wednesday, 18 May, 2016  
Blogger Suricou Raven said...

I tried to research that one. There was a Matthew Hynd, he was wanted on child abuse imagery charge, but he doesn't seem to be a 'gay-marriage crusader.' He gets mentioned once by Australian Marriage Equality in connection with his partner's visa application, but the only coverage I can find anywhere about him actually working as an advocate comes from less-the-reputable sites gloating about the charges.

Perhaps you should get your news from somewhere a bit less openly biased? The type of place that doesn't also post articles like ‘Entangled in the Homosexual Web?’

Even if he had been a gay-marriage crusader, what would that matter? Just because a bad person says something doesn't make the something automatically wrong. Hitler was greatly dedicated to advancing animal welfare. Thomas Jefferson managed to campaign for the abolishment of slavery while also owning large numbers of slaves. Mother Teresa deliberately withheld pain management medication from those in her care because she believed that suffering would purify them spiritually. Much of the early US space program was designed by an ex-Nazi rocket scientist who previously designed long-range missiles. People are complicated.

Friday, 20 May, 2016  
Anonymous A Concerned Hen said...

Those devoid of goodness are only at peace when they unite against a common foe. The myriad Christian sects must round up witches and burn them, then find new things to call witchcraft when the witches run out, or they will cross their swords with one another and paint the green countryside red in the name of God.

How tragic, then, to see a pagan parrot their marching orders. Are they easier to pronounce than the spells? She'll burn at the stake with the queers. Does she think she'll be spared because she hates the same people?

Friday, 20 May, 2016  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

You "tried to research that one" ? What "one" what on earth are you talking about? I am not surprised that you have not actually managed to research anything at all. You do not seem to be very bright and clearly cannot stay on topic.

Once more with your foolish assumptions, you do not know what has been researched, where or by whom.

The headline "Entangled in the homosexual web" does sound useful, as homosexual men cannot "breed" (as wobbly old Drew Miles would say) they must groom and assault young boys as a way of recruiting more homosexual men,. No doubt a lot of young boys do try and disengage from homosexuality, break free from their pederast abusers. However as you have only posted the headline not the post I can't really comment further.

I can see that "Drew Miles" and other homosexual men do seem obsessed with "Breeding" as they call it, this is exhibited by the abuse they heap on women they troll and bully on Facebook. That homosexual men do "get married" and present their "marriage certificate" in countries such as Russia and Thailand, that do not use the Latin alphabet to attempt to "adopt" babies is a fact. Women give up their babies believing they are being adopted by a heterosexual couple. Resulting in heartbreak once the mothers realize the couple is in fact two men and legal challenges as the mother pulls out of the fraudulent adoption.


In Russia, as the shocking news that a "gay activist" couple has bought a baby, taken him back to Australia, abused him and rented him out to be abused, internationally, filling up one passport with his travels Caused anti homosexual riots and the tightening up of the laws on homosexuality. This case obviously did need co conspirators as the baby would not have had legal papers to grant him an Australian passport and none of the homosexual men who abused him have been bought to justice apart from the two "gay Activists" who bought him in Russia.


"Even if he had been a gay-marriage crusader, what would that matter? Just because a bad person says something doesn't make the something automatically wrong. "

Internationally people agree in the "sanctity of Childhood" and the protection of children from predatory pederasts. people agree that children should be protected from such people and those pederasts are trying to get around people's concerns, laws and find a way to access babies and children for the express purpose of torturing and abusing those babies and children. Most recently, it seems with the invention of "homosexual marriage" as I said to be able to produce the necessary paperwork to be able to adopt babies in countries that do not use the Latin alphabet so mothers would not know that the adoptive couple were, in fact two homosexual men, not a heterosexual couple.

Yeah, yeah Hitler did some stuff! Your mind seems to be wandering again. Are you on medication? Yes we know! Jefferson was a hypocrite, mother Theresa was a sadist and NASA is a fraud, however those random remarks are off topic for this post.

People can be complicated, particularly if they have been groomed and abused by pederasts, bought up by two homosexual men who traveled internationally to prostitute them. The level of organisation and the amount of complicity that must have occurred with this one case is shocking and can only be cause for concern to anybody who does believe in the sanctity of childhood.

Friday, 20 May, 2016  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

You do not seem like a very "Concerned Hen" to me, more like a judge mental hag!

You are rambling and incoherent You are confused, Witches have never run out, or painted the countryside red, other than with roses and poppies. Pagans are polytheistic or atheistic.

You are emotive. Please show proof of marching orders. You clearly know nothing of parrots, witches or spells! I think you will find that "queers" is considered homophobic. She does not hate, she seeks Truth.

Friday, 20 May, 2016  
Blogger binladen said...

Suricou Raven
Thank you for your gratious admission, peppered with confused irrelevances which didn't support your appology in fact.

Friday, 20 May, 2016  
Blogger Suricou Raven said...

I will need to study the latest Damnable post before replying fully. The level of crazy is a bit much for my brain to process in one go. It is clear that she is incapable of recognising that homosexuals are pedophiles are completely different things, but I cannot yet understand why she is so focused on uniting them.

Friday, 20 May, 2016  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Yes indeed, take you time, it is apparent that reading and writing are a challenge to you and studying anything seems to be over your head.

What an interesting typo, perhaps you should check your comments before you post them.

"..recognising that homosexuals are pedophiles ..."

As I have shown above there is a link between predatory pederasts and homosexual men pretending to be "married". These are by no means the only cases or am I the only person recognising this link and showing concern.

That you have leapt on this subject, instead of staying on topic which is Drew Miles, his fat little friends, and their online bullying via Facebook, tells more about you and your bigotry than anything else.

Saturday, 21 May, 2016  
Blogger Suricou Raven said...

I was typing that comment on a small phone while taking the bus home from work. Typos are forgiveable, and the autocorrect kicked in.

No, you have shown that there is a link between two predatory pederasts and homosexual men marrying. Maybe three, if you include the one sought for possession. There are a great many homosexual men around, so finding three doesn't mean anything - I could find three straight child abusers if I spent a minute googling, that doesn't mean all straight people are out to rape children. If you wish to show you point then you need to find some serious statistics to show that the incidence of child abuse is higher among the homosexual population, and you'd have to eliminate any bias of selective enforcement. You're welcome to try, but I've yet to hear of any study that can do that. What evidence I am aware of suggests paedophiles are more concerned with access: When your community is so small and untrusting, you'll take what you can get.

Even if you could do that, it still wouldn't win me over, because all that does is take you into the territory of prejudice - judging individuals by the statistics of their group. Should we start imprisoning blacks because the crime rate among that ethnic group is higher than the general population? You do not judge individuals for statistical trends. It's not a good road to go down.

I know little about your dispute with Drew, but I know enough to take his side. His claims against you focus on the accusation that you are not only homophobic, but homophobic to the point that you pose a threat to others. I agree with this assessment. Your reply appears to mostly involve calling him fat and a bully, which only makes you seem childish.

And if he is bullying you, then I can understand why. I'm sure you can give as good as you get in that regard.

Saturday, 21 May, 2016  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

As homosexual men make up 3 % of the population and commit one third of all incidences of child abuse, we can safely say that statistically speaking homosexual men are much more likely to abuse children than any other population group.





As the invention of "homosexual marriage" is very recent there are very few studies to show how many of the children "adopted" by homosexual men are abused or suffer psychological problems from growing up in such a male, homosexual, dominated environment. However that any child would experience a healthy well balanced childhood in such an environment must be doubtful.

I don't care to "win you over"that you are incapable of rational thought is obvious from your previous comments. You are a bigot and fudge issues to try and make random, irrelevant points.

I have written about Drew's bullying and attempts to be the "chemtrail police" in my post above, his obvious efforts to close down free speech with the aid of his "Swedish/Israeli" chum is documented above, as it his attempt to organise a witch hunt against me in the Pagan community, Drew Miles is not capable of bullying me, as I explain in my post he was bullying a friend of mine., attempting to bully her to stop her writing about chem trails. Drew Miles also bullies and reports his way around Facebook trying to stop people writing about vaccine and vaccine injuries.

I am not homophobic, I neither hate nor fear homosexuals. Drew has no point he just screams "homophobia" at every given opportunity, hiding behind his sexuality and losing every debate. Drew is very judge mental declaring that everyone who disagrees with him is "homophobic" which is childish and pathetic, Drew Miles is not only wrong that I am homophobic he is also outrageously wrong claiming that I am a threat to others, again this is not true and he has no proof of this ludicrous accusation.

That Drew Miles is morbidly obese is apparent from his photographs. A simple fact. Calling him fat, a blancmange and wobbly are very mild compared to what he and his chums have written. The first comment I saw called a woman he did not know a "selfish, narcissistic whore" have included calling me a "cunt" and of course the witch hunt and claims that he has talked to the Met police about me!

As I have already stated Drew Miles, the blancmange is not capable of bullying me. I have been more than patient with you publishing your infantile, incoherent ramblings, however you do not, neither does Drew have any right to dictate what others must believe, write or post on the internet.

Saturday, 21 May, 2016  
Blogger Suricou Raven said...

I do not have any right to dictate what you believe, but I do have every right to criticise it - and to criticise you. I may even do so using mockery and insults if I so desire, and you are free to return in kind. That is how debate works - the arguments and counterarguments fly back and forth, and may the strongest argument prevail.

Sunday, 22 May, 2016  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Have you actually read the post you keep commenting on?

My original point is that "Drew Miles" and his '"Swedish/Israeli" chums, are attempting to stop debate and discussion on Chem trails and vaccine injuries on Facebook by bullying, lying and reporting. Drew even threatened the Pagan Community with press exposure, using his fat chlamydia overgrown , x vegan bigot chum "Charlotte Dingle" who doesn't know the difference between slander and libel. What a waste of a fuck that thick ugly twat is hey? Her mother must be very proud !

Drew Miles and his fat "fiance" have been bullying their way around Facebook in a typical paid shill manner, stifling free speech, threatening all and sundry with empty, over inflated threats, Charlotte Dingle is intellectually barely above village idiot, Drew himself is considered a mental defective, so much so that despite his claims he is not accepted anywhere within the Pagan community, except , perhaps on his knees in the local public toilet.

Drew, the nasty wobbly blancmange and his fat chums are stopping debate on Facebook, they have zero charisma so are ignored in real life, but seem to be making a living from stopping people debating on Facebook, that shitforbrains Raven is what the post is about. Not the New South Wales kangaroos court, not the stifling of free speech in Australia, notably by "Garry Burns" and his homosexual chums who are, it seems, very much like you frightened that people should make the connection between predatory pederasts and homosexual men pretending to be married and adopting children for the purposes of torturing and abusing those children.

People have always kept children away from homosexual pederasts, keeping children away from or closely monitoring children around homosexual men, who were after all considered mentally ill criminals until very recently. Which is why the invention of "homosexual marriage" and the adoption of babies and children from countries where the Latin alphabet is not used. Sexually deviant criminals finding a way to abuse children. Drew Miles has so little self control that he is clearly eating himself to death. He is a sexual deviant with no self control, no income, yet he is visiting his equally morbidly obese "fiance" in New York? One wonders how he is funding these trips? Could he be paid for his bullying abuse of people on Facebook?

Debate does not consist of some pretentious, anonymous wanker screeching "Homophobia" at every juncture, nor fat wobbly persons making stupid threats and "reporting" "reporting" "reporting". Debate does not consist of fat wobbly half wits fudging issues, or putting words into people's mouths. Debate does not consist of mockery or insults, but of open discussions regarding the facts of the matter. What you are describing is yet more bullying and as you have already discovered it is hard for fools, like you to bully real people.

In any event the debate is already over, we know that sexually deviant homosexual men are pretending to be married and "adopting" babies from countries that do not use the Latin alphabet, we know that "Garry Burns" and his kangaroo court in New South Wales are desperately trying to stop people making the connection between homosexual men pretending to get married and the abuse and torture of the babies and children that they "adopt".

The problems of fat, flabby, sexually deviant bullies like Drew Miles, Charlotte Dingle et al trying to curtail free speech on Facebook and the ease which such socially inadequate moronic tubs of lard can "report" and get posts deleted is what is up for discussion here. Do please try and debate without squealing "homophobia" "lardophobia" or moronophobia" at every wobble.

Monday, 23 May, 2016  

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