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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I'll be right here.....

I haven't gone anywhere, just a bit frazzled from the debunkings...Danielle la Verite (George) has a nasty set of trolls she sends in to hurt and try and get dissenters from her agenda the sack from any employment, the UK Column trolls and the Holly Greig Fraudsters also have nasty trolls that are used to hurt and humiliate people. Sonia Poulton is a cyber bully who bullies adult survivors of child abuse. David Icke is up to his neck in fraud and lies, he bullies when he can and generally frightens people with his foolish statements. Qwish Spivey is a fat, bald egotistical bully, who brags more about his nasty little life than we deserve. Russel Brand is so clearly a plant he embarrasses himself.

Enough already! If people want to follow, want to blindly hero worship failed people with feet of clay, that is up to them, I am not the only one debunking these fools, there are many brave souls who are stepping up and helping others to see straight, I hope you do too, one day.

Meanwhile I am here: