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Thursday, October 22, 2015

"Garry Burns" ~ Wilting Pansy ~

The Hot House environment created by attempting to clamp down on free speech in New South Wales, Australia seems to be causing the chinless faggott "Garry Burns" to be wilting into his Wonderbra. the steaming queer "Garry burns" is reluctant to attend " mediation" as ordered by the New South Wales Civil and administrative Tribunal, despite having lodged 69 complaints against John Sunol "Garry Burns" is now reluctant, it would appear to attend the mediation ordered between himself and John Sunol. 

("Garry Burns")

"Garry Burns" has already presented himself as an obsessive, narcissistic, bullying, liar in his case against John Dye where "Garry Burns claims that illiterate, disabled pensioner John Dye wrote graffiti on "Garry Burns" front door, (34) and ran away. Some achievements for an illiterate, disabled pensioner. The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal began a long season of indulging and fostering "Garry Burns" apparent mental health issues. In fact the tribunal are made aware of "Garry Burns" pre-existing mental health issues in this hearing (97-98) and (100-104) Dated 12 March 2002. Yet the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal bolstered "Garry Burns" dillusions and even made them profitable by ordering that illiterate, disabled pensioner John Dye should pay "Garry Burns" the sum of $1,000 (105) and further ordering that the unfortunate John Dye, illiterate or not should write a letter of apology to "Garry Burns". Thus a precident was set.

Perhaps "Garry Burns" has issues with people called John? Because John Sunol has suffered incredibly at the hands of vexatious litigant, with mental health issues "Garry burns" and his apparent allies at the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal have issued 69 complaints against John Sunol, a very heterosexual number from Heterophobe "Garry burns". John Sunol documents the complaints against him here, which include Homosexual Vilification:

(John Sunol)

It does not seem possible that John Sunol should be so harried and harrased for years by a vexatious litigant, misogynist and heterophobe One would not find it credible that The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal should indulge and apparently fund "Garry Burns" self appointed and dillusional "Job" of "Anti Discrimination Activist" that these activities are being used to shut down any semblance of Free Speech in Australia is apparent, as is the vilification of anyone and everyone that makes the clear connection between homosexual men and child abuse. It was after all homosexual "Gay Activists" from New South Wales that bought a baby from Russia and tortured and raped him for years. However the only people allowed by the New South Wales Civil and Administritive tribunal to be vilified are Heterosexual people who don't particularily like homosexual people. Quite often called John.

After 10 years of harrasment and endless court/tribunal cases for having the temerity not to approve of homosexual behaviour and discussing this behaviour, along with concerns regarding the supply and use of drugs at the anual Mardi Gras parade with other people in public forums on the internet John Sunol is now to be forced into "mediation" with "Garry Burns" how would anyone feel about a vexatious litigant who has dragged one from pillar to post for ten years? John Sunol is resolved to "Mediation" though quite how anyone may mediate between a dillusional, self proclaimed activist and his victim may yet remain a mystery as homosexual buffoon "Garry Burns" is once again, apparently, hiding behind his mental health issues, refusing to attend "Mediation". Perhaps "Garry Burns" does not see Mediation as quite as profitable as a Tribunal hearing.

As a solution perhaps, "Garry Burns" could sue the New South Wales Civil and Administitive Tribunal for maliciously and unethically contributing towards the very sever mental health issues that "Garry Burns" now exhibits, it hardly seems responsible that the tribunal has accepted erroneous complaint after complaint, against a multitude of people, made by a homosexual man with a miriad of mental health issues and no visible way of making a living other than from "damages" awarded to him by the New South Wales Civil and Administive Tribunal. A man with a murky past and a history of taking offense at anyone who calls him a "Faggott". A history of threatening women and using foul and obscene language to all and sundry.

There does seem to be a clumsy and inept attempt to create case law by these abundant complaints to the New South Wales Civil and Administritive Tribunal, with "Garry Burns" cases being quoted more and more often in "Garry Burns" own cases! Carefully trying to manipulate the law until it has become impossible even to make a joke concerning "Garry Burns" unsavoury associates without the industry generating a complaint and "Garry Burns" threatening to drag you "kicking and screaming by your golden locks" ! before the New South Wales Civil and Administitive tribunal, to garner more "damages" and letters of apology.


John Sunol has, of course, suffered in numerous ways since these malicious complaints by "Garry Burns" and the New South Wales Admimistitive Tribunal began all those years ago, his work, home life and family have all suffered at the hands of malicious litigant "Garry Burns" yet John Sunol is still prepared to undergo "Mediation" John Sunol continues with his blog and You tube videos, the new South Wales Civil and Administritive Tribunal Kangeroo Court  contend that John Sunol is responsible for the comments other people make online, so John is concerned and feels responsible for other people's opinions and comments in a manner that is not condusive to free speech or debate.

Yet having caused all of this because of his mental health issues, exacerbated by the New South Wales Civil and Administitive tribunal, "Garry burns" claims he will not attend Mediation, and that the Tribunal Directives do not apply to him, yet more erratic and dillusional behaviour. Will the tribunal continue to foster "Garry Burns" dillusions by accepting his malicious and vexatious complaints or will they realise the game is up, the world is watching and no the Homosexual Political Agenda will not succeed in normalising either homosexuality or sexual abuse of children by homosexual men.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just incase you are another fool taken in by Ritchie Allens latest interview with Joanne Mjadzelics.
Here is an interview Joanne made several years ago.
Be warned, she boasts about a lot of sickening stuff including her "rockstar boyfriend"


Wednesday, 25 November, 2015  

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