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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Peter Tatchell, Garry Burns Needs You !

"Sydney Opera House - Dec 2008" by Diliff - Own work. 

It would appear that things are not as we would have imagined in New South Wales, Australia.


As I look into the unpleasant world that "Garry Burns" lives in and exposes to the world in his blog:


To begin, although "Garry Burns" blog is named on his page as "Garry Burns" Anti-Discrimination, his link says "gary burns discrimination activist"

Matters  "Down Under" are upside down. Children are being bought, by homosexual "married" men, in Russia and Thailand. Taken to New South Wales, Australia where they are tortured and raped for years and years. These men are "Gay Activists" in New South Wales. Using the child as a poster boy for the "homosexual family". Yet, if anyone should suggest that homosexual drug mafia run the "Mardis Gras" and "Gay Pride" parades, which are, as has been witnessed worldwide, disgraceful, debauched affairs with young children in attendance. "Garry Burns" will drag you before the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal, who will find you guilty of  "Homosexual Vilification". Money will be extorted from you and you will be made to publicly apologise in the "Sidney Morning Herald" and a date will be set for the next hearing where The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal will decide if you have complied with "Garry Burns" wishes.



Who ever could have imagined? The Lunatics are running the Asylum in New South Wales, it would appear!

"Garry Burns" "Serial litigant" "Media whore" is also it would appear, in his own mind, a lawyer and a psychologist as he "alleges" "Professional Victim Syndrome" and "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" to be his considered diagnoses of someone, "Garry Burns" also in a completely different post  claims that he "has documents" to show that the same person, Luke McKee, has "Aspergers Syndrome"



In the first "accusation" by "Garry Burns" of "Narcissistic Personality Disorder" and "Professional Victim Syndrome" it is ironic that a self confessed "Serial litigant" "Media Whore" and major contributor to the apparent litigation industry that is the, New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal should claim that another person is a "Professional Victim". A classic case of "splitting and projection", perhaps. "Garry Burns," so delusional that he claims to be "working" when he is, he also claims, on benefit from the Australian Government for "post traumatic stress disorder". So narcissistic that he demands public apologies should be printed to him in the "Sidney Morning Herald" and such a "professional victim" that his litigation makes up 80% of cases for the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Perhaps the New South Wales benefit service should look into "Garry Burns" very lucrative sideline of extorting money from people via his chums at the Tribunal.


"Garry Burns" claims for himself the mental disorder, "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" and receives a pension from the government because he claims that he was taunted and beaten up by a group of teenage boys in a public toilet, calling him a "Faggot" and a "Paedophile". Perhaps "Garry Burns" Public Profile is not quite what he thinks it is...."Garry Burns" I feel has other deep underlying issues, after all Homosexuality was considered a mental illness up until 1974, and many people still consider this to be the case. Certainly the obscene letter he claims to have sent to two senators can only cause concern.

"Dear Senator's Leyonjhelm and Bernardi,

If you two Un-Australian pathetic little turds are not happy with our multi cultural Australian society why don't you pack up your Mrs and the kids and "f**k off out of out country.

There is no such thing as free speech in Australia.

If you two dangerous hate mongering bastards were to publish images ridiculing Muslims or Jews on the internet contemptuously it would be an unlawful act under the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW).

According to you two incongruous imbeciles it would be free speech to incite hatred against the Australian Jewish & Muslim Communities.

Over my dead body!

"Mr Turnbull these men are dangerous to our tolerant Australia because they want the right to incite hatred in the guise of "free speech"

It'll be those two "bigots" in the end doing the suffering and not our minority Australians.

What these dickhead's preach is no better than Hitler because intolerance and hate damages our society's decency

The Commonwealth Liberal Government of Australia is dangerous and must be replaced by the Australian people because it's a dangerous government.

Warm regards

Garry Burns"

This e-mail was directed at two senators from the Australian Government, Hardly professional is it? I believe though that this e-mail and other posts on "Garry Burns" blog suggest that he is suffering from several, severe mental problems, he hardly seems to be cognitive or reasoned at all does he? He shows no respect for others and seems to believe that the Australian Government will blithely follow his commands.  After insulting the senators, in the crudest terms "Garry Burns" sends them his "Warm regards" Confused? Hysterical? Malicious? The terms "Garry Burns" uses are confused and vulgar and I have no idea what "Garry Burns" was actually attempting to complain about. A troubled and confused individual presents himself on his blog page. Someone who is very vexed at the world, or certainly at the heterosexual world. I am not at all sure that "Garry Burns" should be allowed to enter any more litigation to the New South Wales Civil and administrative Tribunal, he is not a well man.



It does occur to me that "Garry Burns" may, perhaps be the victim, himself of the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal as they desperately try to justify their existence, and their funding, I wonder who these tribunal members might be and how much are they getting paid to find people guilty of "Homosexual Vilification" at the behest of "Garry Burns" ? Why would the tribunal accept 70 claims against one litigant? That is not civil that is harassment. For the Tribunal to accept so many claims from a self confessed mentally disabled person is reprehensible. I can find no regulatory body for this tribunal that magically turns into a court, at whim. To encourage a "Serial litigant" with serious mental health issues can only be considered irresponsible at best and manipulative at worst. "Garry Burns" needs help and treatment not to be encouraged in his narcissism, professional victim syndrome and other lunacies.

I wonder if Peter Tatchell has fucked off home yet?

Peter Tatchell, universally unpopular in the UK because of his loathsome attempts at lowering the age of consent . No, Peter as a homosexual man with predilections for young boys you don't get to say anything about children! Tatchell has also claimed that:

"while it may be impossible to condone paedophilia, it is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted abusive and harmful"

"Peter wrote this letter to defend the "courageous"free speech of a group of "intellectuals" who "challenge the assumption that all sex involving children is abusive" ...Peter Tatchell's exact words.

I advised Peter Tatchell to fuck off home last week, Peter Tatchell Paedophile apologist and champion of free speech it seems you are needed more than ever, "Garry Burns" your fellow homosexual man needs help, he really does, he is an embarrassment to homosexual people, a vile bully of heterosexual people, he has serious mental health issues and may be being manipulated by the New South Wales Civil and administrative Tribunal to generates case precedent,  to support pro-homosexual, draconian "hate crime" legislation. It seems there is "no free speech" in New South Wales while "Garry Burns" is allowed to continue on with his hateful campaign.

Fuck Off Peter Tatchell, Garry Burns Needs you!


Blogger Hojuruku said...

Massive victory in Court against the self-professed BOYLOVER!

Also new radio show launching exposing the gay mafia!

Garry Burn's attempt in the NSW Supreme Court to jail Victorian Resident Tess Corbett for contempt of court for refusing to apologize to put the words "preschool gays and pedophiles" in the same sentence, has failed along with the whole application that was covered by the left wing media even ridiculing Bob Katter about his candidates.

Here is today's ruling. Not even the expensive queer benefactor paid for K&L Gates Lawyers could save the Bankrupt Garry Burns.


Garry Burns spokesperson for the entire Gay Lobby first to comment when Kevin Rudd announced Australia would consider having "Gay Marriage".


Whenever Garry Burns :"sues" or just asks for money without any legal action from a celebrity (extortion) so does his Facebook friend Rodney Croome head of "Australian Marriage Equalty", as he did to Channel 9 and 2UE. Why double-sue if you are trying to prove a point in court? Oh it's not about proving a point, it's about extracting money from and religious persecution of conservatives who don't believe with the gay minority lobby's views..

They talk of Rodney Croome's claims here:
And mostly here:

Wednesday, 09 September, 2015  

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