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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Peter Tatchell and Garry Burns

Here in the UK we have been inflicted with The Political Homosexual agenda, not quite as frantically as in New South Wales, Perhaps here in the UK we have more Freedom of Speech, perhaps we are less tolerant of the view that Homosexual behavior is "normal" or "acceptable" and are prepared to speak up about the "Homosexual political Agenda" which is currently attempting to Normalise  Homosexual behavior. Homosexual "Activists"  have made themselves very unpopular with the recent display of perverted, semi-naked, debauchery, including and in full view of young children, that inflicts out cities with marches known as "Gay Pride" People generally don't bother looking into Homosexual life, imagining there may be some kind of normalcy, in any even they're grown people  and should surely be able to behave themselves. shouldn't they?

Peter Tatchell, homosexual man and apparent apologist for child abuse is from New South Wales, sadly now living in UK, begging for money for his "activism" trying to tell us how British children should be educated (groomed for under age sex!). Shockingly Tatchell, imagines that a homosexual man and an apologist for under age homosexual sex, will ever be listened to on any matter regarding children,


Peter Tatchell is side lined, although he has made some appearances on television,since the BBC's pro pedophile agenda has become publicly known, although he was on often, now the out cry when Tatchell appears is palpable as boots are thrown at television screens. An unpleasant creepy homosexual man that apparently feels that having sexual designs on children is not a problem. Peter Tatchell claims that "Free Speech is a Universal Human Right". In his torturous speech from 2005 he claims:

"When it comes to free speech, I am an equal opportunities free speecher.
Free speech is the right of others to mock and ridicule me. I may not like it. It might be unfair. But that's democracy."

Oh good! Peter Tatchell even extends his "free Speech" to heterosexual people, That's good then because I have a suggestion Peter Tatchell, why don't you fuck off back to Australia and help your mate Garry Burns out, you see "Garry Burns" Claims there is "NO FREE SPEECH" in Australia.

"..There is no such thing as free speech in Australia..."

"Garry Burns" 


"Garry Burns" it seems is the only Australian who has the advantage of "Free Speech", because you see, Peter, he is in cahoots with the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal to drag you before the tribunal, extort your money, force you to publicly apologise,  take more money from you if you fail to apologise, take you back to the tribunal, which suddenly turns into a court! Who will threaten to imprison you for contempt of their (kangaroo) court. "Garry Burns" will vilify and mock you on his nasty blog pages, he is allowed to you see, the ONLY group of people in New South Wales not allowed to be mocked or vilified are homosexuals! Because "Garry Burns" will make a lot of money and stop you speaking out altogether.

We have therefore two "Gay Activist" homosexual men who seem intent on making a thorough nuisance of themselves to the heterosexual community and our children, it occurs to me that "Gay Activist" Peter Tatchell could LEAVE CHILDREN ALONE and, as I said before fuck off beck to New South Wales, where he comes from and explain to his friend "Garry Burns" the the right of Free Speech belongs to all of us and I can, perfectly legally mock his prancing, laugh at his stupid pronouncements, call him a creepy queer, a disgusting pervert or even claim that homosexual men are much more likely to abuse children than any other group within society, Without being dragged before The New South Wales Civil and administrative tribunal, money extorted from me, and made to apologise.


"Garry Burns" needs you Peter to give him a reality check, you see we really do live in a world where I can call "Garry Burns" a mincing prawn, claim his antics are laughable, but if I mocked him as he so deserves, I would be dragged before the kangaroo court known as the New South Wales civil and administrative tribunal, "Garry Burns" would be allowed to intimidate me, I would be forced to pay lots of money to "Garry Burns" and apologise! If I did not "Garry Burns" and his associates at the New South Wales Fuckery "Tribunal" would threaten me with prison, where "Garry Burns" would claim he could "arrange to have you gang raped"...I really think you should have a word about "free speech" with yer mate, Peter.


I can only say again:

Fuck off Peter Tatchell. Your Country Needs you!

You won't have to worry about The New South Wales Police looking into your apparent predilection for under age boys Peter, look what they let happen, for years and years,.......


Word is Catherine Burns is a rug muncher who is creeping round the met, Catherine Burns has an "open door policy" to homosexual people so, obviously when you go home Peter you will be able to spout your crap perhaps even explain "free Speech" to Catherine Burns. Here was me thinking "Prisoner cell block H" was a comedy, it isn't is it ?  It's a documentary.

Catherine Burns

I hope you have seen the "Sparkles the Pony" Facebook page Peter Tatchell?


It is a nasty page, "managed" by "childloving" homosexual men.

 "...a Facebook page Jeremy managed for a bunch of friends about Sparkles The Pony, A FB page designed fror fun, but of course McKee turned it into a depraved sexual , gay, child loving bunch of lies…."

There are very serious concerns regarding the child on this page, "managed" by "Garry Burns" "mate" as you can see he is thin and pale, he is being mocked by a group of homosexual men, This child is obviously st risk and it would be illegal to show a child's face in such a sleazy facebook page with very adult material, here in the UK. Nobody from New South Wales Police will take the complaint, and if I insist they do I am likely to be brought up before the tribunal for daring to suggest that homosexual men are more likely to be a threat to children, which is why children are kept away from or very closely supervised when around homosexual men.

Peter Tatchell, so interested in "Free Speech" and in young boys, fuck off back to New South Wales, fight for free speech there against your fellow homosexual "Garry Burns", Who is trying to stop people saying that homosexual men are perverts and should be kept well away from young children! Or that the homosexual mafia run the drugs at "Gay Pride" or that homosexuality is a perversion.

I doubt people would be able to call Peter Tatchell an apologist for child abuse in New South Wales, or tell him he is a disgusting pervert that no body wants to hear from, That bringing up or schooling children is fuck all to do with him and he should keep his stupid mouth shut! Nasty, perverted, homosexual, creep.  Well they could but "Garry Burns" would waddle his way in front of the New South Wales Tribunal, get down on his knees......and bob's yer uncle £2,000 later you now get to be threatened still further by the odious, sweating, slimy homosexual creep that is "Garry Burns" claiming his mates will rape you in prison, where the tribunal that has turned into a court, is now, as if by magic, empowered to send you!



Fuck off Peter Tatchell, your country needs you ! 


Blogger Hojuruku said...

The Battle of Burns
I predicted in 2011 that people with religious convictions would be jailed for refusing to officiate a Gay Marriages when the Fabian Socialist Greens Party and GLRL.org.au put out the intention to remove all religious exemptions from the NSW Anti-discrimination act 1977 (Amended by a Lesbian Mayor in '93 to include homosexual vilification, victimization and discrimination provisions) in Australia. What happened to Kim Davis in America yesterday? That proves that these predictions are grounded in fact, though I didn't predict which country would do this first, a one normally known for it's freedom of speech. This is a shame, that the United Nations of Declaration of Human rights article pertaining to to "freedom of thought and religion" isn't being respected.
We'll it has happened hasn't it? Everyone said I was nuts before I did and it would never happen. And the homosexuals are all cheering the decisions! Troll these Skeptics Athiests who are posting their hopes that this brave Christian woman will be raped in jail by lesbians.
http://theskepticarena.com & neo@theskepticarena.com
Now people are being jailed (or about to be) in Australia too! HERES THE STORY!
Subscribe on talkshoe for part II
Updates on the Australian saga covered from an independant UK pagan observer:
This case in Australia is cited by an US university as a global threat to free speech!
It's Crime to link to this mainstream Government Broadcaster produced vvideo critizing these US/AU gay marriage activists who inspired Russia's anti-gay laws with a unamous vote in the Duma after they anally sodomized a 20 month old Russian orphan obtained through faked surrogacy papers and no biological relations, and of course $5000 USD. Why? Comments have been made that critize gay men who sexually abuse children in the video, hence the court is ruling we must support gay adoption or face jail if we don't even when it leads to....
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHrR9MY6GdM (aka abcplugspedos link in case law using a URL shortening service)

Sunday, 06 September, 2015  

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