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Friday, September 04, 2015

~ London Calling ... ... ... New South Wales ~

There are serious concerns being raised regarding the welfare of the child in the disgraceful "Sparkles The Pony" Facebook page:


The child is a young boy who is apparently being mocked by a group of homosexual men in New South Wales, Australia, the child looks pale and undernourished.

The facebook page is misogynistic and contains references to bestiality and other perversions.

Please would anybody in New South Wales report these serious concerns to the relevant authorities and ask where this child, apparently in the company of very unsavory people is at this very moment. There are concerns for this child's moral, social, physical and mental well being. Where is this child's mother? Please ask around your internet circles as well. Is he in school? Have issues been raised concerning his welfare among parents? Teachers? Does he have a doctor? he looks pale and hungry. Does anyone know this child?

Oh! Sorry, you can't say anything can you New South Wales?

Because although "Garry Burns" and his unpleasant associates can feature this little boy on their sleazy Facebook page, showing his full face and making lewd references concerning him. YOU cannot report your concerns to the New South Wales Police, they will not accept your call. You cannot write or talk publicly about your concerns for this little one because "Garry Burns" and The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal will accuse you of the crime "Homosexual - Vilification". You will be found guilty, made to publicly apologise, made to give your money, stopped from speaking out. Ridiculed and vilified by "Garry Burns" and his associates.

How is that working out for you New South Wales ?

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