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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kangaroo Court

The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal web site is here:


This  tribunal was set up on 1 January 2014 "to consolidate the work of 22 former tribunals", the tribunal that has been harassing John Sunol for so long was previously known as the "New South Wales Administrative Decisions Tribunal Equal Opportunities Division" which is where we first find "Garry Burns", who began his career of extortion in cahoots with the "tribunal" in May of 2001.


In this grubby matter it would appear that "Garry Burns" then "Garry" only had one R in his name. And his "Friend" "Mr Collins" concocted a bushel of lies against their neighbour John Dye, complaining that he had used offensive language, had smashed a beer bottle against "Garry Burns" front door and drawn graffiti on the door, among many other complaints.

The police were called and the beer bottle tested for fingerprints, the only prints on the bottle were from "Garry Burns" friend "Mr Collins" The policeman did not notice the graffiti on the front door! (37-41)

John Dye is described to the tribunal as:

"Mr Dye is a simple man of limited intelligence who seeks ... assistance to fill out forms and deal with paperwork. He claims he has attempted to teach Mr Dye to read without success." (52)

"Mr Dye is an invalid pensioner in receipt of a disability support pension. His evidence was that he could only read "a few sentences, small words, stuff like that" and was unable to write anything other than a few simple words. This is supported by Dr Adams." (80)

John Dye denies having thrown a beer bottle and drawing graffiti on "Garry Burns" front door, and he does not seem to have been charged by the police, however the "tribunal" decide that John Dye IS guilty of "homosexual- Vilification".

The tribunal debate upon whether " Mr Burns' mental injury or ill health is attributable to the graffiti incident, and if so what proportion of that injury is so attributable." (100)

The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal Knew about "Garry Burns" Mental Health issues as far back as 2001 and still allowed him to file case after case after case.

The tribunal declares:  

"Our task is further complicated by the fact that the medical evidence makes clear that prior to Mr Dye's misconduct, Mr Burns suffered from depression. Mr Dye's liability is limited to the extent that his unlawful acts aggravated that condition. Mr Burns' own evidence is that as a result of Mr Dye's abuse and harassment his anxiety, stress levels and migraines increased. In cross-examination he stated that prior to various encounters with Mr Dye he had been "travelling well" and was no longer on medication for depression." (101)

"Mr Guy's second report authored less than two months prior to Mr Burns first meeting with Mr Dye paints a less rosy picture. While that report indicates there had been some improvement in Mr Burns' condition, it notes that as at July 1999 he was still taking anti-depressant medication and continued to meet the diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder." (102)

The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal knows that "Garry Burns" has had mental health issues from July 1999, so ill that he is on medication at that time. Yet nothing was done to counsel him and "Garry Burns" has been allowed for 16 years to bully, intimidate and lie about people using his chums at the tribunal to gag people using the excuse "homosexual vilification"

John Dye was made to write an apology to "Garry Burns" Ironic in that he can't fucking write! All this apology stuff. I have never heard the like! I am sure this goes against the human rights act, How can one be forced by a tribunal to write an apology for calling a cock sucker that very thing? Was John Dye provided with literacy support so his writing skills could perform the task demanded of him by the tribunal?

John Dye was also ordered to pay "Garry Burns" the sum of $1,000 (Au.) and let's look at the money here, "Garry Burns" has apparently been allowed by the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal to issue 69 complaints against one person, claiming $3,000 each complaint, "Garry" has also been allowed to issue up to 20 complaints against another person, so let's do the maths

69 X $3,000 = $207,000
20 X $3,000 =$60,000

a total of $267,000 of complaints at present being lodged by "Garry Burns" that's some retirement plan hey?

The members of the tribunal will, of course be getting paid handsomely for indulging "Garry Burns" and I think the individual members of any and all tribunals should be looked into as their decisions appear to me to be unsafe. However I STILL can't find a regulatory body for the tribunal.

There is also a clear attempt here to justify case law, a clear attempt on the part of "Garry Burns" and the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal to create a precedent whereby no homosexual man may be criticised or mocked in public. A Dangerous precedent in light of the recent behaviour of the "Gay Activist" community in New South Wales.



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