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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Garry Burns Anti-Discrimination Campaigner

I am hearing strange tales from our Australian chums, apparently, the "Anti Gay" laws over there have become so draconian one can hardly call a Screaming Queen that very thing. People are being subjected to "Garry Burns" and his apparent associates at NCAT,  "New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal":

They seem to be running rampant with "Hate Crime Issues" Apparently "Garry Burns" feels that it is entirely justifiable for him to hound people from pillar to post bringing litigation, causing people to loose their jobs, forcing them to face tribunals time after time, he even boasts about doing so on his blog page:

"Garry" it seems is very determined that there should be no debate, even from a political candidate,  no one may contend that homosexual men are generally considered to be much more likely to abuse children, as in recent cases where "Gay Activist" men have bought a baby for cash in Russia, somehow managed to obtain travel documents for the baby, taken him to Australia  where they proceeded to torture and rape him for years, even making him available to their friends in America to torture and rape. 

All the while playing at poster boys for the "Homosexual Family" Pretending that they were not homosexual perverts cruelly torturing and raping a baby, for years. Y'all had been wondering why Homophobic attacks had increased exponentially in Russia, hey?

Yet "Garry Burns" and  "The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal" have apparently stopped Tess Corbett, in a well documented "case" from expressing her concerns regarding the links between homosexual behavior and the torture and rape of infants. "Garry Burns and "The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal" are demanding a public apology from Tess Corbett former political party candidate who is ordered to apologize, both personally to "Garry Burns" and publicly in "The Sydney Morning Herald". No Less!

Although I may not agree with the views Tess Corbett expresses, I firmly believe that a political party candidate of any ilk may freely express those views in public and be free to debate any views she may have with other members of society. As indeed, we all may. Some may argue that it is a duty and a responsibility to express concerns that we may have. In this situation a concern that there is a connection between homosexual men and the torture and rape of children who have been bought, for cash in Russia or Thailand. When criminal circumstances regarding such instances are documented people in New South Wales are not allowed to debate homosexual men's possible predilection for torturing and raping babies and children?

Yes, self confessed"Media Whore" and "Serial Litigant" "Garry Burns" feels he has a perfect right to stamp out any sign of concern amidst a community no doubt thoroughly concerned that "Gay Activists" should go to Russia, buy a baby, torture and rape the baby, for years, and rent him out to their friends.Homosexual men, "Gay Activists". Currently serving 40 years in prison in the United States of America for their crimes against this child and others.

Did you really never wonder about the sudden and dramatic increase in attacks on homosexual people in Russia ? Why did we here in the UK never hear about this case? Oh ! People were distracted, in the usual way, by the usual suspects, a "Satanic Panic" Dead homosexual, child molesters, Prime Ministers, "Media Whores" and don't eat the burgers at Maccy D's. Nations of True Souls distracted while Russia screamed her pain and mourned her lost son. Fathers wept. The Father of the Nation wept for the cruelty in the world. While Britain demanded Witch hunts in Hampstead.

Perhaps, we then can see why "Garry Burns" "Gay Activist" "Media Whore" would want public debate concerning possible links between homosexual men and the torture and rape of babies and children to be suppressed, Yet this very occurrence has proved to be true. As we delve into "Garry Burns" blog pages we find he has issues with Catholic Priests:

" So Prime Minister Abbott" is funding now catholic Priest  training while cutting funding to Australian universities. It hardly seems right when these Catholic priests will end up raping someone's child".

An unattributed quote from "Garry Burns" blog page, used as a headline.

Article alleged to have been written by "Matthew Knott".

"Garry" is, of course free to express this opinion, unsubstantiated as it is, because there are no "Hate Crimes" declared against Catholic priests. Indeed there is already much concerned international debate regarding the conduct of Catholic priests as people demand justice for the crimes committed by Catholic priests and others over the years. However "Garry's" unattributed quote seems malicious and spiteful. Perhaps speaking of unresolved personal issues regarding Catholic priests. 

"Garry Burns" self confessed "Serial Litigant"and his apparent associates at "The New South Wales Civil Administrative Tribunal" have serial litigated against several other people, a taxi driver has upwards of 50 complaints separate complaints against him. "Garry Burns" began his "Serial Litigation" in 2002 as he claims in his "About" page:

What the more general law keeping authorities might be up to is again easily exposed by "Garry Burns" himself as he claims support for Police to be marching in uniform at the gay pride parade:

"A ban on Queensland police marching in gay pride events in uniform has been lifted just weeks prior to to the Brisbane Pride Festival.

Police commissioner Ian Stewart said when he was asked whether off-duty officers could attend the Brisbane Pride Festival march on September 19 in their Queensland Police Service uniforms, he had no hesitation in agreeing. 

"In other states, police regularly are involved in those marches to show support and to show that we are a diverse community ourselves" he told Fairfax Media."

The word "Compromised" springs to mind. Upon further investigation we find that the New South Wales Police Force Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn Specialist Operations, suspected rug muncher   homosexual woman has recently visited our own Lackey of the State Met Police Commissioner and other "....counter-terrorism delegates from many European countries including Germany, France, Belgium, Denmark, Turkey and the Netherlands, as well as delegates from the USA and Canada."

Could it be that homosexual officers in the New South Wales Police are putting on a "show of force" for heterosexual society, very much as it seems "Garry Burns" is attempting to silence people through the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). It would seem to me that police making their homosexuality known by marching, in uniform in a "Gay Pride" parade would be to say the very least compromising themselves. How indeed would the police "police" the march?

Meanwhile in Thailand, police are continuing efforts to bring to justice still more homosexual men who are accused of torturing and raping infants and children.

I don't know how many New South Wales "Hate Crimes" I have committed in writing this blog post no doubt Screaming Queen  "Garry Burns" will let me know, if he is not too busy with his "Serial Litigation". 

"Garry Burns" is also very intent on deleting from the internet this "Sparkles the Pony" Facebook page. A sleazy, nasty page that "Garry Burns" describes as:

"...Sparkles the Pony, a FB page designed fror (sic) fun, but of course ***** turned it into a depraved sexual,gay, child loving bunch of lies....."

"Child loving" "Garry" ?? "Child loving" ?? Don't you mean Child ABUSING ??

Here is a link to the "Sparkles the Pony" Face Book page, judge for yourself, but be quick, "Garry Burns" and his friends are getting it taken down as quickly as they can.


Blogger Hojuruku said...


Two videos exposing Garry Burns and Jez Smith who are suing my father for the crime of dissenting to Mark Newtown and Peter Truong Gay Marriace Activists who plead guilty to sodomy sex with a 20 month old Russian Orphan obtained with fake surrogacy papers, but not before going on ABC TV accusing USA,Russia and Australia of being homophobic for delaying their kiddnapping of a baby that was shared so much with other gay activists the boy needed a second passport before 3 years old due to it being filled with stamps. Immigration broke the law to give these two published gay marriage activists a passport without a DNA test to facilate the global gay marriage activist baby sex tour...

http://archive.org/details/TwoDadsAreBetterThanOne for the audio of twitter.com/freshchilli Ginger Gogeman giggling with the gay dads baby rapists my father is accused of the crime of critizing by Garry Burns gay child sex normalization activist, with close ties to Peter Tatchell, the Sex Party and Beatproject.org.au gay public sex crime liberation site that is also in the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board annual reports.


Tuesday, 01 September, 2015  

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