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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Garry Burns and The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Please meet John Christopher Sunol, from New castle, New South Wales, Australia. John is one of our Australian chums that I have been speaking to regarding the behavior of

"Garry Burns"

And The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal

"Garry" and the tribunal appear to be mincing around New South Wales, declaring that any person who criticises "Gay Activists" "Mardi Gras" or who makes any connection between Homosexual men and drug dealing, debauchery or makes any reference to homosexual men traveling to Russia, Thailand and other countries for the purpose of buying a baby with the express intention of torturing and raping that child, to be guilty of "Vilification" which is a "Hate Crime" in Australia.

This is to despite the fact that, internationally, concerns are being raised about the latest spat of "Gay Pride" parades which have proved to be sleazy, debauched, unsavory affairs with, perhaps most worryingly of all very young children being seen in attendance, apparently accompanied by adults dressed in sado masochist leather wear. Boys as young as 8 were videoed dancing "in a sexually charged manner" cheered on by scantily clad homo sexual men. People are appalled that homosexual men are behaving, in public in a manner which would be a crime for a heterosexual person and encouraging young children to behave in a manner which would cause serious concerns and a visit from the relevant authorities if the "parents" were a heterosexual couple.

 The fact of the matter is that Homosexual men. "Gay Activists" from New South Wales, Australia have been convicted, in America of going to Russia, buying a baby for cash, taking him back to New South Wales where they tortured and raped the baby for years, with their friends, taking videos, all the while using the child to play the "Homosexual family" poster boys. Yet in New South Wales one may not debate or discuss a serious matter that clearly must be talked about openly. One may not criticise or "vilify" homosexual men. One may not debate the terrible events that have occurred. One may never, never feel the right to express concern that a minority of homosexual people seem to have the right to dictate what people say, particularly, of course what comments one makes on the World Wide Webb.


John Sunol's problems with The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal began as far back as 2005 when he was taken before the Tribunal for the crime of

"Vilification - Homosexual" John Sonul had the temerity to write, online:


(a) ‘Homosexuality is a behavioural disorder, brought on by the social conditioning (brain washing) of human beings, through group and peer pressure.

e.g. gay/lesbian/bi = sin
sin = eternal separation from God
eternal separation from God = death.’
(b) ‘The Gay and Annual Lesbian Mardi Gras, One big blight upon the city. This is the ultimate of all evil and it is unknowingly run by criminal gang members and potential terrorists.’
(d) ‘I have spoken out sharply against the Gay Lobby and feminist lefttist social changes which are anti-God and out to destroy todays society. This includes,
Same sex partners Marriage:
Adoption for homosexual couples:
Decriminalised drugs, Mariuajana and Heroine ect:
and other such evils.’
(e) ‘Faggots are all wicked evil people.’
(f) ‘I am willing to go to prison for being dissobedient to any law of such and I will incite others to do so as well.’
(g) ‘The Mardi Gras is full of Criminals and run by drug lords. It is also full of Child pedeophiles and corrupt people.’
(h) ‘God will burn Sydney to the Ground because of the evilness of these fags.’
(i) ‘I hope and pray that God mooves and brings more of the religious right into Australia to keep the poofs and faggs kept held down.’"

John Sonul denies having written items (e) and (i).

We are told the criteria  for the crime of "Vilification - Homosexual is:

49ZT(1) It is unlawful for a person, by a public act, to incite hatred towards, serious contempt for, or severe ridicule of, a person or group of persons on the ground of the homosexuality of the person or members of the group.
49ZT(2) Nothing in this section renders unlawful:
(a) a fair report of a public act referred to in subsection (1), or (b) a communication or the distribution or dissemination of any matter comprising a publication referred to in Division 3 of Part 3 of the Defamation Act 1974 or which is otherwise subject to a defence of absolute privilege in proceedings for defamation, or (c) a public act, done reasonably and in good faith, for academic, artistic, religious instruction, scientific or research purposes or for other purposes in the public interest, including discussion or debate about and expositions of any act or matter.

Excellent, John Sonul is rendered safe because his online comments in various forums, chats and You Tube videos were clearly expressed to initiate debate concerning the organised selling of drugs, child abuse and other criminal acts that he had concerns about. The duty and right of any concerned citizen one would have thought. No profanity, no personal remarks and no personal details given out. Quite reasonable, perhaps, given the general nature of the World Wide Webb where profanity, personal remarks, and private details being given out often obscure debate. Clause C, Safe as Houses.

But No !

The case is upheld and John Sunol. The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal attempts to justify their decision by declaring:

The nature of these proceedings
1 In these proceedings, the Applicant, Mr Henry Collier, alleges that material published by the Respondent, Mr John Sunol, on the internet during October 2004 vilified homosexual people contrary to provisions of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (‘the AD Act’).
2 According to Mr Collier, Mr Sunol published this material in two ways: by including it in material published on websites controlled by him and by contributing it to websites controlled by others. All the websites involved were accessible to the general public without a password.
3 The orders that Mr Collier seeks from the Tribunal are that Mr Sunol must (a) remove from all websites controlled by him all material relating to homosexuals, homosexuality or the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras; (b) refrain from publishing material on these topics on any website, whether or not it is controlled by him; (c) post an apology for his prior publication of material vilifying homosexuals on every website that is controlled by him, or on which he has previously published any material; and (d) pay Mr Collier’s costs.
4 Mr Sunol asserts that some of the material claimed to have been published by him was in fact put on the relevant website by other people. He admits that he himself published the rest of the material, but says that this material did not contravene the AD Act for two reasons. These are (a) that it did not vilify homosexual people and (b) that it was published reasonably and in good faith for purposes in the public interest, and therefore fell within an exception to the prohibition against homosexual vilification in the AD Act.
5 On 25 October 2004, Mr Collier lodged with the Anti-Discrimination Board the complaint that gave rise to these proceedings. A conciliation conference held on 16 December 2004 was unsuccessful. On 10 March 2005, at Mr Collier’s request, the President of the Anti-Discrimination Board referred the complaint to the Tribunal."

Gosh ! My only advice to the New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal is never, never, never mince, waddle or fart your way into a public house in Old South Wales where vilification may well proceed meet and greet. One wonders at such a strange decision, clearly designed in 2005 to stifle public debate. The cases against John Sonul mount up he is called before the Tribunal again and again, in 2006, 2008, 2009, 2012 (three times) 2014 (Seven times), Three times so far in 2015, with three more to go. With the threat of prison in his case with "Garry Burns" and The New South Wales Civil and Administrative tribunal today. (3/09/15). One can only imagine how John Sunol has lived through this harassment?


In the case on the 25 July 2015 John Sunol is accused of:


Complaint 1: 1410195

  1. Lodged with the President on 14 March 2014, Mr Burns stated in this complaint that material posted on Mr Sunol’s website between 5 March and 7 March 2014, amounted to “homosexual vilification and serious homosexual vilification”.
  2. The material the subject of this complaint includes comments published on Mr Sunol’s website, purportedly written by Luke McGee, and a link to a website, “Right Wing America”. Mr Burns contends that content vilifies homosexual men because it conveys the message that homosexual men are child molesters.

Complaint 2: 1410218

  1. Lodged with the President on 17 March 2014, in this complaint Mr Burns alleged that material appearing on Mr Sunol’s website on 14 March 2014 contains a link to a YouTube clip purportedly prepared by Luke McKee, which included the statement, “Gay men are three times more likely to rape children”. In addition, Mr Burns alleges that comments published on Mr Sunol’s website suggest that he has acted inappropriately with children.
  2. In this complaint Mr Burns also alleges that Mr Sunol has victimised him by, among other things, publishing a statement that he is corrupt.

Complaint 3: 1410717

  1. Lodged on 8 September 2014, in this complaint Mr Burns asserted that material appearing on Mr Sunol’s website on 5 September 2015 constitutes both homosexual vilification and victimisation. With respect to the material said to constitute homosexual vilification Mr Burns points to statements such as, “Stop Gary Burns criminalising dissent of ‘Gay Dads’ Baby Rape”.

 Yes Indeed! John Sunol is to answer to The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal and to "Garry Burns" for linking to a website that conveys the message that homosexual men are child molesters. Here is a link to a site that conveys the message that homosexual men are child molesters much better than John Sunol ever could.


"Garry Burns" claims that John Sunol has victimised him by publishing a statement claiming he is corrupt, I feel sure "Garry Burns" is corrupt he is slippery as a greased faggot. I may get away with saying that, for now, because I do not live in New South Wales. We know however that "Garry Burns" has fwends with international connections. The usual suspects.

"Garry Burns" complains against John Sunol for comments on John's website made by Luke McKee who writes "Stop Garry Burns Criminalising Dissent of "Gay Dads Baby Rape", one might feel that Luke has a point, one that should be discussed openly and publicly. In any event shouldn't Luke McKee be charged for the words he uses? 

Stop "Garry Burns" Criminalising Dissent of "Gay Dads Baby Rape"

In addition "Garry Burns" claims that John Sunol has suggested that he "acts inappropriately with children" which brings us back to the sleazy Facebook page I commented on, briefly yesterday. There have been problems accessing this page as "Garry Burns" is very anxious that it disappears. It has already been taken down once....

To the left of the Face Book page we immediately see images that are of an adult nature. Pictures that seem to promote bestiality and other perversions. A scroll through the posts reveals posts and comments of a misogynistic, unpleasant nature. as we scroll further we come upon the picture of a little boy sitting on a rocking horse. the comment with the picture reads:

"I met a new friend yesterday, Little Pickles..He didn't smell of booze like all my other friends..

However he seemed nice enough. Little Pickles rode me so hard I'm a little sore today"

The child is shown full faced. Are you a little concerned that this child might be at risk of harm? That his face should not be shown in this context and indeed that a child of perhaps seven or eight should not be associated in any way with a Face Book page such as this. "Garry Burns" comments on this Face Book page, saying the "holidaymakers" are a "nice looking crew.." Jeremy Smith also comments on the Face Book page. "Garry" claims:

"...a mate of mine, Jeremy Smith helps me with my work...."

"Garry Burns" continues:

".....a Facebook page Jeremy managed for a bunch of friends about Sparkles The Pony, A FB page designed for fun, but of course McKee turned it into a depraved sexual , gay ,child loving bunch of lies..." 

"Child loving" ? "Child loving" ? 

I have written to "Garry Burn" several times asking him to rectify his mistake, "Garry Burns" should, of course have written Child ABUSING. Although I have pointed this out to "Garry Burns" he has not as yet changed his blog.

However it is impossible to report this child as being at possible risk to the New South Wales Police, although attempts do continue and internationally people are becoming very concerned for the welfare of this little boy. Internationally concern can only increase as "Garry Burns" and his associates withhold the child's identity, and continue to remove the "Sparkles the Pony" page from the World Wide Webb.

Yet in New South Wales YOU will be brought up before The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal for daring to suggest that no child should be exposed to such a group of homosexual men, that these men should not have put a picture of a clearly vulnerable child onto a Facebook page that also contained references to bestiality and other perversions. The Tribunal and "Garry Burns " will hound you for each separate infraction, bankrupt you, threaten you, brow beat you until you can no more speak the truth. you can no more say that homosexual men are a danger to young children. Even though the facts do bear out this contention.

John Sunol is in court today to be told by "Garry Burns" and The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal ( A Kangaroo Court!) To be told that he must never "vilify" homosexual men, or claim that their is a link between homosexual men and child abuse. He must never express his opinion that "Mardis Gras" is run by drug dealers, He must never denegrate "Garry Burns" upon threat of 3-6 months imprisonment. John is adamant that he will continue to speak, to tell the truth however he won't be able to from prison, in fact "Garry Burns" has threatened to arrange certain unpleasant events should John ever be put in prison.

It doesn't seems possible does it? But it's true. I can only commend the very brave people in New South Wales who continue to uphold free speech as is the right and duty of every person, and there are many brave souls who continue to speak out despite "Garry" and the wannabe gestapo that is The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Freedom of Speech is not yet dead in New South Wales but it is being stamped on, very firmly, Orwellian style, by a bunch of homosexual perverts who seems to have infiltrated many areas of Australian society. Homosexual people make up 2% of the population in Australia.

I wonder how John Christopher Sunol  will get on today with The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal and "Garry Burns" who have already harassed him for ten years, and plan to harass him still further...


Blogger Hojuruku said...

Jeremy Smith claimed copyright of a video of him and his gay mates (Garry Burns webmaster) buying "rent boys" in Thailand. You should also see his Xtube Gay porn videos he made.

Jeremy Smith made the sparkles the Pony page whilst gang stalking an alleged employer of mine saying it was homephobic to critize 1822 gay scoutmasters who raped young boys from 1970 to 2005 in the "BSA Perversion File"

Even the Queers think Garry Burns is a threat to free speech just like Columbia University!



This is the best article about John Sunol before the homosexual Ben Smee who gay gang stalked with Garry Burns took over. Boy do we have dirt on that bastard and NSW GLLO gay Twenty10.org.au boy kidnapping Police working with Garry "Boy LOVER.net" Burns.

Thursday, 03 September, 2015  
Blogger Hojuruku said...

One Law For This John

Newcastle Herald
Monday October 2, 2006

Jeff Corbett
JOHN Sunol is adamant that he continues to believe the truth of anti-homosexual statements that have been found by the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal to be in breach of anti-vilification laws.

The tribunal's finding has not changed his opinions, he says. He is, the Newcastle taxi driver and fundamentalist Christian insists, a man of conviction.

So why, then, has he agreed to apologise for expressing opinions he still holds?

Because, Mr Sunol says, the apology required of him means nothing, it is just hot air and he is not apologising.

The notion of forced apology offends me. We are required to comply with a court or tribunal decision but that doesn't mean we should be required to accept that the court's decision is right. Compliance is being stretched too far, I believe, when it requires a statement of acceptance.

That means in Mr Sunol's case that he is issuing a public apology for statements he continues to say he did not make. (I couldn't access the geocities site that, he says, carries the apology.) He says he did not post to a website the following statements for which he must apologise: "Faggots are all wicked evil people" and "I hope and pray that God moves and brings more of the religious right into Australia to keep the poofs and fags kept held down".

He said he did write in private emails the following statements and that they were posted to a website by other people: "God will burn Sydney to the Ground because of the evilness of these fags" and "I am willing to go to prison for being disobedient to any law of such and I will incite others to do so as well".

Mr Sunol, who is 49 and lives at Waratah West, was taken to the tribunal last year by a homosexual activist with the support of two public legal services on the basis that he had breached the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act by vilifying homosexuals because of their homosexuality. He lost heavily in the tribunal, the tribunal rejecting his defence that the statements he made were made in good faith for religious instruction, but regained some ground in the appeal decision last week. You will find the decision at lawlink.nsw.gov.au/adt.

The appeal tribunal agreed, for example, that the tribunal's order requiring Mr Sunol to remove from websites controlled by him all material about homosexual people, homosexuality or the homosexual lobby was not within the tribunal's power because it required the removal of material that may have been lawful. The tribunal's order that Mr Sunol not make any statements about homosexuality on any website was also overruled as beyond its power.

It seems odd that a competent tribunal would not know the limits of its authority.

I know John Sunol. I interviewed him in 1998 after he told a No Brothels rally how he had been addicted to prostitutes.

To say that Mr Sunol is eccentric is not being unkind. He has many tertiary qualifications from bible colleges, TAFE and universities, and in 2004 graduated from Wollongong University with a Master of Commerce degree. It appears in reading Mr Sunol's writing or talking to him that he has a disorder and he told the appeals tribunal that he suffered from cognitive defects and obsessive compulsive disorder.

This is relevant because it seems to me unlikely that Mr Sunol could incite anyone.

Thursday, 03 September, 2015  
Blogger Hojuruku said...

To find against Mr Sunol the tribunal had to be satisfied that he had committed a public act which incites hatred towards homosexuals, and it was satisfied that he had. The appeals tribunal did not accept Mr Sunol's argument that the tribunal should have established that someone was incited.

There is much that is troubling about this case and prime among that is imbalance.

The homosexual activist's case was argued by lawyers who would seek fees only in the event they could seek them from Mr Sunol, which they can the tribunal awarded costs against Mr Sunol even though the general rule is that each party before the tribunal pay his or her own costs. Mr Sunol was without legal representation until the appeal, for which he expects to pay about $25,000.

Above all, though, is the fact that John Sunol is no John Laws.


Thursday, 03 September, 2015  
Blogger Hojuruku said...

Garry Burns loves to talk about his young gay boyfriends all the time, even when it's not relavent. He just can't stop himself always talking about boy loving....

My monumental battle with Radio 2UE and its presenters Steve Price and John Laws has finally come to an end.

This case has nearly gone on as long as the Second World War.

I instigated this action way back in 2003 because I was tired of my sexuality being used as a football for ridicule by the intolerable folk.
I am a gay man.

Gay men should not mirror the image as perverted and dirty in society through ridicule.

I have always cared about my community but feel very sad that my community abandoned me during this litigation.

The cheersquad enthusiasts were always there ready to knock me and accuse me of doing this for either publicity or for mercenary gain.

What I did was fucking hard and lonely work!

This has been the hardest thing I have ever done so far in my life, but you know what, at least I had the courage to go out and do something to try and stop intolerance and hate being directed against homosexual men.

The young gay boy living in the western suburbs may feel a little better about his sexuality because of what I have done.

He may not become a product of ridicule because of it.

That has to be a good thing, surely.

Gary Burns, Gay rights activist
Self Promoter - Sun 22 Jun 2008 16:55:58

Thursday, 03 September, 2015  
Blogger John Christopher sunol said...

Yes i have had this for over 10 years, It did NOT start with Garry Burns but started with a Henry Collier. Henry Collier died in 2010 of a heart attack as he had medical problems. I thoguht it was all voer


but Garry Burns saw an excellent opportunity, he took up the riegns of Henry Collier and was 10 times worst. Garry told straight out black lies and purgered himself before the courts but first he demanded me pay him $100,000 - when i refused he put this down to $40,000 and I refused again then he carried on his campaign of lies and purgery to buse the law and get me in front of the tribunals based on lies.

I will not go any futhert han that, but this Garry Burns is both a Psycho and a criminal who is abusing the law and being used by the NSW Anti Discrimination to bring in their actions against theose who so called Villify the homosexual community. Then he screams victimisation when you tell the truth of this.

that is all I will put for now but that is what happens



Thursday, 03 September, 2015  
Blogger Hojuruku said...


Garry Burns is the only gay spokesperson that Channel 7 chose to come on when Australia's Left Wing Fabian Socialist prime minsiter @KRudd announced gay marriage for the first time.

that's right the best the gays has got is a criminal who threatens to rape and kill women many times backed by White Ribbon Speaker Catherine Judith Burns, extort cash and worse....

Even the queers hate him!
Watch the video on there....

Proof of Garry Burns numerous rape threats against women (well the first example) is here.... youtube.com/hojuruku see uploads regarding his threats to rape the female head of occupy pedophilia st petersberg, using the same google+ account he's using to stalk Sharon, this blog's author.

NSW Police love working with faggot rapist scum who are self admitted "boy lover" suing my father for critizing two boylovers.net members raping a 20 month old Russian infant.

Suing john Sunol for linking to this video http://tinyurl.com/abcplugspedos.
search abcplugspedos on austlii.edu.au for the case law for that.

Channel 7 Sunrise also took a paid story from Garry Burns business partner and associate @gaydads Barrie Drewit-Barlow who brags on twitter breaking 10C NSW Crimes Act to sell babies to rich gay [pedophiles] in Sydney.


Thursday, 03 September, 2015  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Thank you for your comments.

Thank you very much John for commenting here, I had been told that "Garry Burns" attempts to extort money, thank you for confirming this.

I agree that "Garry" shows symptoms of both psychopathic and narcissistic personality disorders.

Good luck today John, I will be thinking of you and sending my very best wishes.

Thursday, 03 September, 2015  

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