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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Catherine Burn and Shifting Sands in New South Wales

Over the past few weeks, after having been told of events in New South Wales, I have been dismayed, appalled and shocked at how far askew Australia seems to be from reality. How traditional words are being stolen from people, how "Garry Burns" is the scourge of free speech, even declaring

"There is no free speech in Australia"

Whilst he pursues complaint after complaint, vilifying person after person. however if you are a child, heterosexual, Catholic, a politician or a member of the public you will have no redress in law against this mincing, chinless, faggot,  "Garry Burns". In fact if I were to live in New South Wales and objected to the stink from this vile creature, I would be "under orders" from his fellows at the "New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal" They would come after me demanding money, with menaces.

Looking around for anybody who might, traditionally defend innocents from criminals and hideous monsters I come across yet more corruption, homosexuality, lies and stolen secrets. I do bear in mind that Australia is a former penal colony for the British, a colony that would have grown with a sad deficit of women, needs must when the devil drives and, this possibly explains the cluster of 25% homosexuality in New South Wales. However a cluster of a minority group should not result in the terrorism of the greater community.

I have no choice then but to look into the Police in New South Wales, immediately I am confronted by this unsavory character Catherine Burn Deputy Chief Of Police New South Wales, Catherine is already notorious for the bugging of her fellow Deputy Chief, NSW Nick Kaldos for two years. As well as 100 other police and journalists. Whilst she was Team Leader in the internal affairs unit. 

Catherine Burn apparently had no proof, and indeed Nick Kaldos appears to be exonerated, however Catherine  maintains that:

"I did have a reasonable suspicion,. I do have a reasonable belief"

It would seem that, right from the very beginning there have been concerns regarding Catherine Burn's appointment, suspicions of her conduct, within the police service date back to 2002

Catherine Burn has ties with "Garry Burns" although we are told they are no relation. I am also told that Catherine Burn keeps an "open door policy" for homosexual people. Catherine has, as we already know visited London, where she met with the Met, for meetings with Bernard Hogan-Howe " and counter-terrorism delegates from many European countries........as well as delegates from the USA and Canada.."


Although Catherine Burn publicised her trip to London, she is more reticent to let the Australian public know of her recent trip to Israel to attend the "Shifting Sands of Terrorism" The 15th World Summit on Counter Terrorism, run by the "International Institute for Counter Terrorism" in Israel


The "International Institute for Counter Terrorism" say:

"This year's theme for the conference will address the shifting sands of terrorism. In particular, speakers will explore the progression of the terrorist threat in the face of an evolving environment and a growing diversity of terrorist actors. The conference will also discuss how counter-terrorism policy and strategy can best address this elusive threat."

"Over 1,000 top decision-makers, defense, intelligence and police officials, prominent academic scholars, and security industry leaders from over 60 countries are taking part in this years conference.

As a conference participant, you will have the unique opportunity to:
  • Meet key decision-makers in the fields of Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security
  • Interact with government, defense and police officials, who deal with terrorism on a daily basis
  • Learn about cutting-age (sic.) research, new operational practice and technological innovation from leading international experts
  • Network with entrepreneurs and significantly broaden you (sic.) customer base in the global security and Counter-Terrorism industry
  • Participate in discussions and professional workshops on the most advanced and pertinent topics in modern counter terrorism
  • Widen and diversify you (sic.) global network of professional relationship (sic.) in the field of counter terrorism"
There are entrepreneurs in the "counter-terrorism industry" that attend annual conferences in IsraHell to broaden their customer base? That explains quite a lot!

Catherine Burns, interviewed by the IsraHelli press claims that she wants to "collaborate" with these entrepreneurs, decision-makers, defense, intelligence and police officials, prominent academic scholars, and security industry leaders from over 60 countries


But wait ! In the video on the IsraHell press page Catherine Burn claims at 1.50

"....one of the things we highlight and we want to preserve is that freedom of speech, there's no doubt about that....."

Perhaps then, instead of going on New South Wales Tax payer funded jollies to IsraHell to meet entrepreneurs etc from the "Counter-Terrorism" Industry" it would make more sense if Catherine Burn were to have a word with her pal "Garry Burns" who claims  "There is no free speech in Australia"


Perhaps upholding Free Speech in New South Wales might be one of the more useful duties Catherine Burn's could perform in her position as deputy something in the New South Wales Police Service, "Garry Burns" seems to be, with the help of The New South Wales Civil and Administrative Tribunal shutting down free speech, certainly regarding any criticism of homosexual men, or linking homosexual men with the torture and rape of babies and children. Though this has been the case, in New South wales very recently.


I have also explained the very serious concerns regarding the little boy in the disgraceful "Sparkles the Pony" Facebook page, A page with adult themes, bestiality and homosexuality, depicting a child, full face, accompanied by lewd remarks. We have been unable to report our concerns to New South Wales Police, and as Catherine Burns has such an interest in the homosexual community, and apparently nothing better to do than chase shifting sands, perhaps Catherine could look into the welfare of this child? And indeed, if displaying a child in such a way, on an internet page is legal in New South Wales?


However, perhaps naturally enough, in view of her brand new friends and associates Catherine Burns claims that this year 5,233 calls to the National Security Hotline were referred to New South Wales police, compared to 807 calls the previous year, counter terrorism is, it would appear a growth industry in New South Wales. Catherine Burn, right on cue claims the threat of terrorism is "even greater than ever..."


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