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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Homosexual Political Agenda

I would like to make it clear that I am talking about a political agenda here, a covert agenda whereby laws are created and pushed through by lobby groups and then enforced in a manner which disables debate, disables scrutiny and seems to be creating a sub culture of homosexual men enabled to carry out very nasty deeds. Who then call upon the laws they have lobbied to be created to punish anybody who speaks out against them. We have seen this in America with a small business being taken to court and sued huge amounts of money for refusing to bake a "Wedding" cake for a homosexual couple.


Thankfully such nonsense cannot happen here in the U.K. as traders are given a "Right to treat" which means traders don't have to sell you anything and don't have to give you a reason why.

We have all, I hope, known personally, lovely, kind, beautiful individuals who just happen to be homosexual. I have been blessed with love from friends who are homosexual. However we cannot say with any logic that homosexuality is the normal state within society, it isn't, Every species indulges in homosexual activity when the balance of society is out of kilter, from listening to my women homosexual friends that they have, most often, been abused, and traumatized by a man, or men and are now quite frightened of closeness with any man, even women who present themselves as quite manly are, in fact, frightened when in close proximity with men, With my men homosexual friends There usually seems to be a lack of closeness with their mother, or perhaps mum was actively abusive towards them. This made them vulnerable to be groomed by child molesters themselves when very young.

In this country we continue to watch as the police, government and other bodies loose files, do not follow up complaints, even actively cover up for well organised groups of child molesters, throwing the increasingly angered and appalled general public dead celebrities and prime ministers, that they don't have to properly investigate or bring to justice. Whilst activists all around the world are publishing names, dates, statements of child abuse that is claimed to have been committed by politicians, celebrities, millionaires, royalty, yet British police can only "investigate" historic child abuse and no arrests have been made, still!

Internationally people are becoming very concerned at the lack of concern from the "authorities" regarding people expressing their concerns towards children who may very well be at risk from harm. People are complaining that they are pushed from pillar to post and are clearly not taken seriously. People may very well be upset when they contact the authorities, and are not helped by police refusing to listen. As we know here in the UK it is very common for people who attempt to express their concerns regarding child abuse to be referred by the police to their local mental health unit. Frustrating and upsetting for people who are already upset, what could be more upsetting than grown men hurting a child?

Disturbing child abuse case links Australians to paedophile ring

Internationally we hear of shocking cases where homosexual men are pretending to be the father of a child that they have bought, for cash, in Russia, mysteriously being able to obtain a passport for the child, and returning him to Australia, where they proceeded to groom and abuse the infant, making videos, taking pictures, of a tiny baby boy. They then proceed to make this vulnerable infant available sexually to at least two men from America. Yes it's true, here is the news report.

ABC. Australia

.....and this case it seems is just the tip of the iceberg as more and more homosexual men are buying babies. buying surrogate mothers, abandoning babies that are handicapped and seem to be attempting to bring up these children, without supervision, in a homosexual environment. Cause for concern? I think so.


Gordon Lake, left, and his husband, Manuel, with Carmen.

Yet In Australia, where you would think the police would be very concerned with reports of child abuse, of homosexual men abusing children, they proudly demonstrate a dead end


In Australia there seems to be a particularly strident "Gay Activist" with a clear political agenda, "Garry Burns" a self admitted "Media Whore" and someone who manipulates the legal system into bullying people through various courts and tribunals in Australia, "Garry Burns" is what would be described in the UK as a "Vexatious Litigant" . Garry seems to be most concerned that no connection is made between homosexual men and child abuse, he claims Homosexuality to be a " ..natural born characteristic" Flying in the face of all opinion that Homosexuality is not an inborn characteristic, that it is, in fact, a deviancy from the norm, a learned perversion,


Studies have shown this and people know this, which is why homosexual men are shunned in normal society and forced to associate with other homosexual men, generally kept away from or closely supervised around children, and perhaps, through this isolation from normal society, becoming more deviant and perverted.


 "Gay Activism" is an international issue with "Gay Pride" marches inflicting our cities, Lots of sado masochistically dressed sexually perverted men parading their homosexuality on the streets, most worryingly parading very young children with them, encouraging these young children to dance in a "sexually charged manner" in front of crowds of homosexual men. Little regard for the sanctity of childhood in evidence.

There has been a "Homosexual Political Agenda" for years, lobbying government to make laws so we are not allowed to discuss or show concern about people buying babies, pretending to be a family and yet providing hell on earth to the unfortunate children that they obtain. These people are homosexual activists. A child cannot possibly grow up in a healthy balanced environment with homosexual men as "parents" Homosexuality is not the normal situation in society and I have yet to meet a homosexual man who has resolved his issues with women. So any child growing up with men as "parents" would be exposed to potential misogyny from a very early age. As a sociery we really do need to have the discussion regarding homosexual men adopting, or buying babies and children to bring up in a pseudo family consisting of two homosexual men as parents.

My contention at the moment is that "gay activists" are disabling public debate of their activities by attacking people who, quite rightly have serious concerns about homosexual men buying babies and not only raping and torturing, but renting babies out to other men specifically to be abused.That "Gay activists" would attempt to silence people expressing genuine concerns is not new but is another sign that the "Gay Agenda" creeps on and we ignore it to the detriment of babies and children born to vulnerable women, bought by the "pink pound" and tortured and raped by homosexual men.


Anonymous Taylor said...

Thanks for sharing this information. It's a real and present danger which every parent in the UK must be aware of.

Monday, 31 August, 2015  

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