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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Chris Spivey ~ Bites the Dust ~ Oh No! Not Quite Yet.......

This week the news that Chris Spivey is in court, convicted of harassment of members of the family of Lee Rigby, the soldier who was murdered at Woolwich, has cheered me up immensely, and I do feel that, if Chris Spivey, as he has been warned, does end up with a custodial sentence, justice will have been done and a stand made for freedom of speech. Which is the excuse Chris Spivey uses for writing his obscene, deranged drivel, now mercifully deleted from the intenet.

When a bully and egotistical thug use their powers of  "free speech" to hurt and damage people, families and let's face it in Chrish Spivey's case to humiliate and hurt women particularly, yes Chrish, you fat bald wanker, your fear of women and noticeable sexist attitudes have been noticed, didn't pick on any of the men in the Rigby family did you? When a clearly misogynistic liar decides he has more right to publish lies about people than those people have a right for the truth to be told the balance becomes distorted.

The fact is that Chrish Spivey has no more rights than anybody else, the rights that he does have are, only in so far as they do not infringe on anybody else's. No one has the right to publish lies about people, behave in a threatening manner or make ridiculous accusations concerning an ordinary family already grieving the loss of a young family member. If, like Chris people are prepared to publish lies, bully people and cause suffering then they must, like Chris Spivey be prepared for the consequences of doing so.

Chris Spivey tried to shut me up when, after reading the dreadful article he eventually came up with, after a year of begging for money from readers of his blog for his "important article" telling us that it cost £300 a month to run his web site, that he was very busy sifting through "evidence" and would soon come up with "proof" that the Wolwich attack was a "False Flag" as, it appears just about everything else is, in the world according to Chris Spivey.

I am not easily intimidated but I was left reeling after the vicious, spiteful and untruthful attack from Spivey, it was clear that Spivey was not going to listen to reason, would not debate the strange position that he had taken, that Lee Rigby did not exist, he was really two other people one of whom had been murdered and kept "on ice" The vitriol and venom that Spivey wrote about the Rigby family, particularly the women members of the family was disturbing, the lies that Spivey repeated, with no substantiating evidence can only have served to have hurt and upset family members still further, harassment and bullying of female members of the community by a self appointed "alternative media journalist"

Did Chrish Spivey think, for one minute of the grief he was causing? Only to satisfy his wicked ego, did Kwish think of the Rigby families freedom of speech? Or, indeed of any of their rights ? Spivey seems to have been caught up in a bubble where wrong became right and lies became truth. No one around him was brave enough to tell him that he was wrong and that he was choosing the wrong path. His associations concerned me months ago, when I noted he was aligning with Gerrish and the UK Column etc. They will have fed his ego, encouraged him to "battle on", and people, like me, who did try and warn Spivey were hurt, humiliated shot down in flames then blocked and ignored.

Chris Spivey is by no means the only self appointed "Alternative media journalist" inflicting themselves on the community at the moment, Zero charisma Brian Gerrish, nasty loo collins, Danielle LaVatory, David Icke, scrarty Sonia Poulton are just a few that spring to mind but "Kev Baker", Open your mind radio soon follow, just look at these Muppets, and the terrible harm they have caused to people, real people.

The Woolwich story is by no means the only vehicle attempted by these people to make money, and don't doubt that is what this is really all about, kerching, kerching, kerching........as they aid and abet fraud after fraud......The Hollie Grieg Fraud, ever wonder how much money was made from that? .....The Hampstead Fraud, kerching.....how much money was sent into that "fighting fund" Why is Belinda Mckenzie always in the shadows, lurking, cap in hand ? David Icke is probably still receiving direct debit money for the television station he pretended to set up......and yeah watch out for reptiles/bankers/pedophiles/satanists/politicians/MI5/.

Fear Porn is the term used for this type of marketing, fear illicits the fight or flight response a sprinkling of sex will make you more suggestible, and here, "look at my pretty donate button....only a fiver could keep me afloat for another week......after all I am putting myself in danger, by writing this for you............." Fear Porn, don't buy in, you will only end up scared and skint, at least. Humiliation, harassment and lies are the stock in trade of the fear porn merchant. Be careful.

Due to Chris Spivey's appearance in court this week he has deleted his blog, immediately the airwaves are fresher and clearer, the ether seems brighter and easier to communicate within, maybe just imagination but I for one am relieved that Chris Spivey's obscene, unpleasant and untruthful blog is no more. To bully somebody is to oppress them and the sheer volume and energy given to bullying on Chris Spivey's blog was horrendous. That, then is just oppression and oppressive.

A Blow has been struck for free speech, for truth, A liar has been stopped in his tracks, A person who would not allow others to speak freely is to expect incarceration. From an unexpected quarter, perhaps for some of us, but freedom from oppression is just that and Chris Spivey's attempted reign of terror did need to be brought to a close. here is his tirade against me when I first began to criticize his Woolwich article


No doubt there are other tirades against other women, what he wrote on his blog about women was unpleasant, bullying and untrue. Thank goodness another pesky misogynist bites the dust !


*** Although likkle Kwish Spivey claimed to be finishing his rubbish blog in a tantrum on the 31 July, this seems to be, like so much from Chris Spivey's crap blog lies and ego! Kwish claims we are all *fucked* without him!

However Spivey's new posts are still self indulgent, egotistical, whining and once more full of lies, claiming "signatures have been removed" from an online petition he started, that his conviction is "not legal" and although he insults people, his attacks are not as foul as usual, could it be he has lost his teeth?

Some pictures of crap tattoos are supposed to prove that Kwish is a "Tattooist" oh dear me! It seems Spivey can neither write, draw or tattoo!

Then the dying duck is revived by a sulking pouting Kwish who now tells us he has been begged to come back (as if! another of Spivey's creative essays) appearing on, "Open you mind radio" and "ian R crane's" radio show, lots of credibility there then!


Looks like Kwish is cosying up with zero charisma gerrish and his "UK column" just to totally destroy any little credibility Kwish may have left.

I am trying to listen but it's boring long winded and I am sure I am the only person that is listening, lets hope Kwish Spivey's dying swan act isn't as protracted, long winded and boring as his crap blog has always been!



Blogger Seven Seer said...

luckily the mainstream media never use fear or lie to us.

Monday, 03 August, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad Seven Seer pointed this out, the M.S.M do protect us from fear and lies and thanks to you we now feel protected from the alternative media. They must never be allowed to spew forth their vile points of view because we are right and he is totally wrong. Many thanks for your contribution in the fight against the scum who for some reason or another try to impose on us a twisted view of the world, even if we have to search the internet high and low for opinions that differ from ours, we will stop this peculiar thing called thinking and free speech at all costs.

Monday, 03 August, 2015  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

This post is not about mainstream media it is about the muppets, like spivey who attempt to set themselves up as "alternative media" and are really just bullies and liars.

Spivey. poontang, gerrish, icke et al are merely aping main stream media.

I did think, at this point that it was a given that the main stream media are just a propaganda machine.

Monday, 03 August, 2015  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Annony mouse, your comment makes no sense, The msm hardly protect us from fear and lies,

I think it is actually thanks to the women of the Rigby family, who were brave enough to press charges, the police, who investigated spivey and the judge who has convicted him and prepares to sentence him that we are now much safer from the monstrous bully and liar that spivey became.

Certainly Spivey did his very best to stifle free speech against him, didn't he?

As I have said it is a good day for freedom of speech on the internet that spivey's nasty, obscene blog has been removed and his lies have been exposed as just that, lies.

Many, many more people will be able to speak freely now that fat bald wanker has been exposed as the criminal bully that he is.

I hope that answers you, as I said your message is garbled and not clear.

Personally I don't believe that you will be able to stop free speech, or indeed thinking, but if people are going to bed not frightened because chris spivey has been stopped from bullying them then the world is a better place.

And if the next egotistical wanker thinks twice before lying about and bullying people then good, no one should have to tolerate wankers like spivey, who are no marks in real life, bullying them, telling lies about them or publishing thier names and addresses on the internet with vile, unfounded accusations against them.

Monday, 03 August, 2015  
Blogger Russell Duffy said...

Odd that I tend to think of myself as being 'alternative' (whatever that is) but seem to be at complete and total odds with this gentleman Spivey. What a horrid stain on the Wilton. Shame his father didn't masturbate.

Tuesday, 04 August, 2015  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

You ARE alternative !

Came up through the "old school" and you have principles and decency.

Yes horrid indeed!


Tuesday, 04 August, 2015  
Anonymous Konigstiger said...

In my humble opinion, the two biggest problems facing the west today are race and Jewish power and influence. You can't touch on one without touching on the other. And while Spivey had a little pop at the Jews, Israel and the holocaust lie, he shyed away from criticising muslim grooming gangs, black crime rates, etc, just like 99% of the so called 'truth movement'. This is why he got away with publishing his bullshit for so long, because he failed to tie these two problems together and talk about them.

People like him, David Icke, Alex Jones etc are no threat to the establishment because they know the boundary they must not cross, and if we delve deeper in to their personalities we can see that they all have an air of lunacy about them which would no doubt be brought to the forefront if they did cross that said boundary.

People who do connect the two problems I mentioned, tend to carry themselves much better. They dress well, they're well educated, respect others, are kind and polite, and don't base their writings and thoughts on speculation and conjecture. People such as David Duke, Kevin MacDonald, the Jew Gilad Atzmon, Richard Spencer, Jared Taylor, and David Irving to name just a few.

The media of course would have you believe that they are evil skinhead nazi's that have their ropes ready for the blacks and their ovens burning away at 1000 degrees centigrade, ready to incinerate every last Jew on the planet. Of course this couldn't be further from the truth, and these are the real warriors of our generation, the real truth seekers, men of integrity and morals. The likes of Spivey, sitting in his grubby little flat, bullying and intimidating all and sundry doesn't even come close!

It takes a very critical thinker to get their head around the race and Jewish problem though, and unfortunately most people just don't want to believe it. They think that if we can just get rid of those pesky Jesuits or those annoying Illuminati members, then the world will be put right. Rather than point out the alarming rate at which white people are becoming outnumbered in the west, they'd rather bury their heads in the sand and argue the toss about a missing plane or a runaway bin lorry.

My two cents.


Tuesday, 04 August, 2015  
Anonymous mavee said...

Vicous and spiteful no just telling the truth . Think chris proved beyond a shadow of doubt that THE RIGBY FAMILY were a bunch of crisis actors . Their awful faces come up time and time again . The son ? Jack whoever he really belongs to is guilty of child abuse. This awful evil shower are as bad as the macanns

Tuesday, 04 August, 2015  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

The truth is a stranger to Kwish Spivey, his attempted bullying of me is in the link in this post, and, as can clearly be seen spivey was viscous and spiteful to me as he has been to many others,

If spivey had proved beyond a shadow of doubt that the Rigby family are a bunch of crisis actors why is he convicted of harassment of them?

Demonizing a family with no proof? Calling someone a child abuser, again with no proof, Mavee have you read anything I have written ? The days of people making up lies about people and publishing them on the internet are over, Chris was trying to cash in on others misfortune is all, he has muddied the water with his stupid lies, and thanks to him we may never know the truth.

If Spivey had any proof of his outrageous claims the time to produce it would have been in court wouldn't it?

What proof, show me!

Wednesday, 05 August, 2015  
Blogger mave buchanan said...

If he is threatened with jail the so called family should be forced to supply DNA and then they might stop appearing at Scottish funerals and many more

Wednesday, 05 August, 2015  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Mave, Spivey IS threatened with jail, because of his criminal harassment of the Rigby family.

Everyone on this country is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The Rigby family do not have to respond to spivey's outlandish accusations, it is up to him to prove his accusations.

How, in any event is this about the Rigby family? It started off as Spivey "uncovering the truth" concerning Woolwich, then turned into a hate campaign against the Rigby's. Who, even if spivey's claims are true are just pawns in a bigger game, why would Spivey attack the female members of what he claims is a fictitious family and not the peopole who he feels are really behind this?

Let's face it Spivey lunched out on people's donations for a year, looked at some main stream media photos and decided the Rigby's ears did not match, he is a misogynist and found it easier to harass the female members of the Rigby family than actually do any real research, or come up with any real proof for his claims.

Spivey proved nothing other than what a perverted, spineless bully he himself is.

Wednesday, 05 August, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sharon Gifford.

You are as thick as pigshit. You're making a fool of yourself again. All of this crap is about YOU and your ego. Isn't it?

Monday, 17 August, 2015  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Thanks for your comment Annony Mouse.

You sound like Likkle Qwith Spivey.

Yes of course an article about Chris Spivey is ALL about my ego, thank you for pointing that out to me.

Tuesday, 18 August, 2015  

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