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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Live, Laugh and Be Merry

As all eyes turn to events in France this week, the question on everyone's mind can only be what has this cost freedom of speech? Or freedom of political satire? There used to be satire here in England, we used to laugh a lot, perhaps graveyard humour, perhaps to deflate a pompous windbag of a politician, now however People no longer quip quite so freely, tongues are guarded as we become more and more aware that anything on the internet can and will be used against us.

I noticed this with Facebook at first, how people would go through profiles to find any "dirt" an off colour joke, a confession, late at night to perceived friends. Forever lurking deep in the archives, to be found by a person who wants to hurt you because of something else you wrote, or spoke about on the internet. These people do not seem capable of simply staying on topic and discussing the real issues, but will mock you for a photo, taken at a party, that you would prefer had not been posted.

I have felt this in a personal way since January of last year, when I saw what a sham TPV, David Icke's money spinner "Alternative Media" television station actually was. I was shocked as I knew many people who could not afford it had not only donated money, but that peoples hopes and dreams were pinned to the "freedom" such a news channel might bring. I knew other people within the organisation were concerned, so spoke up and wrote my blog "The fatal flaws at The People's Voice". Straight away I was personally attacked, David Icke even published private skype messages on his website, told stupid lies concerning a painting and generally sidestepped and ignored the legitimate concerns that I was trying to bring to his attention. Because then i was not sure if he knew how much TPV was compromised, but David Icke built the project as a way of swindling money from people.

Then Sonia Poulton began her own bid to make money from her notoriety gained at TPV, once again Sonia Poulton however dodged two issues, one her "support" of Robert Green and the Hollie Grieg fraud and her refusal to allow the "Hollie Grieg Hoax" team a right of reply on her TPV show. And more disgustingly Sonia Poulton bullies adult survivors of child abuse, needless to say Sonia Poulton will not address any concerns regarding her behaviour but calls anyone who challenges her a " paedo enabler " Poulton's bullying is well documented and her modus operandi can be followed on twitter Poulton has threatened a documentary " exposing " David Icke that has never emerged and is, most recently trying to get onto the bandwagon that is the Madelane McCann affair, promising another documentary but producing nothing, except appeals for money.

Then Chris Spivey, or Christopher D Spivey as he now calls himself lunched out for over a year writing a crappy nonsensical "article" making stupid claims, saying disgusting, upsetting things regarding the Rigby family, and others Spivey is now on police bail for harassment because he is disgusting foul mouthed bully. Now Chris Spivey begs for money for his "Important work" that consists of snooping into people's private lives, calling them dreadful names and "lets look at the ears" in the ( main stream media) photos, it's all in the ears don't cha know ?

Danielle la verite (george):emerges, swearing and scratching, making videos that tell us nothing other than who Danielle feels is a "cunt" Danielle also seems to be a one trick pony as anyone who tries to question her several names, her apparent benefit fraud or the way she uses her children is attacked. Danielle george (la verite) boasts about contacting people's work and getting them the sack. Her cohorts even phoned the Westminster Conference Centre in a bid to get me into trouble as she believed i worked there. Nasty Dan la verite has nothing to offer and is so desperate for "fame" it is as cringe worthy as her badly drawn eyebrows.


All of these people have in common huge egos and zero sense of humour, their personal attacks on people who challenge the outlandish claims they make for themselves are shocking and appalling. Their total refusal to answer any queries or questions and their repeated demands for money clearly show self absorbed, selfish people with a sense that they deserve money for old rope, as they claim their lies as fact and second hand information as their own.

It is hard to laugh in the face of adversity and fear, we brits have always done that, cracking jokes on the gallows, in the prison ships and during our indentured slavery. We loved Diana, yet laughed at the quips when she was murdered. Joked because how else as a nation could we cope with the wickedness we witnessed then ? Maybe the remaining robber barons would have been whipped at the cart arse and strung up, their quarters sent to the corners of the nation as a reminder to never tolerate their ilk again. But we smiled through the tears and carried on.

Satire, humour, laughter are our defence and our weapon, they keep our minds alive and thinking, through the mind numbing pain of everyday life in these interesting times,  laughter will cut through a curse better than anything else. Laughter will show the emperor has no clothes, almost every calamity has been caused by people taking themselves and their "work" much too seriously. Increasingly people are self censoring, not expressing their thoughts or opinions for fear of personal attacks. The freedom to joke, to lighten the moment with humour, to provided a different perspective with irreverence is being lost.

There are already many inconsistencies
concerning the attack in Paris, as it emerges that the attack may have been a false flag, an operation carried out by Mossad and the CIA.  France has voted to recognise Palestine as a nation, robber baron Andrew accused as a child molester, no doubt more evidence will emerge, as to what has actually happened in Paris, however you look at it though satire is under attack, humour is dangerous, and the simple freedom and joy of laughter is being stolen. A direct attack on freedom of speech. People too frightened to speak their mind, too frightened to laugh are oppressed indeed, and the misinformation muppets are even trying to steal your voice and speak for you.

It is a creeping process, self censorship, as you begin not to make comments that you know will cause you to be attacked, you begin to keep your opinions to yourself, Icke, Spivey, UK column all have supporters that sweep in to attack, many people have been frightened to comment regarding the Hollie Greig fraud because of the way they will be attacked by people supporting and making money from the fraud. Chris Spivey has so viciously attacked the Rigby family that he faces police charges, Spivey also attacks anyone who tries to make sense of the long winded, confused, self indulgent, rubbish written about the Woolich affair that only exposes Spivey as the nasty, foul mouthed misogynist he clearly is, don't cha know ?

Danielle la Verite (george) has nothing to say other than swear and call people names, i have tried to make light of Danielle's repulsive videos by laughing at her comedy eyebrows, however this repulsive mall rat has claimed to have been responsible for getting a woman the sack from her job two weeks before Christmas, gloating about it on her blog. Supporters of Desperate for fame Danielle tracked my ip address and phoned up the Westminster Conference Centre believing I worked there. Yet this self proclaimed "voice for troof" will not answer any of the very many concerns people have regarding the foolish, obscene things she says in her repulsive, laughable videos.

It is these Muppets and their ilk that are trying to shut down free speech, seemingly believing they have more right to freedom of speech than anyone else. That the outrageous claims they make do not need to be backed by real evidence. That people have a perfect right to challenge these self proclaimed "alternative media" without being attacked, their private lives mocked and their employers contacted. It should be simple, debate should be encouraged, but the misinformation muppets fragile and over inflated egos will not allow any debate, as they swear and curse and think up more stupid names to call anyone who challenges them. Shutting down freedom of speech for others while using that freedom to tell terrible lies, the more sordid and expletive splattered the better. Seemingly determined to bring everyone and everything down to their level, claiming to be putting their necks on the line as they ruin people's private lives with spiteful lies.

Once again humour and satire exposes these egotistical fools, and bursts their bubble of lies. They are purveyors of  "FearPorn", nothing more as they soften you up for the inevitable donations, trying to make you fearful of life itself, making people fearful to speak out against them as they evade real concerns and delve into private lives in a further attempt to silence dissent. Much more intrusive, bullying and spiteful than the government would dare to be. Bullies should always be stood up against and bullies always take themselves much too seriously. Unable to see how foolish they appear as they make foolidh claims about themselves and how important they are !

Don't give away you freedom of speech to these muppets, they do not deserve to speak for anybody, and in fact do not speak for anybody but themselves. Don't stop laughing, laughter heals us all. Yes freedom of speech is under attack, but it is a battle that is easily won, speak out, encourage others to speak out, listen to and answer concerns. Do not give in to bullies, who ever they claim to be. Share a smile, a joke...

"With all it's sham, trickery and broken dreams. It is still a beautiful world....strive to be happy"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

bloody well said. good for you.

Saturday, 14 February, 2015  

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