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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Chrimbo and a Happy New Year !

Thank you for visiting, I see you visit from all over the world and I wonder about you, about your lives and I wish you best wishes for the holiday season, where ever you are and what ever you are doing I hope you have a moment or two of peace in your heart.

Many of you have been visiting for a long time and will know that what I have been saying for the last ten years on my blog hasn't changed, tho' many, many others are now saying the same things, times they are a' changing and, at least it is not so lonely to think outside the box, as I see many others doing so, many for the first time.

True, we are plagued by misinformation muppets, pied pipers, egotists out to make a quick buck, but these people are easier and easier to see through. Many people are realising that they don't need anybody to speak for them, or lead them or scrounge money from them. This is on both sides of the Atlantic all around the world and these people are being exposed as the frauds, bullies and liars that they are.

Who then can we trust? Who will recognise the truth? There is one person, one vital person that you can trust to find your way forward, through this vale of tears, one person that will always have your best interests at heart, one person who loves you, even in your darkest hour, The person who knows you best of all, all your faults, all your kindness, one person that will always be right there.....

This person is, of course, your own self, look at yourself in the mirror, know yourself, learn how to trust that small voice inside that warns and welcomes, you are individual and unique, no one has any right to try and lead you, You will, of course have been brainwashed since birth to believe that you are nothing, know nothing, that you are a fool and must do as you are told, by anybody, it seems. this is not so, you were born unique, bringing with you gifts to share with your fellow man.

Once we all learn to be individual, our own true selves, then we can stand together, with no leaders, no one swearing and lying on your behalf, no one leading your country to war "for freedom" No stealing of money by banks, governments or others, I feel we are closer than we think to being truly free, people are recognising frauds more and more as they crawl out of the woodwork telling us they are going to speak for us, recognising the sob stories, realising that the egotists are sick, sad individuals as they twist and lie and spread gossip concerning their critics, never once recognising how they give themselves away at every turn.

2014 seems to have been a year of recognising and exposing false "Alternative Media" when I first exposed David Icke it seemed that it was only me! Now tho' there are hundreds of people concerned about the latest mis information muppets, many people standing up and speaking out when they can clearly see someone lying, or frightening people, to soften them up to donate, donate, donate, The attack from the misinformation muppets at the moment seems to be utter degeneracy as the latest egotists use the foulest of language and terms attacking anybody who dares to question their "work" or their constant scrounging of money.

You do not need a leader and you do not need anybody to speak for you, as a quick set of guidelines:

1) If anyone is asking you for money, they are not on your side, you work hard for your money and it is for you and your loved ones, if somebody wants money to share information with you they are wrong.

2) If anyone is trying to frighten you and bully you or others, misinformation muppets will make stupid, inaccurate statements full of half truths and lies, will try and make you feel frightened, for yourself or for others, children are often used to tug at heart strings, then the appeal for money.

3) If someone tells ridiculous lies and then attacks anyone who challenges these lies, attempting to dehumanise them by calling them names such as "Troll" this should be a clear warning, I have spent weeks calling out liars and they will not answer one question, choosing instead to lie and lie again, people are people, not "Trolls" and if people try and set themselves up as "alternative media" they should expect challenge from the Alternative Community.

The Puppies for Peace were released some time ago "All truth will be revealed" do not fear the future for there are many, many like minded people who will be ready to stand by you when the time comes, you have been brave and strong already, you must have been or you would not be here, There is much love in the world, in the universe and all for you. Learning about yourself will make finding love and truth much easier.

Know in your heart that you are Blessed, by a thousand Ancestors, by the Angels of Anarchy and by the Mothers Damnable, you know who else blesses you and who you bless, I am grateful for you in the world, I truly am. Your presence Blesses the World.

xxx Thank You xxxx