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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary ~ The lies Exposed

The truth emerges regarding Paula Jayne Campbell who was running milk up bank farm as an animal sanctuary called “Rainbow Ark” in February I was asked to write the story and help to publicise what seemed to be a possible land grab to erect a wind turbine. I was assured that Paula Jayne did not owe any mortgage arrears and that the mortgage company had acted unfairly towards Paula, who was simply trying to help the animals in her care.

I wrote the post in good faith believing what I had been told, this week however, evidence has been brought to my attention that shows that what I was told was not accurate, that  in fact, Paula Jayne seems to be a compulsive liar, a fantasist and a psychopath who never really cared for the animals she professed to love and help, but was using them as a shield and for sympathy to enable donations for her impossible dream, a dream that never had any substance, was never backed up by dedication and hard work only by a tissue of convenient lies, that varied as circumstances demanded.

What proof can that be? Ironically a document generated by Paula Jayne herself as she attempts to flim flam the High Court of Justice, Mr Andrew Sutcliffe QC, sitting as Judge of the high court  hands down his decision regarding the matter at hand but most interestingly records the history of the eviction of Paula Jayne from “Rainbow Ark” or Milk Up Bank Farm.

Paula Jayne executed a mortgage deed of £500,000 over the property in August of 2006 almost immediately Paula Jayne failed to pay her mortgage and the first warrant for possession was sought by the mortgage lender in March of 2007, Paula Jayne paid her mortgage arrears and the warrant for possession was cancelled, there followed no less than 16 warrants for possession, over the next seven years, sought and cancelled by the mortgage lenders as Paula Jayne managed to lie, prevaricate and beg funds from her local Carmelite convent , £22,809.33 (43) and a pensioner who donated his savings to save the Ark amongst others.

 However it seems doubtful that Paula Jayne should have been given a mortgage at all as she has no apparent income and had clearly failed in her mortgage commitments continually for at least eight years.

The judge finds that Paula Jayne “was not a convincing witness…” and “was not a witness on whose evidence I could rely. In parts her evidence was evasive and contradictory” (82) Indeed reading through Paula’s claims, that she was a widow, her husband an ex-serviceman, that she was going through a divorce. That she was earning £48,000 or £40,000 or perhaps £32,000 a year and indeed that she had paid her mortgage by standing order, payments denied having been made by the bank. Claims that she seems to have forgotten giving to the courts as her next account is so contradictory.

Evidence is given to the high court by solicitor Mr Chadwick. Described by the Judge that  “ He was a careful and impressive witness whose written and oral evidence I accept without reservation.” Who describes the conditions Paula Jayne Campbell and her family, allegedly including a vulnerable young child have allowed themselves to live in  “that there were numerous animals on the Property and there was animal excrement throughout the main dwelling house on the Property including on the work surfaces, such that in his opinion the house was uninhabitable. He said the smell was very strong and that there were numerous items scattered about the house in no semblance of order, the majority of which were thoroughly soiled.” (100)

The revolving door of Paula Jayne not paying her mortgage, being taken to court for possession of the farm, appealing against the judgement, delaying in any way possible, getting bailed out by various well-meaning people, not paying her mortgage again, might almost be amusing in a farcical way, were it not for the fact that several hundred completely innocent and vulnerable animals were being used by Paula as she carted her begging bowl around convents and old people’s homes.

If Paula could not afford to pay her mortgage, how was she able to pay food bills, pay for bedding, pay vets bills ? Paula Jayne kept no documents of the animals, their names were not even recorded, animals were not checked by a vet, their kennels or stables were as filthy as Paula’s own home with clean bedding being scattered occasionally over dirty bedding that was left on the floors. Animals were not even fed properly or with regularity, malnutrition and ill health, including fleas and worms and filth were these poor creatures lot in life once they fell into Paula Jayne’s evil clutches.

The RSPCA were involved as were many other animal shelters in rescuing the animals at the final eviction, hundreds of animals were taken to safety, many of them had to be put to sleep because of their condition, many were treated for long standing health conditions that Paula Jayne had cruelly neglected, helpers were shocked and upset by the condition of the animals and the conditions they were kept in. The RSPCA did not prosecute Paula Jayne, having limited funds they may well have considered that once the animals were safely away from the cruel and neglectful conditions Paula Jayne had kept them in that RSPCA funds would be better used in helping other animals than pursuing justice through the courts, an expensive and time consuming process.

Paula Jayne was finally evicted in January of this year, the animals rescued and that should have been an end to the matter, yet Paula Jayne contacted  people who are active in alternative media and lied about the circumstances regarding her eviction, she claimed her arrears were paid and that she had been illegally evicted, pictures were shown of happy Paula and apparently healthy animals and people were taken in,  including myself, indeed as Paula has scammed Carmelite nuns, county court judges and others we are just in a long line of people conned by the lies of Paula Jayne as she lies and again attempts to con money from people to enable her imaginary  lifestyle.

However this decision by the Judge clearly and succinctly lays the truth before us, Paula is a liar, she may well have had a fantasy about saving animals, or about owning a farm however she is inadequate for the task, too dirty and lazy to keep her own home or the homes of the animals she “sheltered”  in a clean and hygienic manner, lurching from crisis to crisis, lying and excusing herself at every turn, with no real compassion for the animals or indeed for her own family both of whom she was happy to see living in filthy stinking squalor.

Paula still claims to be fighting to get her “home” back, is still begging for money, still lying to alternative media. She has a debt estimated by the judge to be in excess of £730,000, no job, no skills and seems to believe that people should support her and send donations, many, many people have already been hurt and many have had money conned from them. Countless animals have suffered at least neglect and in several incidences what seems to be actual cruelty at the hands of Paula Jayne.

“Gunner” was just one of the little fella’s that didn’t make it.

Please do not send money or waste your energy on Paula, any layman can see how many of the traits of the psychopathic Paula’s story contains, she reinvented herself for every court case, had no empathy for her family or for the animals she professed to care for, in fact she uses both at every stage to hide behind and raise money for.


Paula Jayne has no reservation in taking large amounts of money, not only from Carmelite nuns, but also from pensioners whose own funds must be very limited. How much other money Paula Jayne has received in cash from anonymous donors we will never know. To donate now would be to just throw good money after bad.


After the eviction on 29 January a fund was immediately set up by Rachel Sharp for the animals, for medical treatment, donations to the sanctuaries they were rehomed at and various transport costs etc. Paula put considerable pressure, using her followers to abuse via the internet on Rachel to release funds to pay Paula’s mortgage arrears, as the money had been donated for the animals not for Paula, and considerable money was needed for this Rachel refused and used the money for the animals as documented by Rachel in her clear and concise statement of account.

The harassment that Rachel endured was extreme, she was even accused of stealing money by Paula’s supporters, though it is apparent that Rachel’s swift intervention and use of the fund saved many animals who may have otherwise have had to have been put to sleep.

The manner in which Rachel Sharp was treated by Paula Jayne Campbell is typical of  Paula's modus operandi of using people, attempting to fleece money from people then lying about them and throwing them under the bus.

Paula Jayne Campbell now completely denies knowing about the fund or indeed knowing Rachel, however from this article in the Northern Echo it is clear that Paula Jayne Campbell knew all about the fund and Rachel is described as a "Friend" of  Paula's.

"...The fundraising Save the Animals of Rainbow Ark campaign set up by MsCampbell's friend Rachel Sharp has so far collected £40,708.

Ms Campbell said " People have donatd to help the animals at the sanctuary and one hundred per cent of the money rised will go towards helping the animals"...."

Bobby didn't make it through either.....

K9, the security company were also the recipients of personal abuse from Paula Jayne Campbell's supporters, personal insults and again lies and intimidation were used as, again people tried to sort out the filthy mess Paula Jayne Campbell had left behind at Milk Up Bank farm.

The truth has emerged, Paula Jayne Campbell has exposed herself through her own vexatious, without merit submissions to the courts, the judges gave Paula Jayne Campbell enough rope and the results are clear.

Happily some of the animals rescued from “Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctury” have made it through and are now happy in loving homes, hopefully to recover from their traumas.