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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sanctumzone Purveyors of salacious gossip, lies and propaganda

I have played in internet forums over the years, exploring the possibilities and seeking like-minded people, I have generally found forums disappointing and unenlightening. The hierarchical manner in which most of them are run makes joining an established forum difficult as one wades through  the politics, agenda and dynamic of the group. Weak individuals become bolstered by support from the group and become empowered to vent their spleen on individuals they grow jealous of. Forums are easily infiltrated and people hide behind the anonymity of the internet to lie and spread propaganda that they may well be getting paid to write. Moderators on Forums are rarely balanced, caring people, rather people who, inadequate in real life, find it impossible to remain impartial, even creating problems where none exists to wield their perceived power and gain a vampiric thrill from the hurt caused. People have no editorial control over their own posts as they are deleted, edited and rewritten at the whim of the moderators.

Usually best avoided, in my opinion, however there are times when it is useful to mingle with a group, perhaps to discover how people are thinking, perhaps to give the group information, maybe looking for comfort from a group who claim to have experienced the same situation as oneself. When I left TPV I came under attack from David Icke, he published, on his website part of a private Skype message with Miranda Richardson who worked at TPV, in advertising. Miranda passed my messages on to David Icke who edited them and published saying I am Sharon Gifford “Who writes anonymously as Mother Damnable", once again proving what a chump Dicke really is !

To be attacked by David Icke, online is pretty daunting! As I am sure you can imagine so I sought the refuge of a group called  “Sanctumzone” where people claim to have been “carefully watching” the censorship, blocking and banning that occurs on the David Icke forums they also claim that people can speak freely so I joined in with the thread…….. only to be met by stupid questions from an anonymous individual called “Quality Street”, no quality there love, a chewed up penny toffee that no one wanted, recovering from a crush on David Icke, too stupid to read what is actually written, continually spouting mixed up rubbish because of this! I tried to make a joke of this rudeness by agreeing, yes, I would post the private skype message, if everyone else would post a random private skype message of my choosing…needless to say this merry quip went totally over the heads of “Sanctumzone".

Another anonymous individual with an avatar of a boss eyed ginger kitten spoke up claiming she had had suspicions about me all along, yeah right “Gilly “ginger minger WTF are YOU? Anyway I persisted and although I was upset by what I had learned at TPV, scared by the attack on me personally by David Icke, working very hard to try and make up the money I had lost by working at TPV I persisted with the group believing any information I had might be useful to them, I posted the entire private Skype message and the nasty messages Sonia Poulton commonly known as Scrarty Poontang sent to me on Facebook. Gilly Ginger Minger immediately spat why was I “slagging off” Poontang when I had claimed to be such a great friend of hers? This took me aback, I was not and never had been a friend of Sonia Poulton commonly known as Scrarty Poontang, why would anyone imagine I had written such a thing? As it transpired the apparently totally ignorant “Gilly ginger pussy” (for pussy read cunt, because that’s what this ignorant fool is, just another cunt!) had totally misread my blog

…and thought that the friend referred to that was being bullied was Scrarty poulton, anyway much unkindness ensued, I was trounced, shot down in flames and the disgusting profanities aimed at myself were beyond anything I could happily endure, as I said I was busy catching up with the life I had put on hold for TPV, I began to tread water, bills were paid, healing blessed me and I began  spring time gardening….the spiteful, stupid nonentities of “Sanctumzone” faded……..until this week when I was sent a link to a light weight,single subject, cut and paste blog by someone naming themselves “Silvarizla”.

The Allegeded “Timeline” is utter, propagandist rubbish, cut and paste links most of which go back to “Sanctumzone” I followed several and read anonymous posters making outrageous claims about people who worked at TPV, the post is long, boring and includes several videos so I thought I would quickly scan through it and, possibly comment regarding the most glaring inaccuracies another day, but then I came across this:

“PPN (asserts) that adl was working top an agenda, Gifford was just pure evil and trying to sabotage TPV, and Icke knew about ALL of the goings on at TPV”

Since I raised concerns with Silvarizla they have edited their blog post adding the words “claims” and “asserts”, however the partisan attitude towards “PPN” is evident throughout, both on the blog post and in “Sanctumzone” forums. Although anonymous on the forum “PPN” calls himself “Pol Pot Noodle” as I read the link which has not been changed at the time of writing, but as the moderators at Sanctumzone continually edit, censor and delete others posts do not be surprised if this post has been changed.

I became aware, as I read, that the author of the post was a nasty weasly man known to me as “John”   who had begged mucky mark windows to be on his team at TPV, I found John sexist and rude, his corned beef complexion spoke of years of inadequate hygiene and even from a desk’s width away I  could tell deodorant was an unknown commodity to him. John ran around like a headless chicken desperately trying to look important but failing in everything he did, it was this grotesque individual who claimed that David Icke thought that Chris Spivey was a “loose cannon”.  I was already aware thar John and Miranda Richardson were still working with mucky mark windows and had lied about me to Chris Spivey, I have in fact debunked the lies on Facebook, and here were different lies about me on Sanctumzone. I read through the rest of the thread, no one had challenged any of the easily debunked lies written by “Pol Pot Noodle”, Gilly Ginger Pussy had told PPN how to find my posts, I suppose so he could see that she had already been an ignorant ginger pussy towards me. Not only had no one challenged the outrageous lies or the malicious libels against myself but not one of the moderators had the grace to message me and let me know the things that were being said.

“The other disrupter that was brought into our midst to work with us (totally against our wishes) was the alcoholic, mentally unstable witchcraft practitioner known as Mother Damnable, or Sharon Gifford. Amato was apparently shagging her son, which is 'how they met' (really?) but let's have a look at Gifford: After deliberately trying to sabotage WOTW for a week - which I saw with my own eyes she was sat directly opposite me, we had drinks one Friday night in the office (I paid for them) for someone's birthday. The evening was brought to an end with Gifford threatening to destroy a painting of Icke and then to bottle a female member of staff - again two feet away from me. After all the melee of that I asked a volunteer runner to help me keep an eye on her as she was now refusing to leave the office. This lad was 6 foot 4 and from a rough estate near me - you would not want to cross him. Yet he told me that Gifford put the fear of god into him, such was the wild look in her eyes - and he was right. She was pure evil. She has since spent what seems like her every waking hour trying to take TPV down in her pathetic poorly spelled wino blog. All the best, Love.

Indeed That is what is and has been written, unchallenged and unnotified on a crap, backwater forum “Sanctumzone” SHAME ON YOU !

SHAME on you!

I am not the only person lied about in the post, hurtful comments are made about other private individuals with no care for private lives and no comments from the moderators regarding how private individual named in full in the post, who were not members , who would never even read the post should be treated on a public forum. SHAME AND SHAME again !

Having no choice now but to read the malicious lies written by Pol pot noodle I re-examined  the paragraph concerning myself…..

“The other disrupter brought into our midst…” There was no “midst” There was scrarty poulton’s team, thrown under the bus by her, and Mucky Mark Windows and his sidekick, you were begging for a place Jon/PPN/pol pot noodle remember? 

“alchoholic, mentally unstable witchcraft practitioner” Accusations not challenged by Sanctumzone, what proof has this muppet for any of his claims? What knowledge does the anonymous author have of me……no the above mentioned forum members kissed arse “thanked” and lapped up the salacious gossip from a source they had not questioned. More lies follow….”after deliberately trying to sabotage WOTW (mucky windows new show) for a week” another claim unchallenged by sanctumzone’s low life, ignorant moderators. In what way did I try and sabotage mucky mark windows show? Events from that week have been documented by me and by Chris Spivey 

Mucky mark Windows suppressed information, kept guests hanging on and dropped guests at the last minute, upsetting Chris Spivey and others. What did I do? But no, sanctumzone moderators allowed lies to pass again……..Pol pot noodle then claims that I tried to damage a painting and bottle a woman…..at this point I find it incomprehensible that Sanctumzone moderators have not challenged such a serious allegation, but no gilly ginger minger grovels in supplication along with  followers at sanctumzone, eating up the lies and salacious gossip paying no attention to the fact that dreadful, hurtful lies are being told about several real people, all totally unknown to anybody within sanctumzone forum, or how the real people mentioned might feel about being libelled, disrespected and mocked by sanctumzone forum members.

However as I read the fateful words “she is pure evil” I hear the cackle, the gasp, the rustling of perfumed silks, the profanity in a foriegn tongue, the awakening breath as the Damnables are given power, Mother Damnable at the World’s End finds her walking stick and calls her cat, in seatle Mary Ann Damnable gathers her skirts and walks onto her seaward balcony, Mother Damnable in her tatters turns from her wreck and listens to the words in the ether…..”she was pure evil” and laughs aloud at the potential given. My Lady Anne raises an eyebrow in interest, again delighted by the new prospects involved as she whispers the implication…….countless others are cheered by the powers originally turned away from, but now freely given. The occasional gasp or squeak of panic quickly soothed as the mothers reassured and comforted their more gentle Damnables.

“Ah well, someone was bound to say it!”

“Why are they never careful what they wish for?”

“We don’t Really have to explore pure evil now do we? I thought we weren’t going there?”

“That was then, this is now! We might as well, given the opportunity!”

Mothers Damnable have debated for several days now, at the implications, knowing that someone is a witchcraft practitioner and calling them “pure evil” is giving a person, a lineage, a heratige, a clan, of powerful, wild women such power and influence over you, not the attention that anyone would want, the clue is in the name ! Damnable hey!

I returned to Sanctumzone, and posted into the thread declaring my concerns, and as the sanctumzone forum was clearly still going round in circles , gatekeeping, watching Dicke’s forums, taking screenshots and gossiping endlessly about people, places and events that they do not know anything at all about! In the same post I claimed the real issue should be David Icke, the money he had stolen and why he had needed so much money, which is in my opinion because he is a child torturing, murderous charlatan, I am certainly not the only person to have made this suggestion regarding icke’s money hungry rampage for the past several years. He claims not to have a cocaine addiction, so what is his very expensive apparent necessity for lots and lots of money?

At Sanctumzone my post was pulled immediately, by ginger minger gilly, claiming that my comments were libel and that Sanctumzone would get into “trouble “ because of them, gilly ginger minge claimed to have some sympathy with me,

“Mother Damnable, I have some sympathy, and agree actually that the stuff about yourself regarding trying to bottle someone etc could well be unfair, untrue & libelous. As such, I'd personally have no qualms about deleting specific accusations of that nature, since you've now advised us they're untrue and 


However cretinous minger Gilly continues with the most stupid lies and accusations proving herself, once again incapable of reading simple statements without twisting them around in her vile imagination. Ginger minger does not and has not, to date, deleted the malicious libellous and blatantly untrue comments by pol pot noodle, the silly smug "facilitator" apparently does not realise what an ignorant fool she makes of herself time and again.

Another "facilitator" from Sanctumzone another annonymous chump, calling themselves "Batou" staps in and in short order calls me a "fat miserable shit" these arrogant jerks really don't care what they write do they?

I hear the roar from the Damnables as the blatant rubbishing of a Damnable by the moderators at "sanctumzone" filters through the ether. I write no more there. Why bother Sanctumzone and Silvarizla are clearly gatekeepers, filtering information, deleting and censoring at whim with the arrogant assertion that they rule their squalid little cess pit corner of the internet, I am blocked on sanctumzone now, this forum showing once again the block and deleted tactics that are used to misinform people, to distract and confuse people. Another fallout from the TPV disinformation vehicle, Sanctumzone members are busy trying to give mucky mark windows, scrarty poulton, and elisa hawke credence, carefully going round and round in circles censoring what may be said about Dicke...gatekeeping for their lords and masters.

Let's leave these fuckwits to the Damnables

What this collision with Sanctumzone has proved once again tho' is that any person, forum, group can be gatekeepers to the truth, imagining that they have some kind of power, can allow lies and propaganda to stand and call people unkind and untrue names when they are challenged, these actions by sanctumzone clearly make it highly suspect as is Silvarizla's incompetant cut and paste rubbish, they clearly got stoned and disapeared up their own sanctumzone!

To your own self be true, no-one needs forums like this, they are foul, unclean dens of liars, facilitators of malicious liars, festering in the filth their salacious gossip encourages. No-one needs charlatans like Dicke, mucky windows, scrarty poontang and hawke etc, etc. Everybody can research for themselves, read the real facts not as edited and censored by fools, everybody is on their own journey and the endless hijacking by state funded inadequates can clearly be seen for what it is, an attempt to muddy the waters, to give state funded pied pipers credence and to discredit private individuals who dare to speak out against their blatant propagandist lies.

Sanctumzone you shameful lying cowards please meet the mothers Damnable !