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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thor's Day

Thor, Lord Almighty, childhood playmate
Be with us now and help keep us straight
Fight with us against the evil men
Babylon’s here! It shames us again.
Women and children cry out in their pain
While Babylon strives, filthy lucre to gain
The serpent arises, its coils are tensing
Thor, my lord, its Armageddon I’m sensing.

We Bless and honour you on this your sacred day
Offer you a libation and a candle to light the way
As we stand here before you with our banners unfurled
We worry and fret for the evil unleashed in the world.
The witches of the hedgerow stand brave and true
Our ways you well know and our flowers dressed in blue
We garden and nuture, to grow is our favourite way
The wickedness we find can only fill us with dismay.

We speak of the child left weeping and alone
It hurts us my lord. Chills us to the bone
We hold and we cherish, light a candle to bless
Cuddle and care and share the peoples distress
We need you my Lord, we can fight alone no more
The strength and the power of the peoples hero Thor
With great hammer and belt, gauntlets and thunder
Lightening gladdens our hearts and fills us with wonder.

The peodophile, the nonce, the child molester
Theives of childhood, the innocents they pester
Throw thy great hammer, expose this evil plot
So we may see what’s what and what’s not
Protect these your children, peace of mind impart
Bless with kindness and help ease the broken heart
We can live with this evil and this shame no more
Please hear our prayer Mighty God Thor

Thor, Lord Almighty, childhood playmate
Be with us now and help keep us straight
Fight with us against the evil men
Babylon’s here! It shames us again.
Women and children cry out in their pain
While Babylon strives, filthy lucre to gain
The serpent arises, its coils are tensing
Thor, my lord, its Armageddon I’m sensing.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trolls, Shills and the Hollie Greig Fraud

The Hollie Greig Fraud has uncovered the rotten underbelly of grass roots movements, which can only ever be as good as our lowest common denominator. In the case of the HG Fraud that underbelly was very low indeed, as can be seen with the “HG Justice blog” which is nothing more than the sick ramblings of lowlife illiterates who seem to get a thrill from wallowing in any alleged report of paedophilia no matter how far-fetched and perverted fantasy filled. No proof is needed with these bullies they indiscriminately allege anybody they don’t like that day is a “paedo” or “paedo enabler”.

Anybody who has read the actual HG evidence will see there is no case here, the police have investigated HG’s alleged abuse twice, have investigated Anne Grieg’s numerous complaints. Robert Green has repeatedly committed the criminal offence of harassment by falsely accusing people, with no evidence. What a despicable thing for anyone to do, yet the “HG justice” do not care what they say or how they treat people, anybody who questions why Robert Green is really in prison gets added to their hit list and just gets rubbished. I have seen them do this with many people and they have tried with me.

A good way to make a case then, anybody who asks for evidence of the obviously perverted lies gets added to the list of  ”paedos”, so you either agree or are a nonce according to the “HG justice" fraudsters, living off the troubles of a vulnerable adult, making a living, making money, selling t shirts  for heaven’s sake ! Yet anyone who asks any questions is accused of trying to make off the HG story, trying “tae make a name for yersel” is what they told me……as if I want the HG fraud to sully my Damnable name!

The details of the fraudulent story  are upsetting so many people do not want to look into the tale and have trusted people who have set themselves up as “alternative media” to research into the tales and deliver the truth to us, their waiting public. I have been as disappointed as everyone else to learn that they did not do their research properly, they could not have done or they would have exposed the fraud themselves. However the Hollie Greig Fraud has turned into a gravy train as people are sent donations and obviously more donations are sent in when Robert Green is in prison.

People have been named by Hollie Greig as abusers that do not exist.

People have been named by Hollie Greig as having been abused with her who not abused and did not even know her at the time claimed.

HG’s mother Anne had a major psychotic episode, many of these lies seem to stem from a sick woman who should be supported to get well again, not have her delusions made into a money making scam for evil people.

Robert Green has “previous” for lying bullying and trying to make a name for himself before he met HG’s mother. He has no independent evidence to offer, is a common criminal trying to make a living from a fraudulent tale about a downs syndrome child whose mother has taught her to reel off a list of names by rote, some of whom do not exist, Hollie cannot describe the curtains, the bedclothes or any of the furniture in the rooms she was allegedly abused in, the person who allegedly owned the house where Hollie was abused does not exist…the house did not exist….

That there are so many discrepancies this whole story makes a laughing stock of any “alternative media” that have supported the lies as no one who has actually researched the HG fraud would be able to relate the fraud as truth, only if they too were on the gravy train making money from lies, we can all clearly see who these self-opinionated, self-appointed media are and, I believe we should, treat anything else these misinformation Muppets come up with as poorly researched fantasy that they are trying to make another quick buck from.

As I have said the “HG Justice” are awful, dreadful bullies, to simply ask a question brings on an attack of spiteful vitriol, thankfully mostly incomprehensible as they clearly have never wondered about writing either, clearly believing that snide cheap digs and calling anyone who challenges any of their perverted fantasies spiteful names will help their cause, no reasoned debate here, just hysteria that their cash cow may be taken from them. If the fraud is exposed world-wide their source of income might dry up, well so it bloody well should. To make money in this way is reprehensible.

The lessons to be learned here are clear, firstly realise that online bullying is actually illegal, people can indeed say what they want over the internet but if it is malicious bullying the police should always be informed, no one should ever say hurtful, spiteful things to you to try and evade the questions you are asking, this tells more about them, their motives and malice than about you. Try not to make it personal and remember, as in the case of the “HG justice” they are so obviously frightened that their only source of income will come to an end if they cannot keep the fraud going.

Be Brave, imagine how brave the innocent people accused by HG Justice have had to be, and realise the dreadful things said about them, innocent people with not one iota of proof, accused of the most dreadful crimes, again and again, by people who will not even look at the evidence, the police reports, the psychiatric reports, the endless complaints from Anne, the court reports concerning Robert Green are all online available to anyone to read, freely available. Anyone then still “believing” this fraud has either not done their proper research or is on the gravy train making money from a vulnerable young woman.

Thankfully there are only very few of these disgusting creatures, the “HG Justice” blog seems to consist of two idiots that constantly fall out with each other, they find the sleaziest, nastiest stories about child abuse possible, from however an unreliable source ad promote it, seems they themselves are the perverts, never any thoughts of solutions or how to combat this alleged satanic child abuse, just wallowing in the drama of other peoples lies, making money from this is foul, these Muppets are just purveyors of fear porn. Gerrish, Collins, Poulton et al have sensationalised the fabrications of an ill person and made careers from the HG story, calling themselves “journalists” yet they are just purveying “fear porn”.

Speak your truth, know your facts, never listen to spiteful unkindness from people who don’t even know you and who clearly have a vested interest. Once again we have been led astray by Pied Pipers who obviously want yer money, want to frighten you, these people who have not done any research just repeat and repeat lies hoping they may be accepted as truth. No one who just wants the truth of a matter to come out should ever attack people who question them, there should always be room for debate, but not with the nasty bullies that are the “HG justice” blog, purveyors of lies and fear porn.

There are real and legitimate concerns about child abuse, about “Satanism” revelations are emerging of what has been going on, we hear stories from time to time, usually discredited shortly afterwards, however if what is claimed is going on there will be  proof, there will be evidence. There will be survivors. In the meanwhile we can’t just take the delusional accusations of an unwell and unstable woman as true and start hurling accusations about, which is all that has happened here, once the perverted fantasies of Robert Green were in the mix, cheap cashing in by third rate X main stream media hacks and the money started coming in from kind gentle souls who never thought they were being taken for a ride. Why do we as an alternative community always give third rate media hacks credence, why do we fall for their lies time after time? They sold their souls long ago, have failed in the mainstream media and are now inflicted on the alternative community where we allow their poison to grow.

It really isn’t hard in this day and age to do our own research, to be true and sovereign to ourselves and make these leeches and parasites redundant…….there is no need to learn the “truth” from liars any more there really isn’t.

Here is the link to the revolting “Hollie Greig Justice” blog which features Alex Salmund prominently possible pointing to a real agenda of destabilising the Scottish establishment and government before the independence vote. They will simply make spiteful posts about what they think they know about me instead of answering any question, however I will ask yet again.

Why is Robert Green really in prison?

What evidence do you have of all the dreadful accusations you make?

 How much money have you made from the Hollie Greig Fraud?

Here also is the link to the site of the “Hollie Greig Hoax” site written by innocent people accused wrongly of “satanic” child abuse. The site Includes evidence that the abuse could not have happened as alleged by Anne Greig, Robert Green at al, names and timelines are wrong, people accused who do not exist, people added to the list as they challenged Anne’s delusions and paranoia

It really is time people looked into this properly as I see it people have been abused here and it is not who the perverted fantasists “Hollie Greig Justice” claim, it is they who have and are abusing people, left right and centre hiding all the time behind the lies and false allegations made by a sick, unhappy woman supported by a dirty old man who is getting cheap thrills from promoting salacious rubbish throughout the alternative media, and yeah making a pretty penny from it as well!

Make up your own mind, for me, I am not going to allow this blatant fraud to continue unchallenged.


Too boringly stupidly obvious but hey ! Sonia Poulton, still not answering my questions regarding

The Hollie Greig Fraud

Sonia Poulton's bullying of Tom Pride both as herself and pretending to be other people via tweeter after he asked her about her boasts of being able to phone hack and gaining private phone numbers via "techies".

etc etc etc................

Sonia Poulton, showing her usual modus operandi by pretending to be Lee Ryan rather than answer any of the legitimate questions asked of her has now crossed over any line of civility by calling me a "paedo"

"Sharon you appear to bat for the side of paedo's. So you have chosen your turf now be away with you - you disgust me"

in comments here :


My reply:

ha ha Scrat pretending to be chump:

Is that what you learned in your grotty little career as a groupie and a reject from the Daily Mail ?

Lie about people and call them nasty names and they will go away and stop asking you questions, well that is not how it is in the real world.

You are trying to set yourself up as a "Journalist" you claim to be telling the "truth" but you have lied repeatedly.

What about the Hollie Greig Fraud? How can you explain you "support" of the pervert criminal Robert Green ? Why did you bully Jon from the Holly Greig hoax team, both as yourself and pretending to be other people?


What about Tom Pride? How do you explain your bullying of him on tweeter both as yourself and by pretending to be other people?



What about the phone hacking? How was it you came to get peoples personal numbers? Do you really think it's right to phone up strangers and scream at them as you boast to have done?

You claim to be a journalist, claim to have something to say and even have the cheek to ask people for money to enable your lies and bullying, well hey, that makes you answerable answerable to all of us,

Your waiting Public

Update: 24/5/2014

Well the inevitable has happened the "Hollie Greig Justice" Blog are asking for funds  they claim for Robert Green. I keep asking them question but get no reply just blogs trying to rubbish me. Needless to say please don't send money.

The Hollie Greig Fraud is just that Fraud, what is claimed to have happened could not have happened.

People accused who do not exist.

Children claimed to have been abused who were not.

Scotland's establishment named, largely through mistaken identity

The police have investigated.

Robert Green was in prison largely for the lies he told on the "Sonia Poulton Live" show on TPV.

Robert Green was unemployed when he met Anne Greig, and has not worked since.

Hollie Greig Fraudsters beg for money !