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Monday, April 28, 2014

Latest From Milk Up Bank Farm...

Latest revelations from Milk Up Bank Farm...intimidation, illegal acrions....the film maker reports:

"I got sent information on this shocking story about a woman who has been attacked over and over, in what would seem like an attempt  to get her off the land she owned, even to the point of where they threatened her with arrest or even being held under the mental act. So I had to investigate to find out what was really going on.

This video is just some of the evidence that has been put together exposing the attacks Paula Campbell 47 of Milkup farm has gone through so far to date, and also the fact that wind turbines are set to be put in very close to her land.



Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sonia Poulton ~ Refuses to give Right of Reply to Hollie Greig Hoax Team, Journalist or Media Hack ?

When I was roped in to “volunteer” at The People’s Voice” TV station, my role was to “Support” Sonia Poulton who was unstable and had been having tantrums while her show was live on air, letting rip at producers and threatening to walk out, I was a witness to Sonia’s behaviour and was shocked that a supposedly enlightened person could be so foul mouthed or so nasty with her tirades, however, at that time, I was still believing in TPV so I supported Sonia, hoping that she would calm down and begin to work properly with her team.

As we know that did not happen, Sonia threw another tantrum at the TPV Telethon when she was asked to “Step up her game” again threatening to walk out and causing upset to the crew and team who were trying to work with her. Sonia was in trouble for her behaviour at TPV, and it was only then that she started demanding to know where the money went, Sonia behaved badly and was not prepared to face the music for her bad behaviour at TPV, she has since lied about her tantrums there, and her reasons for leaving. I suppose it is no surprise that a second rate media hack would throw tantrums and then lie about them.

However Poulton claims to be a “journalist” who asks the “hard hitting” questions that other media hacks are scared to ask….well this is yet another lie, Sonia Poulton will not examine facts or research anything. Once her mind is made up there is no debate or discussion, when Sonia had her show on TPV she interviewed Robert Green regarding the Hollie Grieg case and allowed him to say appalling things concerning 22 people who, allegedly, sexually assaulted Hollie Grieg from the age of six, the story is full of discrepancies and needless to say no one should ever be named as a paedophile without very definite evidence.

The “Hollie Grieg hoax” team contacted Sonia to ask for their right of reply, as they wanted to answer the very serious accusations made. Sonia not only refused to listen to them, she was rude and insulting, attempting to claim that they were bullying her ! The whole correspondence has been published on the internet, and Sonia’s curt rejection of anything other than what she wants to report is stunning, one can only imagine how upsetting it was to have another door slammed shut for the Hollie Grieg Hoax team, and that door the door of Sonia Poulton, with all her claims to ask the “hard hitting “questions that others won’t ask……

Sonia Poulton will not even do the research necessary to know what questions to ask in the first place and her assertions that she is “.. Happy to be considered a supporter of Robert Green.” Makes it very unlikely that any unbiased reporting of the Hollie Greig story as it unfolds will come from Sonia, as Sonia is currently presenting herself as an independent alternative journalist presenting “the truth” that other journalists will not touch means, once again, I have no choice but to speak up.

Sonia Poulton is at best, it appears an egoist with fixed ideas, riding on the coattails of TPV to try and create a career for herself, and at worst, controlled opposition, Poulton comes to us, allegedly, through the music media, we really do have to look critically at people and decide for ourselves, but a media hack is just that, a person who sold out to the media for filthy lucre, and we would do well to bear that in mind..always.

Sonia is not paying her bills and has clearly upset somebody enough for them to take down her site last week and replace it with this for several days last week:

Sonia has now launched her new “platform” which seems to consist of Sonia squawking at various MPs to their irritation and out consternation as neither her questions nor any replies are intelligible. Nothing much there apart from the inevitable “DONATE” button. Well lots of room then for a reply to a hard hitting question Sonia, why was it that you did not allow the Hollie Grieg Hoax team a right of reply after the Robert Green interview, resulting in your programme being reported to OFCOM ? Why have you not researched properly the Hollie Grieg story ? Do you not think it is important that people are given information impartially so they can make up their own minds? ..Or, must the world be according to Sonia Poulton?

Possibly doing great harm to the alternative media, Sonia seems to be emerging as “rent a gob”, jumping onto any cause and sensationalising herself as a “feisty lady” is this a platform that activists can work with? I doubt it, my worry is that Sonia will tie up good people and divert their energy, as indeed, I have already seen her do on several occasions. Certainly to my mind Sonia Poulton is not at this point a credible journalist, of any description, and will not be until she properly addresses the Hollie Grieg situation, as it stands at the moment, reporting as Sonia has only one side of the story, which is, as I said full of holes and does not stand up to any proper research.

latest news ..Sonia Poulton exposes herself as super troll in comments here :


Sonia Poulton commonly known as Scrarty Poontang lying about me to tht "Hollie Greig Justice" Blog, and attempting to get them to bully me.....can scrarty not write a single paragraph ever without using the word "smear" ...eeeew !