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Friday, February 07, 2014

~ The Art of Finding ~

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

~ Mother Damnable Speaks ~

My First Radio Show : 

As Sharon Gifford with Tony Z and Miles Johnston

22.22,  40.50, 1.03.13, 1.16.50, 1.23.23, 1.30.30, 1.35.02, 1.43.50, 

~ "The People's Voice" Logo ~

We have seen time and time again how the ruling psychopaths use systems and symbols, to deflect us from the truth, to control us and in the latest pathetic effort,  we see in the revelations that continue to spill out from the Narcissistic Muppet show known as “The People’s Voice” Again and again important news stories being suppressed, and lies and misinformation told as truth and real information.

Let’s look at the symbols, the logo of the “People’s Voice” an open mouth with a card bearing the letters TPV, an open mouth being blocked ! Something kept telling me again and again to look up the letters regarding their numerology values of the letters, oh dear me ! The letters in the logo are 13.
Even when not using a numerology chart the letters TPV in their position in the alphabet are

T = 20, P = 16,V = 22)

(2 + 1+ 6 + 2 + 2 = 13)

13 is the number of the coven, the number of letters in New World Order, a number that is traditionally associated with the occult we can see that these Muppet's dabble in the occult, David Icke himself claims that. As we have already seen no real magic was ever given to these fools, and the only way they can conjure any energy is through rituals, by using drugs and by using the energies of young children.

The REAL Voice of the People is getting louder, people are remembering they have a voice and are learning how to use it, we are learning that it is up to each individual to speak and not give their voice away to people who also want their money, lots and lots of money in the case of David Icke. The main stream media does not speak for the people neither does alternative media. People speak for people our voices do have power and it is up to us, individually, to use our own voices and our own powers.

“The People’s Voice” while suppressing real and important news, claims to give people a voice, which is clearly not true. The voice that is coming through is shambolic, misinformed and unprofessional. Sexism and narcissism is the order of the day, and David Icke himself publishes fragments of private skype messages to try and rubbish people rather than address legitimate concerns raised time and time again by people who are entirely unconnected to each other.

The message in the Logo is obvious. A mouth blocked by the number 13, which is a highly symbolic number to the “illuminate” and is used in many company logos to give a message to the initiated. As the Logo for any media outlet a blocked mouth should ring alarm bells, to have the number 13 emblazoned across that card would seem to be a literal calling card for everything that “The People’s Voice” Claims to be against.

David Icke’s Vanity project, raises more and more questions, the logo can now be added to this list, it is important to be clear about these things, we know the modus operandi of the usual suspects is to “hide in plain sight” Well here they are again, blatantly letting you know who is really running the show at “The People’s Voice” and what their intentions are.

TPV have still not answered claims that important news stories are being suppressed, or claims that in excess of £100,00 of money donated has disappeared, preferring to post private skype messages on their web site, and not answering any of the serious claims laid at their door regarding plagiarism, sexism and unprofessional practices, and, of course all the donated money unaccounted for.