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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Danielle George and Chris Spivey ~ Debunked ~ Again

Link to you tube, caution: vile

I will give Danielle George's self indulgent video airtime on my blog as she mentions me and I will get no right of reply from her, as she is still pretending not to have read my blog and still pretends that she has not read the excellent, very well researched and written post by Deborah  Williams who is the person desperate Danielle again, in this video gloats that she got the sack from her job.

An act that I find totally reprehensible, however With no shame Danielle boasts about being spiteful to people as if that was normal and acceptable. Here is the link to the excellent article pointing out, with proof in Danielle George's own words that desperate Dan has no morals or principles whatsoever.
In her video Danielle George makes stupid claims concerning myself, apparently lying about people who criticise her false claims to be a "truther" a "decent person" and a "hippy terrorist" and who question her begging for money, has concerns as to how Danielle constantly puts her own children in harms way by criticising the schools she sends her children to, and makes stupid, self indulgent videos to publicise her actions is normal in the world of Danielle George.

Danielle George, do you not feel that keeping your children prisoner in the school system whilst abusing it may be detrimental to their well being?

Danielle also claims that I have multiple accounts on facebook  (I think that is what she was droning on about, I may have been distracted by her badly drawn eyebrows,) and that she was "working" on exposing my accounts, good luck with that Danielle, please though be prepared to provide evidence, I am sure you will understand, as you have been exposed as a liar just your word won't be enough for anybody.

I must admit I only watched this crap once, and was distracted by the eyebrows, the scratching and Dan's lower teeth, which at one point seem particularily revolting. But it does seem to me that I am being threatened, personally, by name at several points in the above vid, hmmmm, blogged for now. I will watch it again when I can bear to. 

Again the assertion that madam dan is "sticking her neck on the line" really Danielle? What is it that you do, apart from scratch, swear and denigrate anyone that tries to question you, your motives or your actions, yet you are trying to set yourself up as a "truther" a "hippie terrorist"  and a "decent human being" none of which seem to apply, particularily in light of your actions this week. How have you "stuck your neck on the line" surely the person you got sacked from their job this week has their neck much more on the line now thanks to you ?

I do realise that your attention span is very short Danielle, and you don't seem to be able to take the point of the previous article I wrote

or the article written by Deborah Williams here :


So I will list some simple questions for you.

Do you think publicising and criticisng your childrens schools on you tube and on facebook is good for their well being and educational needs?

Why have you begged for money for both Chris Spivey and Richie Allen?

How are you "putting your neck on the line"? All you are doing is saying what thousands and thousands of other people are saying.

Please provide proof that I know any of the other people that you accuse me of doing, I am not quite sure what with, telling lies and making up fairy stories are what you have already been accused of doing, so you make up more?

Please, Donkey face Danielle Geirge orovide proof of your lies that I was "behind" the face book page that was screen shotting your threats to kill people, that you had already blocked from your facebook page.

Please provide proof that I have any association whatsoever with the Kent Freedom Movement.

I am not sure from your droning which page you claim I have "taken down" I have not removed any pages from the internet and no your little trolls did not bother me. 

Do you really think it is the action of a "decent human being" to get somebody the sack from their job because they wrote an article criticising you, which you claim in your vid not to have even read?

How do you justify the lies and gossip you tell about people, considering your claims to be a "truther" a "decent person " and a "hippy terrorist"

How does your position as a "truther" correspond with your diagnoses as an Agrophobic and the amount and type of big pharma drugs you take?

Can you really not see that your repugnant behaviour this week has destroyed any little credibility you may have had ?

Both Chris Spivey and Danielle George have exposed themselves this week as spiteful, lying bullies with no morals or principles. Yet they both declare themselves to be all sorts of things, self praise is no praise at all, yet they tell us how hard they work, how their "necks are on the line" as they praise themselves up to the skies. I have seen absolutely nothing credible from Danielle George.

I also note that Danielle George has had her facebook page removed and now has returned as Danielle la Verite, where she claims:

"Danielle La Verite

Public Figure


Danielle La Verite, is a mother, writer, broadcaster; voice for those opposed to the criminal elite  paedophile promoting groups within society"

Oh dear me !

No ! Danielle, you are only a voice for yourself, you cannot claim to speak for anyone other than yourself, you certainly do not speak for me or for anyone  I know, you have only been making silly videos for three months.

You have been discredited as a liar and a spiteful bully, I am not quite sure why you are not facing harrassment charges for phoning and emailing someone's employer to try and get them the sack.

Please stop assuming that you can lie for anyone other than yourself

The Muppet Show

Chris Spivey has spent a year lunching out on donations supposedly researching an "article" that has no evidence, is mainly "research" from mainstream news including photos where Spivey makes foolish claims including that the ears do or do not match. Chris Spivey's repugnant attitude has resulted in his arrest for harassment of the Rigby family, an arrest that Spivey is trying to maximise relentlessly pointing at the "donate" button. That the "article" is badly written, self indulgent and boring is a given don't cha know ?

Chris had a row with me on facebook then ran away when he could see that he couldn't bully me, he has also blocked me from his blog, so I will not be able to see what he writes, which is a blessing, however I have explained my concerns regarding "kwish the kweep". Any questions please ask.




Chris Spivey has a "guest writer" on his blog named "Fuck the State" who comments in the heavily censored comments section,this comments section is a joke, kiss Christopher D Spivey's ares or get booted! No adverse comments in creepy Christpher Spiveys world:

Sharon Gifford is the thickest one of the lot, and has her own blog where she tries to portray herself as some nice and carefree individual who is also at peace with herself. She was actually the one foolish enough to spew out accusations of incest, paeodphilia and sexual harassment under her own name on their page. She was so eager to call that she just could not see that by doing so she totally undermined any other presentations of herself, be they offered in the past, present or future.
Needless to say I have not accused anyone of incest, paedophilia or sexual harassment, perhaps this annony mouse person could provide proof of their claims, and perhaps, proof of identity. That Spivey blocks me then invites others to write about me smacks of rank cowardice to me. What I have said regarding both Spivey and Desperate Dan is here, in public, under my own name. Again Annony mouse comments:

I would also just like to say that the levels of contradiction from these people, know no limits. Recently, all of them have attempted to discredit Chris, by way of mocking his work on Woolwich. Gifford was a most vocal protagonist and loved to feel good about herself by way of supporting the “Rigby” clan. She directed many criticisms at this site and those who use it, as well as several other sources of information.

I have mocked Chris Spivey's "work" on Woolwich because it is a joke. Please provide proof where I have "supported the Rigby clan" ?

This pathetic post annony mousely written, with no verification or proof, just Oooh all these people are speaking out against Chris "The Cweep" Spivey, for writing badly researched crap, behaving in an odious way to all and sundry and lunching out on donations that he begs from people, but Qwish Spivey just attacks, attacks, attacks at no point are peoples legitimate concerns addressed. Yet this man has sat back and begged for money for a year claiming he is writing a "very important article on the Woolwich affair" what has emerged on Qwish Spivey's blog is a construct of media pieces and gossip. Humiliating for Qwish, who doesn't seem to understand half of the claims he makes for himself.

The annony mouse fool who writes the guest post, giving himself a pathetic pen name, claims in comments that his lord and master Chris Spivey does not attack women on facebook, really annony mouse? Really coward? Really LIAR, and unlike, Qwish Spivey's ludicrous claims there is proof......

"You will need a years fucking holiday, by the time I have finished with you! I may even really mug you off by posting the needy messages that you have sent me... But for now, we will carry on tearing your bullshit apart."

Isn't that a threat?

"I take it you have no objections to me attacking you as a person... Course you don't after all, that it what all of your shite is based on..."

Or that?

"I might up my game a bit more and really expose you for the lying no good fat slut you really are... And of which I have the proof... "

Of course all hot air, no proof of anything, just more lies and gossip from Christopher Spivey, half baked bully!

More evidence of Chris Spivey's pathetic bullying here: Proof that Chris Spivey and the annony mouse chump "guest writer" are liars ands bullies, gossip is not journalism, and making up lies about all and sundrey has just made you laughing stocks!


I would like to ask Chris "the Qweep" Spivey why he has blocked me from his blog, then published lies about me from annony mouse sources?

.......and breathe.......

Remember, there is simply the truth, what is, truth does not cost money, truth does not attack, truth reveals itself, truth is not vengeful, all truth will be revealed, believe when it is apparent. Truth is escaping......

I know that this has upset people and I am sorry if I have upset anybody, I have had to rock the boat, as have others, the level of of abuse from Spivey and Danielle is apparent, not only towards myself but to many others as well.

Danielle George, Chris Spivey, Brian Gerrish, Richie Allen, David Icke, Lou Collins, Scrarty Poulton etc, etc are simply aping main stream media, want to be rich and famous, somehow, anyhow. That they believe they are already somehow "stars" is apparent in what they say and write and their attitude towards critism.

I have had help and support looking into this and like minded people have and are speaking out which is comforting in light of Danielle George's spiteful unprincipalled behaviour. Thank you. 



Anonymous Anonymous said...

More good work from mother damnable. Unfortunately, people like Spivey and this Danielle will never see reality, there self delusion runs so deep within their fractured egos....and just to help them, yes I am mi5/6 CIA, psyops, a reptilian, the TPTB or whatever illusory enemy they want to label those who find their thick ramblings pointless and pathetic.

Keep up the good work mother damnable.

Sunday, 21 December, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sharon do you do any proofreading before you post this incoherent drivel? Spell check even? We all you know you've got plenty of time on your hands. Why are you so focused on Dani's physical appearance? Do you own a mirror? Do your eyes work? You're one of the most putrid looking, haggard, old scrags I've ever seen. I know that's a bit harsh but looking like you do and then giving someone else a hard time is pretty ridiculous, just so you know. I only bothered to write to you as you keep begging Ms La Verite to read your blog and I just felt really sorry for you. So here's a bone for you, mutt. It's not from the one whose attention you crave but beggars can't be choosers. And my god aren't you a sad, desperate, lonely little beggar. Are your children embarrassed of you, granny keyboard warrior? I don't even know you and I'm embarrassed for you. Just stop. Please. Hasta luego pero! xo

Saturday, 27 December, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Saturday, 27 December, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Thanks for your comment Ian, please dont be sad, you see danielle george and chris spivey never were "truthers" but were only ever liars, gatekeepers and pied pipers....

Sometimes the truth hurts, but better the truth escapes than is held captive by degenerates and liars.

I see no divide and conquer here, as i said spivey and danielle are liars and egotists, scrounging money for rubbish !

Thursday, 01 January, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Spivey is a very dangerous man who is full of outrageous lies and hate. He is going to get reputable investigators scrutinised and legislated against with his actions, and this is what he wants.

According to his "latest research" the Glasgow finish truck deaths didn't happen and they are all fake. He KNOWS this because one victim was 18, at university and had once had a job. That is his evidence she is fake. It would be hilarious except for the fact that woman is real and has a grieving family and friends. She is not a joke to her mother or father.

Chris Spivey is not an alternative investigator, he is a vile liar and fantasist. Mother damnable is doing a good job exposing his dangerous insanity.

Thursday, 01 January, 2015  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

ThanK you, I agree Spivey is dangerous, the claims he makes for himself are outlandish and foolish.

I am given to understand he has made all kinds of threats towards people and he continues to write dreadful posts.

Like you I am very concerned for the real people lied about by Spivey, who still claims to be writing "a very important article " as he begs for money and abuses all and sundry.

Danielle la Verite did not make the vid she threatened to for new gears eve, hopefully she will have realised her liars game is up, maybe not tho'' liars are so stupid !

Friday, 02 January, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Danielle George - never seen (or heard of her before) thankfully.

I managed to watch a couple of minutes of one of her videos and all I can say is that it was disgusting.

No wonder she has disabled comments on her channel.

She seems to me to be nothing more than a typically venomous little person trying to make a name for herself.

I don't think there is agoraphobia going on there - more like paranoia, and no wonder if her videos are a reflection of how she conducts herself.

This woman has children? Does she not think that one say they may see her antics? Disgraceful.

She and her kind are not at all helpful and should be consigned to their rightful place - a little corner somewhere where they can argue among themselves and stay out of the way of the rest of us who are really trying to make a difference.

Best thing - ignore them and their stupidity.

Thursday, 15 January, 2015  
Anonymous TG8 said...

Chris Spivey said the Glasgow bin lorry crash was a "false flag" and that there were "no bodies" and "nobody killed". I actually KNEW two members of one family killed that awful day before Christmas. A girl and her grandmother. The mother lived because she had went to the Cashpoint across the road. She lost her daughter and mother that day. The family were devastated. Glasgow had also suffered the Clutha Bar helicopter crash and then this.
Chris Spivey doesn't know hurtful he's being to people. As if a local Council bin lorry crash would be a false flag anyway..it's almost laughable if it it wasn't so tragic.

Thursday, 04 June, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of CS but at least he does supply some real evidence unlike the ad hominems replies I have seen so far and a total belief in what they see in TV news as actual facts without question. This is not evidence but beliefs.

Tuesday, 04 August, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of CS but at least he does supply some real evidence unlike the ad hominems replies I have seen so far and a total belief in what they see in TV news as actual facts without question. This is not evidence but beliefs.

Tuesday, 04 August, 2015  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

what "real evidence did spivey supply of his claims?

newspaper photographs ! Yeah look at the ears, the ears always give them away don't cha know?

If spivey had evidence of his claims he wouldn't be convicted of harassment would he?

If he had any evidence he wouldn't have needed to bully and harass people would he?

Wednesday, 05 August, 2015  

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