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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chris Spivey ~ The Muppet Show ~ Featuring Danielle George

I didn't say much at the time because of the confusion and upset from being bullied and lied about by David Icke, I was hoping to recover quietly, I am a private person and although I keep a Blog I do not rant on and on about the current situations in the world, I have written what I feel, and have felt for many years, it's all here for anyone to read. I do not claim to be anything other than a private person and I certainly do not have a donate button.

As Chris Spivey is performing at the moment making stupid "reports" claiming he is the "leading dissident" in the country at the moment and "hard hitters" in the alternative media are out to get him ! Regular tantrum in his own underwear. I am being asked what about Spivey and his behaviour at the moment so it seems appropriate to comment.

Yes I did think Chris Spivey was making some sense at one point, which is why I recommended him to be interviewed by Mucky Mark Windows on his show for TPV, and continued to promote Chris to mucky mark even after Chris was described as a "loose cannon" by someone claiming to speak for David Icke. Which is how Chris Spivey nearly came to be on the mucky mark windows show.

What followed is well enough documented by Chris himself, who does not "out" mucky mark windows but publishes my full, real name  on his blog, how Chris treated me as his ego took over is  apparent in his post, I told Chris that I had no say - yet rather than get in touch with the producer Richard Rowland or Mark Windows himself, Chris Spivey rounded on me, despite my abject apology.


I had read Chris Spivey's blog previously and as he seemed to be coming up with names amd details concerning the apparent highly organised paedophilia that inflicts society currently I thought he was useful and I thought he was well reseached and honestly trying to help truth escape.

However Chris Spivey has taken a year to write a verbose, rambling boring article concerning the apparent attack on soldier Lee Rigby that seems to concentrate largely on the shape of people's ears ! Yes, indeed the whole affair seems highly suspect but do we learn anything from Chris Spivey's "research" ? Except that his blog costs £300 a month to run, he has spent a year writing the article and here is the "donate" button.

The article has caused derision, as badly researched and self indulgent as it is, no real evidence just everybody is dodgy and their ears! Got to watch those ears. It is with disappointment that I have watched Chris Spivey's ego take over once again as he attacks person after person who dares to disagree with him or who disputes that he is the messiah, just sayin' don't cha know ?

Chris' audience are currently reading the apparent row between chris, his local Social Services and the police, a worrying time indeed, However as Chris is obviously holding his own with strong support, and has claimed, now, not to be worried  concerning the social services I am not going to hold back from publishing any longer.

More and more distraction as people are dragged in, argued with, spat out and become grist to the mill for egos united (the current self proclaimed "Alternative media" that are a shambolic, egotistical, fear mongering bunch indeed !) We are all media now, all have a voice, if we choose to use it, These people bring nothing new to the table, except their own dramas and egos, no evidence, no debate, no critical thinking just emotive language to muddy the water.

The first thing that Chris Spivey did to promote his story concerning Lee Rigby was to go on Mucky Mark Windows show ! I was astonished when I saw this as mucky Mark had rubbished Chris and booted him from his show previously, as documented by Chris, perhaps then Chris Spivey is all hot air, who would rather have a tantrum at a woman than a man? Hey ho ! Mark Windows has no credibility, is a sexist no hoper but shame for Chris really.

I am told by Miranda Richardson that the story Mucky Mark Windows now tells is that I contacted Chris Spivey "off my own back" and no one knew Chris was to be interviewed thay day - as if ! - however again Chris Spivey himself proves this is a lie, as he was "handed over" to Richard Rowlands and was put on stand by as documented by Spivey:


Chris Spivey next appeared on UK Column promotimg his story, oh dear me ! Zero charisma Gerrish, tugging at heart strings as he drones endlessly and points inevitibly to the donate button, perhaps tho Chris is just very ignorant as to what actually is going on in the "Alternative media" and what will actually promote his story and what will destroy his credibility? He doesn't seem to get out much, after all does he?

Then yesterday in Chris Spivey's latest rant he mentions that Richard Rowland is going to take pictures of him doing something, the very same Richard Rowlands that was so very rude to him, as documented by Chris himself, the phase "Thick as thieves" comes to mind, Chris Spivey again cosying up with very dubious company.

** Looking again at Chris Spivey's long winded, egotistical begging board it seems he is firmly entrenched with Richard Rowland who was the "producer " at TPV who booted him from the Mucky Mark Windows Show, and who Likkle Qwisthy Spivey was so upset with in his "Muppet Show" post. Richard even filmed the terrible, boring, long winded talk that Spivey has most recently inflicted upon people.  Richard Rowland got to know Chris from pms on Facebook, which is exactly how Richard got the job on the Sonia Poulton (commonly known as Scrarty Poontang) show, I wonder if Richard has told Qwith Spivey that he worked on the big breakfast ?  I wonder has Qwithy believed him?**

Interesting that Chris Spivey has Richard Rowlands name wrong in his blog,  Calling him Richard Drowlands. Perhaps an indicaction of the quality of Chris Spivey's other "research"


Chris Spivey attempted to bully me when I sent him this blog post, not answering any of my allegations that he is a boring, long winded, fat, egotistical, liar, wih no "evidence" that the Lee Rigby story is a "false flag", Just saying that people's ears are a different shape in a photo isn't evidence of anything don't cha know?

However as I very easily got the better of Qwish Spivey, he wet his knickers and blocked me from his Facebook, so much for his rough tough talk, Qwish even dragged in his daughter to try and intimidate me, however semi literate muppets just aren't scarey, they are stupid and run away when their lies are challenged as can be seen here:

Sorry for you Stacey! Danielle George is a big mouth coward, a junked up druggy with no bottle, donkey face Danielle can't even sort herself out, which is why she rattles when she walks, from all the big pharma drugs she is addicted to.


Chris Spivey seems very interested in my physique during the Facebook altercation, before Qwish wet herself and blocked me she made up lies about my size, shape, figure etc, even demanding a picture, weird enough, naturally Chris Spivey offers no evidence for his mad claims re the Rigby family, he obviously has none, hence his pathetic atempts to bully me !

Here tho' is a lie, documented by Chrissy Wussy, who claims I asked him to inculde my full real name 18 times on his crap blog post, Liar, liar pants on fire, admit it kwish, you were just too scared to mention anybody else's name, weren't you?

As if anyone can tell this fat, creepy egotistical scrounger anything ! That is clearly part of the problem, Cwish wuss Spivey does not listen. However as easily as Chris Spivey blatantly lies here it is obvious that truth is not impotant to him, certainly not as important as his inflated ego. or the money he scrounges with his lies. I did not "tell you to include me " did I? You pathetic, lying coward!

To debunk the other lies Chris Spivey flings at me, no the police were not called when I was at TPV, I was not escorted out of the building by the police, who were not called. The perverted comments Chris the wanker Spivey makes concerning my sex life tell more about his sick mind, are untrue and as Chris wanker Spivey has never met me are blatantly figments of his own twisted imagination, as is much of his "research".

Full transcript of Facebook conversation with Chris Spivey here:


Most reprehensibly Qwish Spivey is once again begging bowl out, harrasing money from anyone unfortunate enough to come across his dribbling, incoherant, self indulgent blog, he has even tasked one of his minions to post this, on what I am told is now his heavily censored and controlled "comments "section.

DEC 15, 2014 @ 15:41:10
I think that this might be a good time for us all to remember just how much time and effort Chris puts into his work on this site – on behalf of us all. Running this site costs a lot of time and money and it would be good if Chris could rely on his site visitors to help to chip in with whatever they can afford to help with this – come on people can we all help by donating 

just a few ££ for the running of this essential site? I think we "

Essential site? Essential for Chris Spivey and his enormous ego, please don't send money to this disgusting old man, he is a bully, a misogynist, a liar and that is on just scratching the surface, more revelations are to follow regarding this foul fat bully.

Danielle George

I wasn't going to mention the brand new media whore Danielle George as she is such a know nothing dope, but what concerns me about this foul mouthed, donkey faced, mall rat is, not only is she begging for money for Chris Spivey and Richie Allen,  this mare is constantly putting her own children in the front line as she, very stupidly, declares war on their schools, yeah fight yer own battles but any woman who puts her own children in danger of bullying, exclusion and worse is a total failure as a mother and I can only wonder how desperate this chav is for fame that she will sell out her own family?

Whilst begging for funds for Richie Allen on Facebook Danielle claims, regarding TPV and David Icke:

"I've watched that unfold & knowing people who know David well, I honestly think he was played in a big way & the intent to destroy him was enormous. Don't buy the opinions of people that don't know those involved"

Really Donkey face ? Really Danielle George?  this passes for "research" how? A cursory search of the Internet will provide hundreds of debunks of David Icke, documenting his plagiarsm, his hunger for money, his false claims, his sadism and cruelty towards all and sundry,  David Icke was sent a lot of peoples money which he has stolen, to see dippy donkey breath tow the D Icke camp party line so dutifully is a shame on her and totally discredits her as an up for sale, easily influenced media whore.

"don't buy the opinion of those who don't know those involved"....hopefully this means mall rat Danielle George will keep her stupid, foul mouthed, uninformed, up for sale opinions to herself, certainly this tatty headed, donkey face gets my "Twat of the week" award.

Yet more, taken from Danielle's Facebook status:

"Enough is enough. Do not try to justify your green eyed tactics, they are veiled attempts to destroy a woman who fights for the freedom of humanity. 

You come for me. I'll take you the fuck down.

You've given yourself enough rope & I'm going to hang you from the rafters."

A tad pretentious from a Johny cum lately Danny,"fights for the freedom of humanity"?......Really Desperate Dan? How are you doing that? With your self indulgent, boring you tube videos? By putting your own children in harms way? By calling every body a "tosser" or worse? Or with threats to kill anyone who can see through your badly made up, over dramatic, egotistical bull shit?

Wait just a cotton pickin' minute ! Danielle George (La Verite) Who claims to be "fighting for the freedom of humanity" doesn't even know that big pharma is a racket, that the drugs they make are designed to draw people in with one drug causing more symptoms, none of them actually healing anything, Desperate Danielle, claiming to be something, anything ! She is so stupid that she is taking the above drugs that are, no doubt bringing on an early menapause, that the stupid woman has no idea of how to cope with.

No wonder Desperate Dan's videos are so boring and self indulgent as she squats on the floor in her underwear scratching her arse, the mall rat is off her head on pharmaceutical drugs ! Well no desperate Dan, nobody believes that you know your arse from your elbow, you stupid, drugged up chav ~ Donkey faced Danielle George (la Verite) gets my Twat of the Week award again, taking pharmacuetical drugs like smarties, making junked up videos telling everybody else they are "Tossers" surely this itchy twat must be well on her way to being sectioned? 

Shocking for all who have witnessed events unfold over that past week, Danielle George has, in her own words phoned and emailed the employer of someone who wrote an article criticising Danielle and claims to have gor that person sacked from her job:

Danielle George (La Verite) "Truther" and "Freedom fighter" or spiteful snitch? To phone someone's employer and try and get them into trouble at work is beyond belief, but to gloat over getting someone the sack two weeks before Chrimbo can hardly be the actions of a "decent honest" person can it?

But that is not all, Danielle also posted this on facebook yesterday (18/12/14) 


It seems I am to expect to hear from the police regarding who know what, I have never commented regarding Danielle's son, other than what is written here. I will keep you posted.

Once again the disturbing connections between Danielle George, Lou Collins, zero charisma Brian Gerrish , David Icke, Richie Allen and with the latest addition of misogynistic Thomas Sheridan still appear worth watching, if only to see who these media whores beg for money for next. What fear porn will they promote next and which will bring the children of their own families into the frontline? None bringing anything to the table, apart from regurgitated fear porn and yet more donate, donate, donate. oh and lest we forget their own boring, over inflated egos.....

I do get asked very often

 "Sharon, who is Ok in Alternative media?"

None of the above really none of the above !

Anyone who is condescending to you, judging you, claiming to know more than you without sharing knowledge and evidence, anyone who claims to be putting their lives on the line, anyone who sells fear porn for a donation, anyone who bullies, anyone who claims to speak for you, me or anyone, they are not OK.

The "Alternative media" is aping mainstream media, many self proclaimed alternative media are, in fact rejects from mainstream media. We know controlled opposition has hijacked truth time and time again, yet we mindlessly read, listen to, or watch the latest offering. We are the opposition, they will control us if they can, why just fall into line behind the latest pied piper and watch their drama, feed their egos and their wallets?

Individual, unique, creative, each alone, all together,



Anonymous Anonymous said...

bang on, well said, the truth movement is nothing like the truth. only the dead or imprisoned or otherwise silenced are worth checking out..

Saturday, 13 December, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Blocked by desperated Danielle George and Chrissy Spivey......so much for all their "|Bring it on" bluff and bluster ........ha ha I think I was a bit much for the fat old slugs ;>)

Desperate Dan is "battling" with Kent Freedom Movement, or so we are supposed to believe?

Not answering any of my questions are they? Either of them.

Utter sold out media whores.

Sunday, 14 December, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its all about money, fame and blog hits with these people. Spivey especially likes to tell his readers how great he is all the bloody time, He acts like a total narcissist. Its cringe worthy.

The way he guilts his readers into donating money to him is shocking. He CHOOSES not to work. He says he doesn't have time to work because he's so busy writing articles for his blog, but hey ho why should he work when he's got mugs sending him money via his website.

People really need to wise up. If they have a donate button steer well clear. No doubt Ms whatshername will be begging for money soon too.

Monday, 15 December, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Yes, Chris Spivey, it seems is badly out of control, he imagines his jibberings to make sense and thinks the world owes him money !

He also imagines himself as some kind of "Alternative Media"

The reality is he is a fat, old bully boy that can't reasearch, is too ignorant to be warned and who no one gives any credence to whatsoever.

Tuesday, 16 December, 2014  
Blogger Calliope said...

These arguments, where names are called, lead me to think that all parties are as bad as each other. Chris Spivey has always seemed to me, to have some kind of mental health problem. Now it turns out Danielle has one too, which isn't really surprising. Do these people, to some degree at least, deserve some understanding?
I'd like to comment on one thing in particular and that is Lee Rigby. Chris Spivey claims to be an investigative journalist. I don't, but I do know enough to know that if you're going to investigate something you shouldn't rely on the internet. You should make the effort and expend the shoe leather to really find out what is going on. I went to Manchester to the Langley estate and talked to people. I met many ordinary people in cafes and on the estate who knew Lee and his family. They told me about his family and their distress. Lee Rigby was real, his mother (called various nasty names by Spivey) is a real person who has been in emotional agony since her son's death. I'm just a person on the internet so you don't have to believe me. Go to the Langley estate and talk to people and find out. You might find yourself reluctant to say 'red flag' to every awful event that happens after that and you might begin to wonder about the mental health of someone like Mr Spivey when he goes on a rant.
Again you don't have to believe anything I say. Do REAL research, and don't rely on the internet.

Sunday, 21 December, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So very true. Im not sure they have mental health issues, I think they may be absolutely thick. The problem with someone like Spivey, is any form of rebuttal only spurs him on, even in the face of facts. He has so much invested in his bilge, he can't give it away.

He doesn't even do basic research. He is convinced there is some conspiracy because the same coroner has been involved in 2 high profile cases. How many coroners does he think there are in London? He can't even google for basic info......And it goes on and on, its like trying to point out the poor punctuation in the Dubliners. Thick man preaching to thick people.

Monday, 22 December, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Calliope... That's exactly what i've been thinking. You cant call yourself an investigative journalist when you get all of your info and research online and from the MSM. As far as I can tell he's never been to Manchester to do proper research, everything is 'researched' whilst he's sat on his ass at home chain smoking. Its an insult to journalism.

Monday, 22 December, 2014  
Blogger CARLLY HUM said...

lets pull down dem crabs eh ..meanwhile the war lying mass media goes on it's merry way !
please get your priorities right.

Tuesday, 23 December, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Mmm......,you see the msm have already been thoroughly debunked as liars. The problem that is being discussed is the lying "alternative media" people who make all kinds of claims for themselves, without any evidence, the people who lie, and the people endlessly pointing to the donate button

These people are nothing new "media whores" are ten a penny and we all know what depths the met police will go to in their covert operations.

It would perhaps be better decide your own priorities rather than attempting to dictate mine !

Tuesday, 23 December, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the mainstream media attack the mother of a dead kid as not being real and being a thief, or of labelling innocent people paedophiles and murderers then there is recourse. These so called alternative media pedal hate and spite and get away with it day after day. All wikedness is fair game for exposure.

Tuesday, 23 December, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

La Verite supports the paedophile enabler Joanne Mjadzelics.
For that reason alone she will forever be disgusting.
She might aswell put her tongue up Rose Wests arse.

Tuesday, 28 April, 2015  

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