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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sonia Poulton ~ Online Bully ~

Sonia Poulton didn't take long to show her true colours, as a bully of adult survivors of child abuse, within weeks of her leaving The People's Voice I became aware that Sonia was manipulating vunerable people, although the people involved did not want me to speak out openly I became very concerned about the way Sonia had treated people who were accused of child abuse by the perpetrators of the Hollie Grieg fraud, not allowing them a reply to the accusations and interviewing Robert Green on Sonia's show on TPV, I wrote about that here.


Sonia seemed to be sleazing her way back into mainstream media, although they seem to have discovered what a low life Sonia Poulton really is, certainly Katie Hopkins gave Sonia short shrift on their appearance on Sky TV.


Scant respect show here for Sonia and her arguement that Internet Trolls should be reported to the police, a hypocritical stance when you are the nastiest Troll I know of and your actions have been reported to the police several times, that I am aware of. I was present on one occasion and reported the Trolling by your boyfriend Lee Ryan of myself on Facebook and here on my Blog.

Since then I have found you to be bullying of other people, again, adult survivors of child abuse.



However, it now seems Scrarty Sonia Poulton is still attempting to infiltrate alternative media, this time clambering onto the tragic story of Madeliene McCann, claiming that to speak out will mean she won't be offered work in main stream media! Well you're not being offered mainstream work are you lovie?

You are not popular in main stream media Sonia and alternative media can see straight through you.



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