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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary ~ The lies Exposed

The truth emerges regarding Paula Jayne Campbell who was running milk up bank farm as an animal sanctuary called “Rainbow Ark” in February I was asked to write the story and help to publicise what seemed to be a possible land grab to erect a wind turbine. I was assured that Paula Jayne did not owe any mortgage arrears and that the mortgage company had acted unfairly towards Paula, who was simply trying to help the animals in her care.

I wrote the post in good faith believing what I had been told, this week however, evidence has been brought to my attention that shows that what I was told was not accurate, that  in fact, Paula Jayne seems to be a compulsive liar, a fantasist and a psychopath who never really cared for the animals she professed to love and help, but was using them as a shield and for sympathy to enable donations for her impossible dream, a dream that never had any substance, was never backed up by dedication and hard work only by a tissue of convenient lies, that varied as circumstances demanded.

What proof can that be? Ironically a document generated by Paula Jayne herself as she attempts to flim flam the High Court of Justice, Mr Andrew Sutcliffe QC, sitting as Judge of the high court  hands down his decision regarding the matter at hand but most interestingly records the history of the eviction of Paula Jayne from “Rainbow Ark” or Milk Up Bank Farm.

Paula Jayne executed a mortgage deed of £500,000 over the property in August of 2006 almost immediately Paula Jayne failed to pay her mortgage and the first warrant for possession was sought by the mortgage lender in March of 2007, Paula Jayne paid her mortgage arrears and the warrant for possession was cancelled, there followed no less than 16 warrants for possession, over the next seven years, sought and cancelled by the mortgage lenders as Paula Jayne managed to lie, prevaricate and beg funds from her local Carmelite convent , £22,809.33 (43) and a pensioner who donated his savings to save the Ark amongst others.

 However it seems doubtful that Paula Jayne should have been given a mortgage at all as she has no apparent income and had clearly failed in her mortgage commitments continually for at least eight years.

The judge finds that Paula Jayne “was not a convincing witness…” and “was not a witness on whose evidence I could rely. In parts her evidence was evasive and contradictory” (82) Indeed reading through Paula’s claims, that she was a widow, her husband an ex-serviceman, that she was going through a divorce. That she was earning £48,000 or £40,000 or perhaps £32,000 a year and indeed that she had paid her mortgage by standing order, payments denied having been made by the bank. Claims that she seems to have forgotten giving to the courts as her next account is so contradictory.

Evidence is given to the high court by solicitor Mr Chadwick. Described by the Judge that  “ He was a careful and impressive witness whose written and oral evidence I accept without reservation.” Who describes the conditions Paula Jayne Campbell and her family, allegedly including a vulnerable young child have allowed themselves to live in  “that there were numerous animals on the Property and there was animal excrement throughout the main dwelling house on the Property including on the work surfaces, such that in his opinion the house was uninhabitable. He said the smell was very strong and that there were numerous items scattered about the house in no semblance of order, the majority of which were thoroughly soiled.” (100)

The revolving door of Paula Jayne not paying her mortgage, being taken to court for possession of the farm, appealing against the judgement, delaying in any way possible, getting bailed out by various well-meaning people, not paying her mortgage again, might almost be amusing in a farcical way, were it not for the fact that several hundred completely innocent and vulnerable animals were being used by Paula as she carted her begging bowl around convents and old people’s homes.

If Paula could not afford to pay her mortgage, how was she able to pay food bills, pay for bedding, pay vets bills ? Paula Jayne kept no documents of the animals, their names were not even recorded, animals were not checked by a vet, their kennels or stables were as filthy as Paula’s own home with clean bedding being scattered occasionally over dirty bedding that was left on the floors. Animals were not even fed properly or with regularity, malnutrition and ill health, including fleas and worms and filth were these poor creatures lot in life once they fell into Paula Jayne’s evil clutches.

The RSPCA were involved as were many other animal shelters in rescuing the animals at the final eviction, hundreds of animals were taken to safety, many of them had to be put to sleep because of their condition, many were treated for long standing health conditions that Paula Jayne had cruelly neglected, helpers were shocked and upset by the condition of the animals and the conditions they were kept in. The RSPCA did not prosecute Paula Jayne, having limited funds they may well have considered that once the animals were safely away from the cruel and neglectful conditions Paula Jayne had kept them in that RSPCA funds would be better used in helping other animals than pursuing justice through the courts, an expensive and time consuming process.

Paula Jayne was finally evicted in January of this year, the animals rescued and that should have been an end to the matter, yet Paula Jayne contacted  people who are active in alternative media and lied about the circumstances regarding her eviction, she claimed her arrears were paid and that she had been illegally evicted, pictures were shown of happy Paula and apparently healthy animals and people were taken in,  including myself, indeed as Paula has scammed Carmelite nuns, county court judges and others we are just in a long line of people conned by the lies of Paula Jayne as she lies and again attempts to con money from people to enable her imaginary  lifestyle.

However this decision by the Judge clearly and succinctly lays the truth before us, Paula is a liar, she may well have had a fantasy about saving animals, or about owning a farm however she is inadequate for the task, too dirty and lazy to keep her own home or the homes of the animals she “sheltered”  in a clean and hygienic manner, lurching from crisis to crisis, lying and excusing herself at every turn, with no real compassion for the animals or indeed for her own family both of whom she was happy to see living in filthy stinking squalor.

Paula still claims to be fighting to get her “home” back, is still begging for money, still lying to alternative media. She has a debt estimated by the judge to be in excess of £730,000, no job, no skills and seems to believe that people should support her and send donations, many, many people have already been hurt and many have had money conned from them. Countless animals have suffered at least neglect and in several incidences what seems to be actual cruelty at the hands of Paula Jayne.

“Gunner” was just one of the little fella’s that didn’t make it.

Please do not send money or waste your energy on Paula, any layman can see how many of the traits of the psychopathic Paula’s story contains, she reinvented herself for every court case, had no empathy for her family or for the animals she professed to care for, in fact she uses both at every stage to hide behind and raise money for.


Paula Jayne has no reservation in taking large amounts of money, not only from Carmelite nuns, but also from pensioners whose own funds must be very limited. How much other money Paula Jayne has received in cash from anonymous donors we will never know. To donate now would be to just throw good money after bad.


After the eviction on 29 January a fund was immediately set up by Rachel Sharp for the animals, for medical treatment, donations to the sanctuaries they were rehomed at and various transport costs etc. Paula put considerable pressure, using her followers to abuse via the internet on Rachel to release funds to pay Paula’s mortgage arrears, as the money had been donated for the animals not for Paula, and considerable money was needed for this Rachel refused and used the money for the animals as documented by Rachel in her clear and concise statement of account.

The harassment that Rachel endured was extreme, she was even accused of stealing money by Paula’s supporters, though it is apparent that Rachel’s swift intervention and use of the fund saved many animals who may have otherwise have had to have been put to sleep.

The manner in which Rachel Sharp was treated by Paula Jayne Campbell is typical of  Paula's modus operandi of using people, attempting to fleece money from people then lying about them and throwing them under the bus.

Paula Jayne Campbell now completely denies knowing about the fund or indeed knowing Rachel, however from this article in the Northern Echo it is clear that Paula Jayne Campbell knew all about the fund and Rachel is described as a "Friend" of  Paula's.

"...The fundraising Save the Animals of Rainbow Ark campaign set up by MsCampbell's friend Rachel Sharp has so far collected £40,708.

Ms Campbell said " People have donatd to help the animals at the sanctuary and one hundred per cent of the money rised will go towards helping the animals"...."

Bobby didn't make it through either.....

K9, the security company were also the recipients of personal abuse from Paula Jayne Campbell's supporters, personal insults and again lies and intimidation were used as, again people tried to sort out the filthy mess Paula Jayne Campbell had left behind at Milk Up Bank farm.

The truth has emerged, Paula Jayne Campbell has exposed herself through her own vexatious, without merit submissions to the courts, the judges gave Paula Jayne Campbell enough rope and the results are clear.

Happily some of the animals rescued from “Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctury” have made it through and are now happy in loving homes, hopefully to recover from their traumas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for such an excellently written blog! Oh & don't forget the pregnancies that happened at her *ahem* "animal sanctuary" too. Males & females not separated or neutered.

One little papillon dog allegedly gave birth literally on the vets table on her 1st post rescue check up. Her pups needed hand rearing as her mother was unable to provide milk for them & needed expensive, life saving vet care. Then there was the husky litter born shortly after her eviction too. Sadly 60% of this litter passed away due to the mother having canine herpes. Oh & then there were the 2 litters of collie pups discovered in those freezing & filthy shed like kennels immediately post Campbell's eviction. So that was 2 litters & 2 pregnant female dogs out of a total of what I estimate to be about 25 dogs maximum of mixed sex. I haven't even touched on the other animal pregnancies that were also discovered at this place when Campbell was evicted!!

Note what was missing, no Staffies or Bull type breeds at the place. Amazing as every other genuine non breed specific rescue I know of is over run with them!

According to PJ Campbell's supporters facebook page she "took in" ex-breeding female dogs, who may have become "accidentally pregnant" whilst in Campbell's "care", thus putting them in the same hell she was supposed to be rescuing them from! You won't find that post anymore on their page, it didn't go down at all well & was subsequently removed.

"Sanctuary"?? I know what I'd call the place & that wouldn't be one of the words I'd use to describe it!

Thank you, once again for putting this blog together with all the revelant links. Great job! x

Saturday, 11 October, 2014  
Anonymous Jan said...

Blessings! Excellent write up x

Sunday, 12 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this is true, who are you?? Why are you hiding behind an anonymous name?? Please name yourself, to verify all you have written is the truth.

Sunday, 12 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the most incredible rescue stories ever...the thought of any animal suffering is just heart breaking. SHOCKING such a horrible story of greed. corruption and lies get you caught in the end...

Monday, 13 October, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Annynymouse calling me out for being annonymous !

Ha Ha Ha !

This blog is called "Mother Damnable Returns" and was begun in 2007 before Facebook, the governmentand various other numpties decided they wanted all our names.

I am hardly annonymous as my Facebook, Pinterest and Google + all point here.

How would knowing my identity change one thing concerning Putrid Paula Jayne Campbell?

The evidence is from a Judge and from the high court.

Please stop being silly annony mouse !

Monday, 13 October, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Yes indeed a rescue for all the creatures "hoarded" by Paula Jayne Campbell.

A big hug and grateful thanks should go to all the people who cared for the animals, rehomed them ans love them still.

The security firm K9 behaved in a profesional and kindly manner, I have been asked several times to give special mention and thanks to Jayne and Rachel, both of whom suffered disgusting internet abuse.

Yet both by their actions have prooved beyond doubt that all they ever wanted to do was help the animalscaught up in the middle of Paula Jayne Campbell's madness.

Big thanks to Jayne and Rachel, who truly helped save lives in this story, who continued to speak the truth and were not brow beaten by bullies.

They and othes stood firm and bravely assisted thr truth to be freed regarding this matter.



Monday, 13 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing blog. Thank you for outing the truth in a clear and concise way. Their protests and denials are pointless now as the court papers show the full extent of her pathological lies where both the animals and her "finances" are concerned.

Monday, 13 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RA fantasy is finished the story continues getting more tragic by the day as more is revealed hang your heads in shame those who still deny what is there for all to see

Monday, 13 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The writer us Sharon Gifford took 10 seconds to find that

Monday, 13 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the animals were kept in such appalling conditions with "many having to be put down" the RSPCA would have prosecuted. They don't not prosecute extreme animal abuse "for lack of funds". Do we have a statement by the RSPCA to back up these claims written in highly emotive and indeed, in places, abusive language?

And to actually use the word of a Bailiff to back your claim; a profession universally hated for it's thuggery and harassment of poor families throughout the land, is beyond incredible.!!!

Saturday, 18 October, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

An annony mouse squeaks !

The animals (and humans)were kept in filthy squalid conditions as is clearly evidenced by the pictures and by the evidence of the solicitor, in court, which Paula Jane Campbell did not dispute, please explain where I “use the word of a bailiff”? I do quote from the solicitor who attended the eviction

“that there were numerous animals on the Property and there was animal excrement throughout the main dwelling house on the Property including on the work surfaces, such that in his opinion the house was uninhabitable. He said the smell was very strong and that there were numerous items scattered about the house in no semblance of order, the majority of which were thoroughly soiled.” (100)

Eeeuuow ! Disgusting, that Pula would live in such foul conditions, never mind bring up four children in filth, excrement, fleas and worms is shocking and disgusting, that she would also subject any animals in her “care” to such squalid conditions should be no suprise.

That The RSPCA do not automatically prosecute such neglectful and abusive animal owners such as Paula Jayne Campbell, is well known, the clue would be in the name of the charity “Royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals” The RSPCA have no remit to prosecute animal abusers such as Paula, once the animals were safely away from Paula it would have been deemed that they were no longer at risk from the neglect and abuse that Paula inflicted on them.

Agreed this is an emotive subject, please let me know where in this post I have been emotive or abusive?
Compared to Putrid Paula and her “supporters” I am not abusive at all,

“Lilith Moon” and “Dawn Hebblethwaite” have been so foul and insulting to people via Facebook that their accounts have been suspended several times and both have been reported to the police,again, I believe several times. “Dawn Hebblethwaite” is already a convicted, violent criminal, having spat in the face of her childrens headmaster ! (Good luck getting them little “treasures” through school - my guess is Ritalin and young offenders institute…well done Dawn !

I suppose it could be considered abusive to say that Paula Jayne Campbell is a filthy slut who condemned her own children to a squalid life of filth, ignorance and fleas, or that Paula Jayne Campbell should have her nose rubbed in the excrement that she allowed her animals and children to live in, should be left, through the coldest days of winter in a filthy , stinking, unheated stable, with no food, clean bedding or kindness shown to her by her fellow man. Or that the filthy slut that Paula Jayne Campbell has proved herself to be should be made to pay back the money she swindled from people, including nuns and old age pensioners, because the putrid old slut never meant to give any animals “sanctuary” she just used the animals to con money from naïve people.

But I didn’t say any of those things in my post did I annony mouse ?

Saturday, 18 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul = not so Anon said...
If the animals were kept in such appalling conditions with "many having to be put down" the RSPCA would have prosecuted. They don't not prosecute extreme animal abuse "for lack of funds". Do we have a statement by the RSPCA to back up these claims written in highly emotive and indeed, in places, abusive language?

And to actually use the word of a Bailiff to back your claim; a profession universally hated for it's thuggery and harassment of poor families throughout the land, is beyond incredible.!!!

Saturday, 18 October, 2014 Fact they prefer Animals to be removed from situation and into safe hands. Thuggery? Harrassment? I believe your talking to the wrong people.. Doesnt surprise a bit..

Saturday, 18 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was a supporter until I read the court records, these things cannot lie, I was shocked and saddened by what I read, those people giving thousands of their hard earned money, I cannot believe a person would actually take so much money off people and still hold their head up high, I know I couldn't your blog is well written thank you.

Saturday, 18 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for getting the truth out, finally justice for the animals/rescues/Rachel Sharp/K9.

Well written and precise piece of relaying the truth. Thanks again.

Saturday, 18 October, 2014  
Anonymous Dotty said...

In RA world
1 there is no mortgage as it was paid off ( quite how escapes me)
2 there is no animals in rescue (as all went to hillside as arranged)
3 it was all a fix
4 K9 run the world
5 there are no pictures
6 there are no eye witness reports
7 there are no court papers
8 the place WAS bought in 1988
9 the place will be returned and so will all the animals ...
10 the RSPCA have apologised
11 all the toe curling embarrassing gaffs do not exist


Sunday, 19 October, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

"RAINBOW ARK PHOENIX RISING" are still claiming that they don't understand what all the fuss is about. They are claiming not to understand the court documents and decision or what anyone has tried to explain to them regarding the lies and scams from paula campbell documented by the court and unchallenged by Paula Campbell. So, once again, it seems I must write the concerns regarding Paula's lies, neglect, both of animals and of her own children, scams and fraud regarding the way paula used animals for a meal ticket. I will try and be even more clear and concise than in my post.

1) paula jayne campbell lied, both to mainstream and to alternative media. Paula claimed and continues to claim that her mortgage way up to date or even that there were over payments! The court documents clearly show that paula jayne campbell did not pay her mortgage reguarily for years. Paula was taken to court sixteen times, this in itself is a breach of the mortgage agreement.

2) paula herself claims there was mortgage fraud and that the farm was overvalued, paula does not work or have any income whether she should have been given a mortgage at all seems very dubious but the fraud paula claims is her fraud, her mortgage, her over valuation her fraud.

3)Paula is currently attempting to ingratiate herself with a political group against illegal eviction, by lying to them that here own eviction was illegal. Paula did not pay her mortgage.

4) paula claims that carmilite nuns approached her to offer to pay her mortgage for her. This seems unlikely as carmilites are cloistered nuns sworn to a life of silence and prayer, these same carmilite nuns are now having to lease there monestary so it seems highly unlikely that they could afford the £23,000 they "freely gave" to paula  however paula claims people freely gave her money, no doubt the money given was for the animals, paula neglected and abused the animals in her care, who are all clearly much happier, healthier and well fed now. So animal lovers gave money that was not used for the animals care at all but to service paula' s apparently fraudulent over valued mortgage.

5) when challenged paula jayne campbell blocks people, puts the phone down and sends in her hench women "lilith moon" and dawn hebblethwaite who attack and demean people, tell spiteful lies and never back up any of their claims (the rspca apologised to paula, as if ! That the mortgage was paid, etc with any evidence whatsoever) dawn and lilith just become more abusive when challenged for evidence.

6) paula jayne campbell was not only filthy and neglectful of the animals in her care but has been neglectful of her own children, that she has forced to live their childhood in filthy stinking dwellings where animals are neglected and abused. The fact that paula's young son is charged with armed robbery after threatening a woman with a hammer can only show that paula was neglectful of her childrens moral upbringing as she was of hygiene and basic home comforts.

7) That paula continues to solicit money, continues to lie and continues to use animals as a way of making money is a serious concern, I have come across many people hurt, confused and frightened by paula and her henchmen. At no time has paula admitted much less apologised for her dreadful behaviour, continually lying and dragging more and more people into her web of lies and deceit, dragging evermore people in, as she scams people by pretending to care for the animals that she simply sees as a meal ticket and has no intention of caring for properly, look at the pictures in the post above would anyone allow their own children or animals to be kept in such squalid conditions, described as smelling as bad as they look ?

I hope i have, once again made my concerns clear, no doubt "rainbow ark phoenix rising will once again claim not to know what my concerns are much less give anything that resembles a reply, or any evidence for their lies............

Monday, 20 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I commend mother damnable for being able to rewrite a story once the truth is evident. This and holly grieg are excellent examples of a journalist allowing facts to inform the truth rather than a lot of so called alternative journalists, who just print what they want without evidence or any logic or proof.

Tuesday, 21 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wondered if Paula Campbell or any of her cohabitants/family members actually did anything constructive prior to and after her eviction to ensure the safety & rescue of any of the 350 or so animals that were left at Milkup by Ms. Campbell? I say this as the RSPCA said, in their official statement on the matter, that they didn't receive so much as a phone call about the eviction until after she had left & had they have known sooner they may have been able to help. Hence I am asking this question. Here's the link to the local press article regarding this matter.


Also,there was a youtube video that was posted clearly showing there was organised resistance to the eviction of Ms. Campbell with others present supporting her at the time of the eviction so this hardly looks unexpected to me.

Wednesday, 22 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more!

Wednesday, 22 October, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

~ Thank You ~

The Truth does have a way of escaping, I am just glad that people persevered and were brave enough to help the truth escape.

Wednesday, 22 October, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

I am publishing this selection of abuse from Paula Jayne Campbell's "supporters"..the levelof abuse is apparent as is the total lack of any informed debate........as if calling me, or anybody else stupid names makes one bit of difference to the truth !

"What a load of rubbish from a bunch of people with nothing else to do than to upset and bad mouth people. Enough is enough, if conditions were as bad as you are making out Paula and her family would have been prosecuted by the r spa but they weren't because all of this is rubbish. All I can say to others reading this is get the facts before you can judge anyone. Hates will continue spreading rubbish maybe they need a life" Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary ~ The lies Exposed
Publish" written by "Dawn Willson"

"No animals died there, this is all a load of unadulterated shite, lies all of it by an hopelessly lost & drunken hag!!" on Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary ~ The lies Expose

"This is a load of BOLLOCKS & Sharon Gifford knows it, another one paid off to write slanderous & liable CRAP!! "on Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary ~

"A total load of utter BOLLOCKS!! The worst blog in existence, NO CHARGES FOR CRUELTY OR NEGLECT & NO ANIMALS DIED, You are a liar Sharon of the highest order, not to mention a total drunk & hag!! on Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary ~"

"What an utter load of bull shit, No charges made by the RSPCA for any kind of neglect/abuse, you are all jealous, bitter people & Karma will find each & every one of you, pathetic little house wives mongering amongst your selves because you have sad, shitty lives!! "

Thanks Dawn Hebblethwaite and Lilith Moon, I think everyone can see what you are, how you operate and your low levels of intellect, and yes, indeed it will be fun watching karma catch up with you :>)

Wednesday, 22 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Indeed, according to this Article the RSPCA stated that it was the repossessors who called them once the eviction had taken place...

"RSPCA inspectors were called to ensure the welfare of the animals, assisting with the care, feeding and watering of the animals.

They have now left, but in a statement, a spokesman said": "We became involved after receiving a call from the bailiff’s company, asking for our help, and knew nothing about this situation at all before then.

We were not asked for any assistance with these animals prior to the eviction taking place. Had we known about this situation it might have been possible for us to help before it came to this."

Wednesday, 22 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! Best laugh I've had this week, thanks for posting. To think adults actually wrote these comments! PMSL!

OK so despite ALL the evidence, this blog content including the links embedded in it, a seemingly very small number still think Paula Campbell has not done any wrong, is wonderful, whatever, etc etc... Said people have a chance to their right of reply to this blog. Their chance to give their own rationale for supporting Paula Campbell & disagreeing with this blog & what do they do?? Spout THAT & have an infantile, insult hurling tantrum, OMG sooo funny!

Try & say anything on the Paula Campbell supporters facebook page that doesn't wholeheatedly agree with the page admin or questions anything no matter how politely & rationally & odds on you'll be banned from their page. One of the rescuers of Paula's animals merely stated that the admin had got the timing wrong for how long the animals in question were at RA post the eviction. They just stated a fact, politely. They were instantly banned. Their charity has also spent fortunes on Paula's abandoned animals as you can imagine, nursing them back to physical & emotional health, (the ones that survived as not all the animals they took did). This person is one in a list of many. The "Rainbow Ark Phoenix Rising" page to me is a bit like looking at an FB page verson of The Stepford Wives.

Wednesday, 22 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least the so called haters conduct themselves with a little more dignity and class, I have not seen them use the words, bollocks, shite, bull shit or issue nasty insulting comments, I am neither a pathetic little housewife I do not have a sad shitty life, I live a full and wholesome life, my crime is not to agree with RAPR supporters , I have seen so many , libellous , insulting, nasty comments from one person, I really wonder how she sleeps at night, oh perhaps she doesn't , too busy looking for a new target of which there have been many, the so called haters are quite willing to partake in sensible debate, but this is impossible for some, I could literally write a book.

Thursday, 23 October, 2014  
Anonymous Dotty said...

we have consistently just pointed out the glaring holes in their arguments, pointed out their own statements that contradict their more recent statements and reduced their capacity to fund raise ( in their own interests of course as it would be fraud ) and tried to complete a chronology of this sad and wretched episode where even under the overwhelming weight of evidence that they are just plain wrong but they fight on down a most unfortunate path, ahead lies charges for heaven knows what and very public humiliation maybe even imprisonment so why not turn back before it gets any worse .

Friday, 24 October, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

I know, it is sad that abuse is all Rainbow Ark can provide, towards animals and towards people.

The insistance that Paula Jayne Campbell was not prosecuted and is therefore innocent of neglecting the animals is rediculous.

Paula Jayne Campbell is a fraudster who emotionally abuses people around her.

The proof is all here, and yet Paula still claims to be "innocent" and the "victim" still asks for money and still sends her henchmen (Dawn Hebblethwaite and lillith moon also known as Kathryn Beetham) out to bully and abuse people.

This behaviour is all too common and does fall into patterns, people seem very fixed and unable to debate or entertain new evidence as it becomes available.

However time reveals these patterns and fixed attitudes.......

Friday, 24 October, 2014  
Anonymous Dotty said...

RA logic about the RSPCA can be summarised as all dogs have 4 legs hence all things with 4 legs are dogs including this chair there is a comprehension flaw in there just because something happens does not mean something else hasn't its just how you twist the viewpoint

Saturday, 25 October, 2014  
Blogger Petra said...

Thank you Sharon you have shown a bright light onto the subject and I for one appreciate it very much.

Monday, 27 October, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Once again more comments from Paula Jayne Campbell's henchmen, these comments are personally unkind to me so I will no publist them as they are off topic for this post.

However this comment, once again shows how ignorant the posters of these comments are:

"Could you please clarify WHICH animals were found dead? I am sure if animals were so abused & dead then the Police would have arrested her & charged her with cruelty? If this is all true then you must have proof of the abuse? From the Police or RSPCA? If not then who ever wrote this blog needs to realise the trouble they could be in? If things were so severe then please provide your proof? Surely you have a letter to prove all this? With no back up or evidence this could be construed as harassment." on Rainbow Ark Animal Sanctuary ~ The lies Exposed

Please clarify where, in my post I have claimed any animals were "found dead" ?

I do not write such a thing !

The photos included on this blog post are clear, and damming, there are many other pictures, which I am sure people would send to you, if you would provide a contact.

You know who wrote this blog, I am hardly annonymous am I?

The evidence from the court record is, again clear and damning. I am happy to rely on evidence provided to the court and not challenged by Paula Jayne Campbell.

I am perfectly sure that the many people who rescued the animals from paula would provide you with letters detailing the condition of the animals, and their attempts at saving their lives.

Paula Jayne Campbell and her co dependants Lillith moon Aka Kathyrn Betham and Dawn Hebblethwaite harrass and harange people at whim, this blog post is not harrassment, it is true, backed by evidence from the court and by photographic evidence.

But didn't Paula Jayne Campbell's "legal representative" get taken to court for cruelty to horses? Wasn't it on his fields that decomposed dead horses were found?

Tuesday, 28 October, 2014  
Anonymous Dotty said...

speaking as a observer for the last nine months I did not expect anything like the vitriol and abuse the so called "haters" have received from the supporters of RainbowArk the scale of the problems were a surprise, as was the apparent lack of reality in the legal battle which in my opinion was lost before it started, the expectation that by slight of hand the farm would be granted free gratis to ms Campbell is worthy of medication, as to whether the RSPCA is right to say nothing when its good name is being used is somewhat of a moot point I would issue a statement clarifying the matter as Rainbowark will not publish its evidence but use its content daily in justification, in reality its their only point and is somewhat of a stretch in not proving it implies all is not as they say, that of course is only my opinion

Thursday, 30 October, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Yes indeed the level of abuse I have witnessed from the rainbow ark supporters has shocked me, even tho the abuse is juvenile and ignorant people have been hurt and libelled.

There is still insistence from these annony mouse fools that i say animals were found dead in the hell hole that paula jayne campbell allowed at "rainbow ark animal sanctuary" proving themselves incapable of accurately reading a blog of only a few paragraphs !

I have made my concerns clear and am not going to enter into any discussion about things that I simply have not written.

Why didnt the rspca prosecute paula jayne campbell? I dont know the filth, stink ,lack of care for the animals is blatant and obvious, no day book, no vet, no clean bedding, no food.....however i am not the relevant person to ask. Perhaps pursue your questions with the police and rspca as I am sure a lot of people would like to know why paula jayne campbell was not charged with animal cruelty.

perhaps whilst you are there you could ask the judges, the police and the mortgage company why paula was not charged with mortgage fraud for raising an overvalued mortgage that she had no means to pay back.

The world does not owe paula jayne campbell a farm,land and a living no matter how many neglected, abused and puppy farmed animals paula jayne campbell tries to hide behind.

paula jayne campbell is exposed as a liar, a filthy stinking slattern, a neglectful mother, an emotional manipulator of the lowest kind, too stupid to see her lies have been rumbled, too ignorant to reply to the serious allegations made concerning her behaviour, and still pathetically begging for money for animals already safely removed from her inadequate care.

I do not propose to answer any more stupid questions regarding things I have not written, as this is so obviously a distraction from the issues I raise here, and foolish to imagine I am going to answer questions that should properly be raised with the police and rspca.

Thursday, 30 October, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I honestly don't know why the Facebook "Rainbow Ark Phoenix Rising page" is still hanging around tbh. On the odd occasion I look at it, it just seems to contain internet posts about how to deal with trolling, perhaps they're trying to offer advice to the people who have been on the receiving end of their torrent of verbal abuse & lies?

They also like to talk about other people's evictions quite a bit. Only thing is, there's already a plethora of other facebook pages providing information about this subject who have an established following already.

Then there's the "old" pics they like to trot out occasionally of the animals who apparently resided at Rainbow Ark. I say old as most are roughly 2 years older than the eviction & the odd "more recent pic" allegedly taken roughly a year before.

As far as Cambell's track record goes, well there's the court doc that spans years, giving accounts of her stories to keep a large dwelling & 40 acres on seemingly no income other than relatively very small amounts of money she made from her hobbies. & Who has time for such whims of fancy when there's 100's of animals that need caring for? There's been no mention of a daily volunteers rota. Only a pic of a small group of volunteers who turned up briefly that I'm aware of. The effect of Campbell's attempts to own & run a "sanctuary/Rescue" are sadly here, for all to read about in ths blog.

& There hasn't been any mention of animals "found dead" at the place after Campbell's eviction in this blog. So maybe some of the few remaining Campbell supporters have a problem with their attention span reading this blog, or perhaps Campbell supporters have inadvertantly slipped something out that perhaps they now wish they hadn't? Who knows. Facts are, the rest of us can't discuss what we don't know so unless any Campbell supporters can bring anything credible to the discussion, I don't know why they even mentioned this.

Sunday, 02 November, 2014  
Blogger Poetryman said...

Sorry to hear the news. Be blessed.

Friday, 17 July, 2015  

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