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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

That Was The Week, That Was !

Finally an interesting week regarding the self-appointed “alternative” Media in the UK, after being hijacked for over a year by David Icke and “The People’s Voice Television Station” We now learn David will not now continue to be connected to TPV and is having a hissy fit at Shawn and his “marriage partner”, there are whispers that the “Pink Agenda” has always had its eye on TPV, dubious connections, as with Peter Tatchell.   Who can tell what has really happened with an estimated £400,000 of donations going missing and no quality programmes emerging.

Various spin off, low rent, failed media whores have attempted to cash in on the publicity created by Dicke’s constant begging for more and more money as he promised us a “Voice of the people” a free flow of information that would encourage communication. As I see it now TPV and possibly “Media” in general just steal people’s individual voices, while listening to others opinions and voices people seem to have forgotten how to use their own.

Sonia Poulton never heard of by anybody, except Tom Pride, who was cyber bullied for questioning Sonia’s claims to have phone hacked people she claimed were “stalking” her.

Sonia Poulton also made the mistake of “supporting” Robert Green in cashing in on the Hollie Greig Fraud. She has been reported to OFCOM for allowing Robert Green to tell lies on her show regarding the Hollie Greig Fraud, resulting in Robert Green being sent to prison for breaking his Non Harassment Order and then the appeals for money for Robert on subsequent You Tube videos. It gets worse than this though, Sonia was very rude to the “Hollie Greig Hoax” group, claiming they were stalking her and screaming at Jon Stevenson from the Hoax group and slamming the phone down when he phoned her to ask for a right of reply to the claims made by Robert Green on Sonia’s show on TPV.

Sonia Poulton then went onto her Facebook page and claimed that Jon was stalking her and that he was a very unpleasant troll etc etc. Sonia has also made this claim on You Tube videos. Videos debunked by Jon himself. This is in a nutshell, Sonia’s modus operandi is apparent, anyone who asks her awkward questions will be ignored, bullied, lied about, Sonia is very ill informed, too lazy to do any research and very, very fixed in her ideas, possibly not the attributes of a “real Journalist”. A strange quirk of Sonia’s is that she will attempt to bully people using false accounts pretending to be other people.

Mucky Mark Windows is allegedly leaving TPV to begin his own show, so Agenda 21, Fracking, David Shayler, North London misogynists emerging from bed sit land, blinking for attention, someone “discovered another pyramid” somewhere, and unsubstantiated, individual stories will tug heart strings as Mucky Mark does his best “sincere” face and “honestly” points to the Donate button.

Next was “The UK Column” as a complaint lodged, originally with OFSTED, but then when it was realised that the UK Column had not notified the regulatory body, or paid the required fee the complaint against “UK Column” was referred to ATVOD the body that OFCOM believed would be able to help. Hollie Greig Hoax team have written and documented their complaint, here is the link


To say  Brian Gerrish dissembles in his “report” from his car, claiming that he has been judged by as being “Too professional” is to be kind to another self-proclaimed journalist who has reported the Hollie Greig Fraud as the truth, has refused to talk to the Hollie Greig Hoax group who began trying to clear the name of the innocent people that had been dragged into the fraud over two years ao, the fraud was by then expanded to include many members of the Scottish establishment, possibly to destabilise and discredit it before the Scottish independence vote. Gerrish is a very creepy person who has lived off the Hollie Greig Hoax for years, using the very same technique he uses with the Atvod complaint, taking things out of context and only telling the parts that suit him

All the while making sure people know where the Donate button is, there is then a shower of people trying to feed you misinformation while you pay them for the privilege ! Puolton, Windows, Gerrish, Collins were never about sharing information, only about suppressing evidence, as with the Hollie Greig Fraud and feeding their grossly inflated egos as they decide what lies to tell next, how to depress people and how to gain more money from the general, public. Yet none will answer any questions put to them, and all attempt cyber bullying in one form or another.

Pied pipers, Gatekeepers, Narcissists, Gullible Martyrs maybe even mind controlled and manipulated people are coming with all sorts of promises, they have the answer, they really do, this is what you have to do…and here is the donate button. It can be tempting to give power away and believe someone else is going to save everything and sort everything out, but that is what has already been happening with media, it seems a shame that alternative media should be aping main stream media, that people can’t realise that it is part of conditioning and programming and that we are susceptible to pied pipers, charlatans and snake oil salesmen.

To be a sovereign individual is to be free, to make one’s own choices and to reflect on information provided, the time for believing anyone or anything that there is not proof of are over, people have their own agendas, people want fame, fortune and o feed their own egos,  it only takes a cursory search on the internet to find the above evidence concerning the whole David Icke TPV debacle, which was never about freedom of information but only ever about mis-information, stealing peoples voices and following someone else’s dreams.

We are not lost we never were, lied to, cheated and manipulated  yes, not least by Gerrish, Collins, Poulton and Windows, all trying to make a living from fear porn, all telling us they are great journalists as they tell us one side of a story they haven’t researched properly to begin with, donate, donate, donations is all they really want. They will never change, will never really research both sides of any story, but will give you the version of the story that gives them an opportunity to tug at your heart strings, soften you up so you send money! Allow them to manipulate your thoughts. Keep your money or give it to your family or friends, use it to help your own research. Information should be freely shared and people who won’t share freely are part of the problem.

We don’t need another hero, we are all growing into being our own heroes, we do know the way home, many of the revelations coming to light are horrific and frightening, we should always look for proof, evidence, facts, to believe lie after lie, unquestioning of the source will only make fools of us time and again as we climb onto someone else’s band wagon and give our power away to people who are too narcissistic  to know their game has been rumbled and too stupid to realise the game is over and to continue to demand money for lies, misinformation and propaganda which will only result in more discredit and mockery for themselves as the lies they tell unravel whilst we watch.


Blogger vermilion J said...

Sean Adl-Tabatatbai is gay.

Monday, 07 July, 2014  
Blogger Ersatz Fidei said...

Hello there I've read a few entries on your blog and really enjoy them, i think you have a deeper level of insight to the inner workings than myself, perhaps we are both seeking similar things? I paint in broad strokes about similar subjects, from a different but sympathetic perspective.


Tuesday, 08 July, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Thank you for your comment, I feel I am focused quite intently on this subject because I feel these "media" are just more distraction and misinformation.

I worry about the people that get caught up with them.

Generally I do try and paint with broader strokes as it seems these kind of propogandists are international and not only a UK problem

Tuesday, 08 July, 2014  
Blogger Ersatz Fidei said...

I really do sympathize with that, good natured well meaning people are often first to be led astray, for all the lip service paid to pure intentions upon scrutiny Icke's message is resoundingly destabilizing and disempowering.

I too hate to see people's good nature used against them.

Tuesday, 08 July, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen this?

He talks about you from 37:18

Saturday, 19 July, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon,

I was reading the comments uner the David Icke "Poor Me" video.

You mentioned that you liked to call him Dicke which reminded me of something I noticed ages ago.

Now it was in David Icke's books that I first saw examples of subliminal images and it was quite impressive.

Well, if you call up the David Icke Headlines page and look at the image of David Icke at top left, please let me know what you see at the top of his head and what it appears to be doing.

Best wishes and raise a glass to the phenomenal success of the TPV. How else could so many people have been shown so quickly what a charlatan David Icke is?

It seems clear to me that he was selected decades ago to be a front man for many of those who were questioning the status quo. he was never original, but he was well known and positioned as a persecuted messiah type after Wogan. He did mix a decent amount of truth in his message. More than we could ever have got from the mainstream, but I assume that he and his forum are assets of the security services to keep tas on those who think outside of the box and to ensure that they could never function effectively.


Sunday, 20 July, 2014  

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