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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Why Is Robert Green in Prison ? ~ Updated 15/5 ~

What exactly is Robert Green in Prison for?

I had been hearing stories that people were begging for donations to gain justice for Robert Green, currently in prison, a petition is going the rounds on Facebook, using very emotive language but no clear picture of which crime Robert Green might be in trouble for.

People are not usually put in prison on remand for “causing disturbance” though are they? People who are put on remand are thought to be likely to continue to commit crime before their trials, people who are considered a danger to society are place on remand.

Not a man of 68 in deteriorating health due to heart problems, as is the representation of Robert Green here:

Petition to free Robert Green


There is much more to this story, upon investigation I learn that, in fact Robert Green had a “Non Harassment Order" issued against him, Robert Green has, it seems, been for years harassing people that he claims are Satanists, liars and paedophiles even murderers. Some of the people named as having abused children do not exist and some of the children named as having been abused say they were not abused at all and that they did not know each other at the time claimed for the abuse to have taken place.

Robert Green appeared on the “Sonia Poulton Live “show on TPV and, again made very serious allegations against people that he had been told not to, I am sure that when the non-harassment order was made against Robert Green it would have been made very clear to him what he must not say or do, as he has breached this order and does not seem prepared to stop he has been remanded in custody until his court date, which he has already been given.

The appearance of Robert Green on “Sonia Poulton Live” for TPV caused TPV and the show to be reported to OFCOM because the people accused by Richard Green were not given the right of reply, were accused by Sonia Poulton of “Trolling” and bullying her and Sonia slammed down the phone to “The Hollie Greig Hoax Team”  telling them they would not be on her show.

Imagine you have been accused of being a Satanist, a child abuser; you have been named on the internet as such. You are a young person, you have been named on the internet as having been abused as a child, and you have not been. You have fought the people who have been naming you through the courts, using the law of the land as it stands, and again the lies you have fought against are being repeated, by someone you are told is a credible alternative journalist.

However Robert Green is in prison custody on remand because he has broken a non-harassment order.
I asked the “Hollie Greig Justice” Blog what Robert Green was in prison for and this was the answer I received:

This answer to my question doesn’t make sense to me however I have replied:

“Thank you for your answer.
What is Robert Green in prison for please?” My comment has not yet been published.

"The Holly Greig Hoax Team have also Tweeted about my question here, not answering it but calling me a "Mong" is it only me that is deeply worried about a so called supporter of Hollie Greig calling anyone who asks questions nasty names? Are these people just protecting their cash cow? Does anyone there have any feelings for Hollie, who is, as I understand isolated, brainwashed and in the company of people who lash out and call other people nasy names for no reason..

"The Holly Greig Justice" tweet ("mong")

The Hollie Greig Justice blog have a reputation for trolling people online and calling everyone who asks any awkward questions a “paeodo enabler” or a "paedophile" or sometime their names have even been added of the list of 22 people that are said to be the satanic child abusers some of whom do not even exist, so I am not imagining a very pleasant exchange will follow.

What on earth may be going on here?

There are people who, it seems have a vested interest in the Hollie Greig case, it is certainly disturbing to learn Robert Green’s version of the story, perhaps people have been too disturbed by the story as presented by Robert Green that they have just thrown money and walked away. Could it be that people are making money from the tale of Hollie Greig? Could it be that when Robert Green is in prison more money can be made?

I do not watch Brian Gerrish as I find him creepy, however I am told that he too “Supports” Robert Green, Sonia Poulton “supports” Robert Green……I am not sure who else does. Are these people representing themselves as journalists? Media? Paid agents of the state? Purveyors of salacous gossip? Pied Pipers and Misinformation Muppets? Are they telling the whole story, or a biased and emotive version? As time goes on court records will tell their tale, but how many people will have been distracted and how much money diverted in that time? How many people bullied? How many more people lied to or about?

Perhaps the comments on Robert Green's own blog may enlighten you further: 



This seems to be another one in prison ".....for Hollie Greig"


More easily debunked lies fronm Robert Green via the "Hollie Greig Justice" Blog


Another journalist asks questions and gets rubbished by UK column..throwing dirt but not accepting their "evidence" re Holly Greig is flimsy, that they have lied repeatedly......yeah but don't answer any questions hey?.....how much money has been raised to fund the hollie greig hoax ?

Well said Sarah Mcleod !

The challenge below is dated 2012.....Gerrish and Collins have known about the Hoax for at least two years, yet have carried on begging for money for "justice".

Sarah Mcleod challenges Hollie Greig Hoax purveroys UK column

Uk column page.


Sonia Poulton exposes herself as super troll, pretending to be her boy friend and all her own "fans" in comments here:


Sonia Poulton commonly known as Scrarty Poontang lying about me to the "Hollie Greig Justice" Blog, and attempting to get them to bully me.....can scrarty not write a single paragraph ever without using the word "smear" ...eeeew !


and my reply, which they have not published:

"...not only the issue of allowing the Hollie greig hoax to continue, allowing scum like the bullying low life "hollie Greig Justice" team to make money from the tradegy they have made of a little girl's life.

I also have issues with the historic bullying and using false accounts to bully others, and pretend to be your own supporters....not only with sonia poulton commonly known as scrarty poontang, but now, looking into the disgusting posts from the "Hollie greig Justice" blog it is obvious they have been using these same bullying tactics against anyone who questions the truth of their lies...."

Could this be Tony Farrell trying to jump on the band wagon? Very sketchy details as to why Farrell is in trouble with the police? Why anyone should care? Another possible fund raising mission from the "Fear Porn" misinfo muppets.

Tony Farrell and "Syncrenicity" on the gravy train ?

Some gravy train these muppets are on !


Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...


Look what I found !



SONIAS recent comments

"She was never my PA. Her son was sleeping with a member of management called Deanna Amato and Deanna brought her in to do research. I only worked with her for about seven days. She's vile and bitter. She's looking for fame. She lies as a constant. She claims she was a volunteer but she was paid the same day rate as other staff even though she didn't have any good media experience. I didn't even know her son was involved with tpv management when she first came. Ignore her. She's unbalanced and desperate for attention. She tried to launch an alternative to tpv but she has no followers because she doesn't stand for anything decent. She wanted to work with me on another project but I turned her down flat. I have the messages to prove it. It's obscene the way she is using the issue of alleged child abuse to have a go at me because I wouldn't work with her. Feel free to use any of this message on this occasion as she has no reservation in trying to smear me people should know it's the green eyed monster that is her motivation."

Tuesday, 13 May, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Wellyes people accused constantly for years of being satanic child abusers do need a right of reply, you have lied and lied about this whole story.

I did not want to work with Sonia as I have previously explained, I knew she was unbalanced and was worried about her, I have the messages that were sent too.

I am not using the issue of child abuse for anything, it is apparent that money is being made for degenerates by the continuation of the dreadful lies Hollie's mother has tutored her to tell.

I was not paid the dy rate at TPV, this is just one of Sonia Poulton's unfounded lied, as she keeps claiming this I have asked her to provide proof, which, of course she cannot !

Yeah Sonia, don't address the bullying of Tom Pride and others, don't address the lack of research regarding the blatant hoax that is the hollie greig gravy train.

Call me names and assert that I am jealous..of what Sonia ..what is there about you could I possibly be jealous of ?

Tuesday, 13 May, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

I am certin;y not jealous of a woman who claims to be a "journalist" yet all the work she seems capable of is trolling on the internet pretending to be her own fans, bullying and harrasing other peole....

I am not jealous of a liar, who bullies people and is so desperate for fame that she sold her soul to the main stram media a long, long time ago.......

Dradful old scrart!

Tuesday, 13 May, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

"she has no followers"....

Ha ha ha but you don't have any followers Sonia just a bunch of troll accounts, where you pretend to be your own "followers"

(usually called John, jon, johny etc and pretending to be your boyfriend Lee Ryan)

Oh and now "the hollie greig justice" blog, which seems to consist of a two semi literate fws that troll and bully anybody who asks them any questions at all about their alleged "evidence"

They have to , of course, there is no evidence and a lot of money has been sent to help, these people are hurting and telling lies about people.

..and dare I say it there is a nasty salacous element to this case, it does seem like all the creeps are on board !

Tuesday, 13 May, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Sonia as far as your constant assertions that I have no "followers" and that no one knows me, well not done your research yet again?

Let's have a look at my Google + where I have 152, 426 this number is increasing at approx 1,500 a day atm.

I can see no similiar numbers for you, in fact your sad 3,800 "likes on facebook seem quite pathetic now don't they?

Who is the sad "wannabee" Sonia?..it is a shame because a lot of people did want to like you, but how can they with your bullying, lies and complete lack of research?

...as you are so dreadful at basic rsearch sonia here is the link for you...


Wednesday, 14 May, 2014  

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