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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sonia Poulton ~ Refuses to give Right of Reply to Hollie Greig Hoax Team, Journalist or Media Hack ?

When I was roped in to “volunteer” at The People’s Voice” TV station, my role was to “Support” Sonia Poulton who was unstable and had been having tantrums while her show was live on air, letting rip at producers and threatening to walk out, I was a witness to Sonia’s behaviour and was shocked that a supposedly enlightened person could be so foul mouthed or so nasty with her tirades, however, at that time, I was still believing in TPV so I supported Sonia, hoping that she would calm down and begin to work properly with her team.

As we know that did not happen, Sonia threw another tantrum at the TPV Telethon when she was asked to “Step up her game” again threatening to walk out and causing upset to the crew and team who were trying to work with her. Sonia was in trouble for her behaviour at TPV, and it was only then that she started demanding to know where the money went, Sonia behaved badly and was not prepared to face the music for her bad behaviour at TPV, she has since lied about her tantrums there, and her reasons for leaving. I suppose it is no surprise that a second rate media hack would throw tantrums and then lie about them.

However Poulton claims to be a “journalist” who asks the “hard hitting” questions that other media hacks are scared to ask….well this is yet another lie, Sonia Poulton will not examine facts or research anything. Once her mind is made up there is no debate or discussion, when Sonia had her show on TPV she interviewed Robert Green regarding the Hollie Grieg case and allowed him to say appalling things concerning 22 people who, allegedly, sexually assaulted Hollie Grieg from the age of six, the story is full of discrepancies and needless to say no one should ever be named as a paedophile without very definite evidence.

The “Hollie Grieg hoax” team contacted Sonia to ask for their right of reply, as they wanted to answer the very serious accusations made. Sonia not only refused to listen to them, she was rude and insulting, attempting to claim that they were bullying her ! The whole correspondence has been published on the internet, and Sonia’s curt rejection of anything other than what she wants to report is stunning, one can only imagine how upsetting it was to have another door slammed shut for the Hollie Grieg Hoax team, and that door the door of Sonia Poulton, with all her claims to ask the “hard hitting “questions that others won’t ask……

Sonia Poulton will not even do the research necessary to know what questions to ask in the first place and her assertions that she is “.. Happy to be considered a supporter of Robert Green.” Makes it very unlikely that any unbiased reporting of the Hollie Greig story as it unfolds will come from Sonia, as Sonia is currently presenting herself as an independent alternative journalist presenting “the truth” that other journalists will not touch means, once again, I have no choice but to speak up.

Sonia Poulton is at best, it appears an egoist with fixed ideas, riding on the coattails of TPV to try and create a career for herself, and at worst, controlled opposition, Poulton comes to us, allegedly, through the music media, we really do have to look critically at people and decide for ourselves, but a media hack is just that, a person who sold out to the media for filthy lucre, and we would do well to bear that in mind..always.

Sonia is not paying her bills and has clearly upset somebody enough for them to take down her site last week and replace it with this for several days last week:

Sonia has now launched her new “platform” which seems to consist of Sonia squawking at various MPs to their irritation and out consternation as neither her questions nor any replies are intelligible. Nothing much there apart from the inevitable “DONATE” button. Well lots of room then for a reply to a hard hitting question Sonia, why was it that you did not allow the Hollie Grieg Hoax team a right of reply after the Robert Green interview, resulting in your programme being reported to OFCOM ? Why have you not researched properly the Hollie Grieg story ? Do you not think it is important that people are given information impartially so they can make up their own minds? ..Or, must the world be according to Sonia Poulton?

Possibly doing great harm to the alternative media, Sonia seems to be emerging as “rent a gob”, jumping onto any cause and sensationalising herself as a “feisty lady” is this a platform that activists can work with? I doubt it, my worry is that Sonia will tie up good people and divert their energy, as indeed, I have already seen her do on several occasions. Certainly to my mind Sonia Poulton is not at this point a credible journalist, of any description, and will not be until she properly addresses the Hollie Grieg situation, as it stands at the moment, reporting as Sonia has only one side of the story, which is, as I said full of holes and does not stand up to any proper research.

latest news ..Sonia Poulton exposes herself as super troll in comments here :


Sonia Poulton commonly known as Scrarty Poontang lying about me to tht "Hollie Greig Justice" Blog, and attempting to get them to bully me.....can scrarty not write a single paragraph ever without using the word "smear" ...eeeew ! 


Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Sonia Poulton ! More lies and drama...this dreadful woman is a bully ...."Alternative media"or a nasty manipulative liar ?

The question that really needs to be asked is WHY sonia poulton did not allow the hollie grieg hoax team a right of reply ?

from Poulton't FB page !!!

"Let me throw a question out to you lovely people...

In March this year I got professionally involved with a man who I had previously worked with for a brief period of time. I asked him to design our new on-line platform, he agreed. He said he could do it and pay for a year's hosting for £500. For a not-for-profit organisation, it seemed like a decent deal.

How I regret that moment now.

There followed four weeks of hell. With passwords given by me (yes I was naive and too trusting) this man re-hosted my two domains - soniapoulton.co.uk and soniapoulton.com - in another country...

...set up social network sites in my name and without my permission...

...demanded money with menaces (he hijacked my personal website and put up a libellous statement saying I owed him money, I have since, thankfully been able to re-claim my website seeing as it is actually MINE and not HIS and seeing as I don't actually owe him any money)...

...he opened a bitcoin chain in my name, asking for donations IN MY NAME and only HE has access to that...

...finally, he filmed me (at my request and before all this crap started) interviewing an MP about austerity and, more importantly for anti-child abuse campaigners, asking him SPECIFICALLY about a young man who has alleged that THIS MP has abused him.

This man who was supposed to design soniapoulton.com - our new media platform - but did not (and yet he is now asking for over a thousand pounds from us and threatening me with small claims court if I don't hand over money given to me by the public to launch a media station) is refusing to give me the footage of this MP (who everyone in child abuse circles wants to be asked about the VERY THING I asked him about) to put out on our media platform.

Even if this man has a problem with me - which he clearly has - why is he blocking the release of this film which is important to child abuse victims?

So my question is this...the police have failed to help me with any of this so I feel my only course of action is to publicly name this person together with a picture of him...what would you do?

P.S. It's no good telling me to ignore him. What he has is too important to ignore. Also, there are too many wanna-bes on the blog circuit who think they can defame me and get away with it and, well, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

My reputation is worth something, not only to myself but to the people I work to protect, and I am damned if I will allow twisted people to try and destroy that.

Maybe I've answered my own question. Maybe no matter what anyone advises me I will still put up this man's picture and details seeing as he has failed to respond to any requests either from me or from a well-known anti-child abuse campaigner who approached him about the footage.

Maybe it's time to just keep stinking the stinkers out."

Who stinks Sonia!

The threats. lies, manipulation stink out from stinky poulton's vile words..........the games up madam ! You are a failed media whore !

Monday, 28 April, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

The following message was posted to my Facebook page, apparently to tell by the convoluted, juvenile, illogical manner and the selective use of capitals by Sonia Poulton, make your own mind up, but the post above by Sonia Poontang and this post look, to me, as if they are written by the same person. However as you can also tell when reading the message Sonia is, apparently pretending to be Lee Ryan pretending to be Johny English !
The outrageous and easily debunkable lies in the message also point clearly to poontang’s low rent attempts at journalism; please define journalism Sonia, because your attempts are nothing like anything I would understand as journalism. Here is the message I will debunk point for point after you have read the vile, detestable words that Sonia Poulton (pretending to be lee Ryan pretending to be Johnny English posted to my Facebook wall:

Tuesday, 29 April, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

…………“Thanks for the add Sharon but I am confused! I know Sonia Poulton quite well and I thought you had worked together??? Then on one of her youtube videos you are slagging her off. What did she do to you? I am confused This is the post I saw in response to you. I know Sonia to be a top journalist so what is going on and why do you hate her?
Sharon Gifford, where are you coming from? I've seen what you have written about Sonia on her fb page. She gave you a chance on her team at TPV. Trained you up in the job. Watched your back while others were slagging you off at TPV and when they were questioning why Deanna Amato had brought you in because of your complete lack of knowledge of the job. Now what? You are trying to ride on Sonia's coat-tails again. You have no following of your own and you attempted to set up a similar platform to Sonia - as if you could - and because she REFUSED to have you involved with her in the future after you showed such disloyalty to her when she was bullied by Icke in a darkened room, you are now trying to smear her. She is a TRUE truth seeker whereas YOU have misled people into believing that you gave your time as a volunteer at TPV (remember that Tony Z show for starters when you failed to correct him about you being a volunteer....?) when I KNOW FOR FACT that you were PAID £100-plus PER DAY. What truth are you talking about? You are just another small irritant with an agenda to stop her pursuing the truth. Don't be jealous of her courage. Remember what you said before about her when you gave her that sewing kit you made for her? Let me remind you because there were four people who witnessed it. You said: 'You are an inspiration to all women and your actions are very empowering'. Pray tell what changed your mind, Sharon? Does this have anything to do with you still being upset that your partner was playing around at TPV or is it because you are so desperate for attention that you will attempt to attack Sonia to get some? Not that anyone is actually listening to you, even blog forums have ripped you apart for not being entirely truthful. One just has to look at the almost non-existent replies on your amateurish Mother Damnable blog to see why it is that you are so jealous of the sterling work Sonia Poulton does. Remember Sharon, you were only at TPV because your son was shagging Deanna Amato. That's how you got through the door. You would not have got in there otherwise. Unlike Sonia, who has morals and talent, she LEFT TPV and blew the whistle whereas you were BOOTED OUT of TPV and then started squealing. Everyone knows that was your one shot in media and you blew it. I should point out that while you were being paid over £100 a day I was with Sonia on New Year's Eve filming proper protestors and doing it all for FREE. Just like she was. Whereas you are only interested in money and fame. It's a hiding to nothing, Sharon and I wish you all the luck because with your reputation - as outed by Chris Spivey - you are going to need it. Let people decide for themselves what Sonia does and does not stand for. In a million Sunday’s you could never hold a candle to her!
www.soniapoulton.com NEWS WITHOUT FILTERS!
WTF is that all about?
Regards Johnny x”

Tuesday, 29 April, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

What a piece of work hey?
First of all SONIA POULTON you know nothing about my children, they are absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with you, who my son sees or anything else is NOT your concern. As an alleged champion of child abuse you should know very well that you never, never bring anyone’s children into any kind of public arena in that manner. You are not really interested in child abuse issues though are you Sonia? Or you would have researched into the Hollie Grieg story properly and the Hollie Grieg hoax team would not have felt the need to report you to OFCOM. What was the outcome of that? Do you know Sonia?. Or shall I just research that myself?
Deanna Amato has never shown you anything other than kindness Sonia, and she has never spoken of you with anything but kindness, she looked out for you and fed your ego until you exhausted her, my son was very concerned about Deanna so I held out the hand of friendship to a stranger in a strange land. Deanna and I hit it off and she asked me to meet you and consider supporting you. That is what happened, simple as that. Your unkindness towards Deanna drew me in to this whole scenario Sonia, ironically.,
Trained me up in the job ! Please explain any training I might have received from scrarty poontang?
I was NOT paid over £100 a day to work at TPV as you say you know this for a fact, please provide evidence.
Any projects I am working on are not your business, any plans I may have are not at all similar to yours Sonia, I would not recommend screeching like a fishwife at random politicians as anything to be involved with in any way whatsoever!
I was not disloyal to you Sonia, you were not “bullied in a darkened room” I believe it was actually David Icke that was in tears. I comforted you Sonia and escorted you from the building so you would not have to leave alone, you may remember Deanna was at the entrance and I went back up to the TPV office with her, as I knew she was next to be spoken to, she was in trouble because she had supported you and you threw her under the bus Sonia, couldn’t even be grateful for all the care and support Deanna showed you, just flounced off.
Loads of emotive stuff that are your fantasies Sonia, you don’t know me so make up spiteful lies? I would like to make it clear though that I have never asked to work with you Sonia, you seem to be under the impression that I am “riding your coat tails” or that I somehow would like to have worked with you, that is not the case.
If you had any morals or standards at all Sonia, you would not have refused to speak to the Hollie Grieg Hoax Team, you would have listened Sonia you would have done your research and would not have slammed the phone down on them, and they would not have felt the need to report you to OFCOM.
However, and again ironically, perhaps, I do have to reply to your comment re Chris Spivey and his blog “outing” me. Chris was actually kind in his comments about me as Sharon Gifford saying:
“seems like a nice lady, no problem with her as such:”
And quite scathing about you.

It was simply my real identity that had been outed, I have been blogging since 2007 as “ Mother Damnable”
Did you not read Chris Spivey’s blog Sonia? Not done you research again?
My reputation “as outed by Chris Spivey” is simply that “seems like a nice lady” is fine by me, it really is.

Tuesday, 29 April, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...


Tuesday, 29 April, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

………. and yeah let people decide for themselves, and to do that people need information and evidence, you suppressed evidence Sonia. You thought you had the right to say what information you gave people in your self proclaimed role as an “Alternative Journalist” The Hollie Grieg Hoax Team begged you to just read what they were trying to tell you and you did not Sonia, you would not listen.
What about those young people who were NAMED as having been abused as children Sonia? The young people who say that it never happened to them, that say did not even know Hollie at that time. What about them Sonia? You failed them, but you made sure others who would have listened did not even receive the information.
What about the adults NAMED as having abused children, men and women! Some of whom don’t even exist. What about them? What have you done to their lives by not allowing their evidence and testimony to come forward?
What have you done to your own reputation Sonia? What is your reputation “as outed “ by the Hollie Grieg Hoax team Sonia Poontang?
..and those are the issues here, the suppression of the evidence from the Hollie Grieg Hoax team, the suppression of the REAL reason Robert Green is in prison. Complete lack of research into the subject, despite having Robert Green in your show at TPV. Your refusal to allow the Hollie Grieg Hoax team a right of reply to the lies broadcast in that show.
Other matters are coming to light, such as your apparent cyber bullying, there seems to be lots of written evidence of your modus operandi. Try and stay focused Sonia and stop trying to infer that you know me personally, you don’t know me and never will.

Tuesday, 29 April, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

ha ha ha Got Ya !!

Jonny has posted Sonia's message, signing it Lee on his you tube page !

ha ha there's some evidence !

You couldn't make this up !


Tuesday, 29 April, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...


Tuesday, 29 April, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...


Tuesday, 29 April, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...


Tuesday, 29 April, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

latest news ..Sonia Poulton exposes herself as super troll in comments here :


Thursday, 08 May, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Sonia as far as your constant assertions that I have no "followers" and that no one knows me, well not done your research yet again?

Let's have a look at my Googlr + where I have 152, 426 this number is increasing at approx 1,500 a day atm.

I can see no similiar numbers for you, in fact your sad 3,800 "likes on facebook seem quite pathetic now don't they?

Who is the sad "wannabee" Sonia?..it is a shame because a lot of people did want to like you, but how can they with your bullying, lies and complete lack of research?

Wednesday, 14 May, 2014  
OpenID adeybob said...

Any news? I am trying together her loose ends, and am going to present it to the police, when I have finished and worked up the balls.
I'm not a big fan of the cops.
I think Poulton is part of a larger group, dead-set on discrediting and abusing highly targeted people.
She actually named the #TeamOutlaw herself.

Wednesday, 15 July, 2015  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

the latest is in you tube comments here :

She claims to have "trolls" that phone up tv stations that she is on telling them she is a "paedo" which seems to me to be some of the people she has abused standing up for themselves, she constantly hurts people, it seems.

I thought the outlaw tag was poontang trying to cosy up to jimmy jones.

She claims to be "working" on a McCann documentary, but like the Icke documentary she claimed to be making nothing is actually emerging.

Good luck with the police, if I can be of any help, or if you would just like to chat, please let me know.

I have long been concerned that survivors do seem to be targeted by bullies(for want of a better word) and it does also seem that these "alternative media" are, in fact stopping people from coming forward, and certainly stopping their healing and growth.

Maybe it is a way of stopping the "natural leaders" from developing their full potential.....

Thanks for your comment, best wishes


Wednesday, 15 July, 2015  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

Sorry I forgot the you tube link,


Wednesday, 15 July, 2015  

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