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Monday, February 10, 2014

~ Full Moon Magic ~

I first started writing this blog in 2005, true the last couple of years I haven’t written much, you see I have been waiting, waiting to be able to speak, without being called crazy, paranoid, being told I was “barking” for explaining chem trails to people I cared about. I have tried to have fun, tried to be patient and kind, I have worked hard and wondered what would giving Psychic Tarot reading all day do to me, and all the other psychics working on the phone lines?

I already knew that people like me, who were cruelly abused as children were already adept at traveling through the ether, we had to be, we were neglected and hurt in the real world, we wanted to live and we would have died if we didn’t find some escape. We dreamed our way back to happiness and back to love. Although we had to come back to the prison of reality we would see flashes of fairy sparkles, see kindness in a smile and know that life would be worth living again, somehow.

To be a left handed catholic when I was a child was not easy, my uncle had his left hand tied behind his back so he would write right handed. My Grandfather taught me to write when I was very tiny, I cannot remember not writing. Just scribbles at first, then postcards, letters and stories and poems. When I arrived at school I could write so no need to challenge which hand. I was always told off for holding my knife and fork in the wrong hands, and eating “wrong”. I am eternally grateful to my Grandfather; I cannot imagine the results if I had my left arm tied behind me as a child.

There were still dark muttering from the nuns, “Left handed path” “Wee heathen” and worse were muttered over my head. Causing giggles with the other wee heathens and curiosity as to what lay on the Left Handed path. Later I learned I am “Sinister” “Cack handed” “South paw” In truth being left handed really works in hand to hand combat, and boxing, they never see it coming, the moment they glance towards my right hand, schmack  and smack again ! Blind-sided by a sinister heathen. However my brother still laughs that I have a problem with doors, always opening on the wrong side for me.

In my magical life I learned Empathy, then I learned healing, to caste a spell,I was eclectic and never shied away from the Left Handed Path, why would I ? Born a leftie. I learned other things, to recognise a Hex, how to see a curse. There were lots of warnings lots of “All ye who enter here are doomed “” “Turn back” However curiosity got the better of me and I learned how to tell the cursed ones, the ones who lie, who murder and who steal energy, they are not hard to tell apart from True people they most often keep themselves apart, so we can tell them from their deeds.

Quantum Physics and free energy technology seems to be catching up and finally bringing to mainstream knowledge what I have always understood as Magic, as Energy work, as light walking. Any Light worker will know and understand about the abundant, free, magical energy the universe provides; as will Empaths, healers, small children and people not indoctrinated into the mindless, robotic system we know as everyday life. Universal free energy is available to all and will be more so as we learn how to use it.

We know now that the Vampire Muppets are dabbling in Systems Magic we can see this in their rituals, their symbolism, their fear, the boring procedures they must follow as they steal our energy, our money and our children. The System is their System, designed to create more money and power for them, designed to disempower the people. Life, as we know it has been designed to discredit and dishonour Magic, people are discouraged from being individual, from thinking for themselves. People are taught they cannot live without money, cannot live without other people, cannot be individual.

The Vampire Muppets cursed themselves with every lie, with every torment and with every murder, they stole energy from innocents and now these innocents return, empowered by all our love, to do what they must. The Cursed ones have no Magic, have no power and no where to hide. Evidence accumulates with the police and they must investigate or explain, why not? 

Brave people are coming forward to tell what they know, their evidence is being recorded, reported to authorities around the world. Court cases are being heard and recorded, with more to come. Arrest Warrants for the “Queen” of England have been issued, for the ten First Nation Children that she and “Philip” stole from a Canadian orphanage, ten children that were never seen again. Four men came forward as adults to testify, to give their evidence. These four Brave men now enable the Truth to come forward with other brave souls that too have transitioned.

We watch the Vampire Muppets as they try and hide themselves away, watch as they age and wither before us, their faces etched with fear. Frightened of us, yes. Frightened of the Truth, totally. But ironically frightened most of all of the “Demon” monsters their Ancestors created of themselves. They are afraid and that is why they try and rule through fear. The “Divine” right can no longer apply so their henchmen and misinformation Muppets feed us lies about Shape shifting alien reptiles, “Predators” that live off human energy, well yes these Muppets are energy thieves but they are all to human. Living long only because they are afraid to die.

They keep to their Covens, Keep to their Orders, too stupidly inbred and corruptly sadistic to change, so they are easy to understand, they must hide behind their “Bona Dea’s “  their “White Witches”  they hide behind their own children who they corrupt in turn. A core of 13 in greater and lesser covens. They show us time and time again who is what and mock and laugh as we disbelieve their jests. They function from Sabbat to Sabbat, Moon til Moon. The energy they seek eludes them as they become jaded and ever more sadistic and cruel. How many children disappear each year?

This month the Full Moon falls on the night of Friday 14 February, The night when the veil is lifted and we can feel the Moon’s mystery upon us, the night when Magic is near us all. The full Moon shines her light on the shadows, her light on what must be seen. This full Moon I shall ask for Blessings of Courage and Clarity. I shall be sending Love and Healing to all the Victims and Survivors of Sadistic Abuse and I shall Dance, Dance, Dance like a dervish………………..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Sharon,

After reading this post, I highly recommend you "Genesis of the Cosmos. The Ancient Science of Continuous Creation" by Paul La Violette.

Check out the table of contents in amazon.

Best wishes,

Tuesday, 11 February, 2014  
Blogger Mother Sharon Damnable said...

How intereting...Thank You Anthony...

I always thought I was living my life backwards !!

~ Full Moon Blessings ~


Friday, 14 February, 2014  

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