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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Wild Hunt Rides On.......

The Bees won’t stay; they’ve lost trust and lost heart
Genetically modified crops, electronic smogs play a part
Then let me go too, to hell if must be, I can’t bear the lie.
The deceit and lies of all the years, makes me cry and cry.
Then through the ether I hear a familiar, blessed voice
My Lord whispers now, “It’s always your choice!”
He’s right I know, live in pain or move on it’s up to me
But what will it take? I hear the sounds familiar and free
The dark hunt rides on, their wildness untamed, untameable
So I throw in my cards, my coins on the table and gamble.
Let’s dice with death, his shades, now comfort, not fear.
I’ll damn well be damned if I will shed one more tear!
The stranger, his face shielded from view, offered his hand
I climbed on his motorbike, the route new and unplanned
He moved off swiftly and I could tell as we rode
Normal rules did not apply, with this knight of the road
I held on tightly though to what was hard to tell
Faster and faster, let’s do it I sighed lets go for hell.
The wind buffeted and pulled but still I held hard
Still swifter, faster, and faster death caught my card.
If I let go now t’would be fast as that, sweet release
A moment of pain then sweet blissful harmony of peace
I was so tempted, wanted so much, had no fears
But timing is all and we stopped for some beers
Adrenalin took us, we shook and we laughed. Talked
And talked, spoke freely of the paths that we’d walked.
Loves held and loves lost, and “Oh those poor bees”
Shattered dreams, lost hopes, the dying of trees
Four beers his maxim, but we held fast for six
The sea and the wind worked magical tricks
What speed did we reach? And laughed heartily
As he admitted, at last, one hundred and forty three
Drop me at the station; I’ll take the train from here!
We smiled at the joke and bought one last beer.
Courage was needed as I climbed back on the bike
If my numbers up then let the scythe strike.
We started off fast, as he meant it to be
I turned again for one last look at the sea.
We were more in tune so it was easier now
Life tasted sweet and more real somehow
We swerved as we rode, but I was tempted still
Give it up; just let go at the brow of the hill
Life is hard, it hurts, there are too many tasks.
With no future, no hope and no one to ask
We were faster now, faster I knew for sure
Faster than ever I’d ridden before.
The choice was mine, I felt truly free
And understood the blessings given to me.
London returned, I came down from heaven
And learned that we’d reached one six seven
We laughed still again as we returned to the race
The life that we’d chosen, blessed now with grace.
And time moves on and life will be hard
But once more death has rejected my card
So with grace in my heart I’ll walk on my path
And carry with me a smile and a laugh
Thanks once again to a knight of the road
You helped me unburden an unbearable load
The Lady will bless you and give your heart ease
We Witches honour you, that you may find
What you seek.