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Monday, February 18, 2013


Monday, and we wake to another week of disgraceful, cheap, self satisfying and morally destitute behavior from some scummy psycho paths who because they are bastard descendants from the robber barons who stole all our land believe they have some (illegitimate) right to rob and plunder the innocent people of this country still further
Yep Cameron scum claims descendency from William IV, no legitimate children but 10 by some old slapper who, no doubt suffered the sick Muppet's sexual peccadilloes, ensured by the robber baron "king's" inbreeding and deviant training as a child, Cameron's old dog of a horse faced wife, claims descendancy from Nell Qwen another notorious old whore who set her sights at a robber baron.

Cameron's wife Samantha, apparently notorious in her youth for supplying heroin and under age children for the filth that passes for life in the realms of these rich (Robber barons support some of their bastard offspring it seems) spoilt, deluded, inbreeds it is hard to see any good in these people who have for generations scrounged of their legitimate cousins, and off course from the innocent and trusting people of the UK, and beyond.

Scumeron and his horse faced trollop "wife" though having a personal fortune in excess of thirty million pounds scrounged a Disability Living Allowance for their disabled son, made full use of national health facilities and are now withdrawing this same support from other families, most of whom will not have large fortunes to draw upon. Most of whom will not have made it a family custom to marry and inbreed with cousins, genetically a disaster risk as can be seen throughout the robber barons unfortunate offspring.

Now we learn that Scumeron will be appearing in the Children in Need song this year,the obscenity, hypocritical delusion of an inbred, scrounging, lowlife almost certainly associating and covering up for pedophile behavior throughout parliament for at least fifty years, having the audacity to pretend that it is not directly because of his selfish, spiteful, all in it for the bully boys attitude that an estimated hundred thousand children will be pushed into poverty after April when the worst of his spiteful, selfish, patently unfair policies directly attacking the poor and vulnerable in society will come into force.

Yeah the Bullingdon boys, look at them, a bunch of effete, spoilt little rich boys, acting like a bunch of low life vandals, believing the world owes them a living, and a very good one at that, poor bastards really, it can't be much fun to be sent to an archaic single sex private school, to be raped, tortured and bullied by the older boys, to be abandoned by parents who tell them this is for their own good as they pack extra Vaseline into their school luggage.

Ii suppose this is why the scum who believe they are "elite" "Illuminated" apparently worshiping Satan, allowing themselves to be possessed by demons, apparently sacrificing children, even their own in a delusional pathetic attempt to appease their demonic masters,.are so clearly psychotic sociopaths who shouldn't in all honesty be left in charge of a field of daisies, much less  being allowed to plunder a whole country for their banker friends, who no doubt have the dirt on whose dicks they sucked along the way. How many children each has defiled and where the bodies are buried.

This has to stop !

The police are constantly being handed information concerning criminal activity by these "rich and powerful"   yet time after time refuse to investigate properly, even seem to collude and cover up for the criminal scum that run the country. No respect for the law from the law makers or the law upholders, if the police won't bring this criminals to justice who the fuck can? Yep the police just make more and more excuses as to why real crime cannot be investigated as the concentrate on the little man, the poor and desperate, created by the criminals in power, the poor old lady shoplifter who steals a chicken so she can eat is regarded as a worse criminal than the politicians and bankers raping and pillaging the country. Ha ha see that education did come in useful!

Time for the police to decide if they will continue to create a draconian police state or will they do what they are paid to do, again with taxpayers money !  -sort out the criminal gangs of politicians, government and establishment nonces, the treason, theft and breaking of her oath to the people of Elizabeth, latest heir of the inbred, German robber barons who stole British land, treasure and resources and had a good go at plundering the rest of the world too. Many people are still, even now, supportive of the police and it is heartbreaking to witness yet another betrayal, though one wonders about the families, the children of the police too
This must stop, innocent people have enough to bear, parasites who already stole all the land, made up a totally freakish monetary system to serve themselves and who will now only be content when poor people are properly oppressed, unsmiling and drugged with contaminated water and food, are the wrong 'uns here, not poor people, greedy, sociopaths parasites who can't stand it that we hold them in utter contempt, who can't stand it that we have soul and empathy and will give each other what comfort and help that we can. We are still human and didn't sell our soul or the souls of our children's children for filthy lucre.

The Puppies for Peace are still unearthing truth, it will all come out, all the nasty, unpleasant, evil acts of the robber baron scum, the sad sycophants that enabled and colluded and these criminals will be brought to justice, because the Fire Witch returns, Mother Earth is awake and loved, the Angels of Anarchy are amongst us and we know that demons are low level liars and only have the power over you that you give them, see how the robber barons were fooled, and still are, feel the changes, day by day truth escapes, day by day we flex our muscles and prepare to help our fellow man in what ever way we can.

It's up to you to decide...for freedom or for oppression ?

Grateful thanks for his tireless research http://www.chrisspivey.co.uk