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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thor 's Day

I listen for Truth
For truth speaks softly
It is not boastful nor proud
Truth whispers low
Solemn quiet
It wraps around
Like Smoke
Subtle and free
Truth Knows no Boundaries
No limits Truth Speaks
From within
Not without
It floats In the spaces
Of dreams
It is not angry or vengeful
Truth simply is
It cannot Be hidden
Nor disguised Truth
Shines Like iridescent Dew
It rests Within Your heart
Of hearts Truth
Unchanged Living
The promise
As it was so
It shall Be

Crys The Tears
Copywright 2000

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Thin Blue Line

The thin blue line is a phrase hi jacked by British police as they pretend to protect us from Anarchy, well who will protect Anarchists from the police? It's now more and more out in the open, and more will come out as we learn how shameful these vile police monsters have become.
We now know that the police murdered people at Hillsborough football stadium. We now know the police have covered up for years the criminal gangs of child murderers, satanists, they have colluded, covered up and very probably participated in the deliberate cruel and inhumane treatment of our innocent and vulnerable youngsters. Make no mistake at all: child molestation is institutionalised, they are ALL in it, the police is one of the institutions in this country that should be totally dismantled in it's entirety, top to bottom as a corrupt and stinking mess.

There is a well worn path for people who try to report suspected child molesters and perverts, firstly the person will be ignored and told they are imagining things, that this couldn't really be going on, the person will naturally become upset, after all what is more emotive than the harming of children? Once the person is upset and emotional if they persist in attempting to report the criminal activity they suspect, the police will call in the local mental health team, it happened to me when I tried to report nonces creeping around St Boniface Primary School, Wandsworth Police called the local mental health team for me.

Dr A. Butt aided the interview where I had to quickly prove my sanity by having such a ridiculous name, I wanted to ask him so much about his relationship with his parents ! However pronounced sane, if verbose Wandsworth police still refused to allow me to report any crime, so clearly have not investigated my concerns, truth to tell they probably know all about the nonces in the area but are so busy colluding with them and covering up the criminal activities of the people they sycophantically consider their betters they simply don't have the time to do anything like what the normal person would consider police work.

We are constantly told that these nonces have formed highly organised criminal gangs, well why is not the organised crime squad investigating and bringing these criminals to justice? What was Jimmy Savile "fixing" for scumbag, inbred, descendent of robber barons "prince" Charles. Word is suspected necrophiliac Savile spent five days alone with the dead body of his mother and said it was the best five days of his life. What little present was Savile taking in the ten years he spent Christmas with the Thatchers when that senile old baggage was prime minister?

The British public is being offered dead nonces and has beens as the criminals, well we know better, child molesters have their own special wings in prisons, this lot are running a school for nonces and child pesterers. Police infiltrated, shagged and even produced children with a bunch of raggle taggle "Anarchists" spending huge amounts of public money and producing no results, why can't British police infiltrate the nonces and bring them to justice? Aaah silly me, obviously because they are in collusion with the criminals that run the country.

So until and unless British police actually begin to do anything that even remotely protects children and innocents they can stop claiming the "Thin Blue Line" which has fuck all to do with a bunch of lying, cheating, murdering filth who sold out for filthy lucre, who KNOW what has been going on yet were too scared and pathetic to challenge anybody they considered their "Betters" the real thin blue line that protects the earth never needed scum like them and never will. The colloquial name for police in great Britian is and always has been "Filth" , The Filth, how right we were!

No Whitewash, No cover up, fall on your swords if you must but the Great British public deserve and demand the truth, demand justice and the dismantling of the sick nonce infested institutions that blight our land.

Truth Will Out !