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Friday, November 09, 2012

Rainbow Spell

Ever feel that every day life is crowding in? That matters of the mundane are obscuring your view of the enchantment? Life can be complicated at times. If you find mundane issues are clouding your judgement I have a tonic for you :>)
Take a multi faceted cut glass crystal wash it well. Hang it at a sunny window, take note that the crystal is blessing you with rainbows on your ceiling or walls. Use a large glass, rinse well and fill with water. Hold the glass by the crystal so that tiny intense rainbows are held within the water. As you do this look out of the window into the world, relax and watch as the crystal continues to charge the water.
When you feel ready drink the water, sip it, as you do so visualize the spirit of the rainbow in you life. Feel yourself filling up with crystal light. If you do not finish the water keep it with you and drink it through out the day.You may find that you see things differently in all aspects of your life and the rainbows will continue to bless you with energies that will make your work in the mundane much simplified. Leave the crystal hanging in the window, remember to wash it regularly.

In these short winter days a candle will do just as well for sun light.

Thursday, November 08, 2012

Crystal clear ~ Child molesters run the country !

The British establishment has, apparently been designed to provide children and young people to be abused, defiled, tortured and murdered. Designed that way by the robber barons that stole all the land. We are, and always have been a factory providing food for the demonic, evil, people. The food is our children and young people.

I can't believe I am writing this, even weeks ago things were not as clear as they are now, clear as a bell, crystal clear, recently a personality known as Jimmy Savile has been revealed as a prolific, predatory child molester, a clear danger to children and young people, yet this man was a close friend of the robber barons who claim the divine right of kings over this land, was a close friend of politicians, prime ministers, claimed in his lifetime to be a fixer, what was he fixing for these scum ?

Many people went to the police and time and again were turned away, the police it would seem have not been created to protect children and innocents but have themselves colluded in the disgraceful, criminal, shocking defilement of childhood in this country, covering up names and evidence, as usual sycophantically sucking up to the establishment, not taking proper notes, scared for their promotion, their "career" their pension, all the while children were hurting, crying and confused, betrayed by everyone around them.
Every institution in this country needs to be dismantled in it's entirety,

The "Royal" Family
The Bankers
The Police
The criminal justice system
Social services every care home in the land
The prison system
The mental health system
The National health service
The education system
The Tax System
The whole bally lot of them !!!!

Families are under attack like never before, undermined by society at every turn, how greedy are these monsters ? How many more children to add to the countless numbers they have already defiled and murdered ? What the hell do they think they are doing? Can it really be that there are vampires feeding from the human race, the old stories of drinking and bathing in the blood of virgins are true after all and were remembered and retold as a warning to us ?

Look at all of the establishments in this country and no matter how distinct and apart they all seem to be the usual suspects are there fingers in every pie, wide eyed and scared they look, more and more, as the word gets out about their activities. It is clear that the British public are in no mood for another whitewash  another cover up will not explain away why the country is and has been run for the benefit of the very few to the detriment of the rest of us.