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Friday, February 10, 2012

Eliminate the Parasites !

You may now be aware that everything you have ever been told is a lie, you have been lied to, cheated, stolen from, drugged, contaminated and manipulated since the day you were born, even before you were born as your parents will have been manipulated by the hideous plot that everybody on the planet has been ensnared in.

You may now be aware that a tiny percentage of people are creating wars and conflicts, coldly and cynically creating profits for a shameful war machine that does not care about the child with no hands and feet, the man destroyed because he cannot protect and provide for his family or the many women too frightened to bear children because of the deformities from depleted uranium, does not care about me and does not care about you.

These parasites live off you and me, not only our money but stealing our energies and manipulating us so they can feed from the energy they crave fear, pain and death. Be in no doubt they want us dead, they have declared war on us, vaccines, fluoride, genetically modified foods, chem. trails, mercury poisoning, aluminium poisoning, radiation, cancer, propaganda and mind manipulation. everything and anything that can limit our intelligence and our health is being used against us.

Shocking isn’t it? People do have a hard time coming to terms with this knowledge, many people would rather live in denial hoping against hope that they will not be the next victim, hoping their job, home and family are safe and to frightened, drugged, brainwashed to pro-actively take any steps to change. Who can blame them? Many people would rather this plot was not true, would rather be wrong, myself included!

However people who are awake and aware and who have come to terms with the truth that nothing is what it seems, people who have opened their eyes to the criminal and psychopathic behaviour of banksters, politicians, government, corporations et al still have a problem, what can we do about this? How can we begin to challenge a monster as gross and entrenched as this whole system is? We can only begin with ourselves.

Did you know that there are over a thousand parasites that live on the human body? This is not to mention nano technology or the disturbing reports of Morgellons that we hear about. Very little research seems to be available concerning these human parasites, even nits the scourge of every school have not been researched properly and there is much unknown still about these critters that make our bodies their home.

We are all contaminated, our diet has been manipulated to include more sugars which makes our bodies a better host for the parasites to live on, so even when we are at our best imagining ourselves to be healthy and strong, thinking we have a clear head and believing we are acting independently we are not; we are influenced in subtle, chemical ways by the very parasites that call us home. We are lousy!

However knowledge is power and this situation can be changed, we can get clean and deter further parasites from moving in on us, the first way is to change the chemical levels in the body, to fool the parasites into believing that the body is already dead and of no further use to them, they will then leave voluntarily. This can easily be done by using Apple Cider Vinegar, as a body rub, as a mouth wash, to rinse your hair and clothes, surfaces and dishes are sparkling clean when rinsed with vinegar.

Be careful to take care of your liver as you detoxify, it will be working hard clearing the impurities away so you may become emotional, depressed and may suffer aches and pains in your body, milk thistle will help to support your liver and Apple Cider Vinegar should be regarded as very strong medicine. However your energy levels and conscious awareness will improve rapidly as will your skin you may well shed those stubborn pounds that are lingering from Chrimbo.

Coconut oil is also a good detox, and is gentler than the Cider Apple vinegar, just take a spoonful and put it in your mouth, it will melt and you can rinse your mouth with it for five to fifteen minutes, coconut oil is also very good for your skin and hair.do not swallow either the oil or the vinegar, spit them out and the impurities with them.

Expect the unexpected, my own journey to loose these parasites, that I didn’t even know I had has been strange, colourful and enlightening, I don’t know what will happen with your cleansing, but I do know that we are under attack in more ways than we know and basic, inexpensive solutions will help bring us all to a place where we truly are our own people and perhaps then we can begin to eliminate the other parasites, the ones that rule the world.