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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Witch Thirteen

I don't suppose that I am the only person that has been waiting, what seems like forever for the rest of the world to open their eyes, look at reality and begin to change the hell that we and countless generations of our forefathers have allowed to be created around us.  The various and many  systems of control are, falling away and people are waking up and thinking for themselves. It has been a long and difficult journey, bucking against the trends, forging ahead against the mainstream and taking a stand when things were just too crazily out of line.

Remember the madness was when Reagan, confused and senile as he obviously was even then began speaking of a "limited nuclear war in europe" and the mad Thatcher woman nodded and smiled her cold, dead smile that was when I knew we had already been sold down the river, our lives just so much "collateral damage" to the US military machine. I jumped up and down, protested, lived at Greenham Common with my son, took part in every demonstration and even became secratary for Swindon's CND.

We were mocked and ridiculed by the mainstream media, told by Michael Hesaltine that we would be shot if we misbehaved, yet we held true the belief that nuclear weapons are horrific and not to be utilised against any foe, that Russia had no interest in attacking the US, and that nuclear cruise weapons from another sovereign nation could never be safely deployed in the UK, we broke into the base, held picnics, once notably an exorcism,  painted the runway and left as much evidence of our trespass as possible, after all if a bunch of untrained, unarmed women could get into the silos, what could armed, trained personnel do?

That was thirty years ago and my, how things have changed!

Layers and layers of lies and deceit have been peeled away, technology has moved on in leaps and bounds, yet all we have discovered is how nasty sociopathic families have conned, lied, cheated, murdered, and controlled countless generations of people, have interbred with themselves to a massive and obvious detrimental effect, and who seem to believe they are better than the rest of humanity, an elite, the illuminated ones!

Ha ha a light shone on The UK "royal "family, the  US dynasties et al would only show them for what they really are a bunch of badly selected inbreds, descended from murderers, robbers and liars. Always with a semi surprised look on their faces, as if they really can't believe they ARE getting away with murder, then the smug self satisfied grin as they feel all powerful and superior, then the cold hungry eyes as they look for more murder, more suffering to feed the great hole they have become, a great feeding hole for their masters, the ones they sold their soul to, the dark shadow creatures that have designed society to provide the murder and human pain, suffering and fear that they need to feed from.

For the dull and ignorant inbreds that apparently rule the world are just pawns, easy to manipulate because of their inbred stupidity and lack of imagination, they have been dabbling tho' playing with things they should never have touched and these stupid people have been lied to and worse have believed the lies of the evil, sycophantic demons they seem to have conjured up from the depth of hell. Flattery I suppose  suits dull,  ignorant, ugly people who have never even achieved  an independent thought.

Who are the rulers behind the rulers then?  Demons ? Aliens? Fuck knows, I don't. The legends, which are all basically the same and the fairy stories and the lies seem to point to creatures from different dimensions, tho' Solomon's seals and his work into demonology seems to be used very prominently in architecture and other symbology  is used throughout our public buildings and places making us all worshippers lending our energies to who knows what secret ceremonies. There is strange cruelty to children, horrific cruelty to mothers and fathers and it seems the energy of death and suffering must be with us always. The tales of vampires then a warning that we are preyed on in a psychic sense?

More people than ever before have become aware of the shameful game that is being played out, the lies of "Freedom" and "Democracy" mock us all, but the United States of America or rather the citizens, the humans, the collateral damage, the human resources who live on that land mass are suffering, one in seven reliant on food stamps, more schools and churches sending home food with schoolchildren who are going to bed hungry, no health care, let me emphasise NO freakin' health care man ! None, nada, neit, kaput, no help if you SICK, unbelievable that any nation would put up with that but the yanks did, while telling us all the while what a great country they were, generations of people blighted by student debt, yep got that right paying for education, now we know where our own scumbag "politicians" stole that idea from!

Fluoride in the public water supply have ensured a dulled down, compliant populace, deliberately kept ignorant and just over broke, so they will join up in the military industrial complex, remotely fly armed drone aircraft and fire those weapons to kill and injure other poor people both at home and abroad. Perhaps they won't see, won't ever look as the cattle cars, already built and fitted with chains carry various "terrorists" and  "enemies of the state" towards the internment camps, built, stocked with coffins, staffed with guards, yet invisible to Mr and Mrs average American! The police, selected to have sociopathic tendencies and an IQ of under 100 will come for them too, either the police or the emerging zombies ready to eat their face off, that's democracy for ya!

A real worry that many Americans simply refuse to see, I am feeling connexions with another group of people who suffered in Europe and wonder if the yanks are regretting their choice to take the Nazi's in after the war, give them new identities and jobs and enable the third riech to grow clandestinely into the gross, evil, manipulating monster that is the CIA, NASA, Monsanto, polluted, adulterated foods, TSA,US military and pharmecuetical industrial complexes with it's evil, paedophile, murdering, lying tendencies.

However though the humans living on the land mass known as the US of America are undoubtedly in a very lot of trouble, so are we all, humanity is under attack, all of us, vaccinations, chem trails, mercury fillings, et al are weakening us, making us ill, affecting our minds and thought processes, affecting our lives to the very core of our beings, we are manipulated and brain washed via the television, we police ourselves and others police us and our words and thoughts. How on earth did we let this happen? Why did we look aside as others stole our powers, our energies and our children?


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