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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be My Valentine ?

Mate I never meant to be so unkind

Uneccesary I know, I blew my mind

Ready now, to change my wicked ways

Ready now to make up for sad lost days

Always I was wrong, stupid and cruel

You gave me love and I was a fool

For I pushed you away, I am sorry now

Ready to make peace, to show you how

Each step I take will be away from stupid

Every day I remember the dart from cupid

Dearest I love the smiles in your green eyes

More smiles & laughter, more trust & love

And trusting and loving is the way I will be

No more unkindness only loving from me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mother

Er, I haven't got green eyes!!

P xx

Wednesday, 15 February, 2012  

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