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Friday, February 17, 2012

The American Nightmare

Not quite eating their own babies - yet ! The pale and solemn face of the six year old girl as she told how her mother had eaten a rat, the pain in her classmates faces as they described going to bed hungry, no dinner again will stay with me for a long time. I wanted to take that little girl in my arms explain to her mummy didn’t really eat a rat, it didn’t happen, it was a bad dream and mummy was out in the kitchen cooking a lovely tea.

However I am across the big pond, America is a no go area since the naked body scanners and the sexual assaults by the TSA. Increasing the isolation of America, a country where the majority of the population do not have passports and have never travelled abroad. Leading to an ever-increased susceptibility to propaganda and brain washing. Perhaps Americans don’t care how the rest of the world sees them, perhaps they don’t want to know, however opinions outside the US are crystallising as we see the brutality and everyday unkindness.

I watched as a clinic that I had seen two years previously that had hoped to become redundant because of “Obamahcare” was now seeing more desperate people than ever before, watched as a woman whose husbands intestines we hanging outside his body due to a hernia begged him to go to the emergency room, hang the expense, but when he went he was told his operation would cost $20,000 an unimaginable amount to him, he remains at risk from gangrene and in great pain.

In a television debate members of the audience shouted out “Yes” when panellists were asked if someone who did not have healthcare insurance should be allowed to die, Ron Paul stated people had a choice whether to get healthcare or not ! How is there any choice to an unemployed family, living in a sewer, unable to feed their own children. How can these families pay extortionate healthcare insurance?

“Land of the free, home of the brave” Did anyone ever fall for that propaganda? The great American dream brain washing still remains as attitudes that people who don’t make it in America are lazy, stupid and that somehow their unemployment, poverty and even sickness are there own fault – empathy, understanding and kindness seem in very short supply in the tyrannical country across the Atlantic.

Many Americans it seems are in denial of the way the poor and unfortunate are living on American soil, don’t want to know yet, many are themselves one pay check away from bankruptcy and ruin, this is the way the capitalist, consumerist country was designed for them, economic slavery or homelessness, hunger and the fear of illness that cannot be treated. How did that happen?

Simply, it was allowed to happen, by the American people themselves! Only the American people can change their system, we in the UK can watch America’s decline, can pity the lack of healthcare, the non existence of the safety nets that ensure our children do not go to bed hungry or suffer trauma as they watch their parents eat rats. We do not carry an identity card, we do have free at point of service healthcare, although our social housing has been under attack since Thatcher our local councils still have a duty of care to provide housing for homeless people.

Yet we are told again and again how America is the richest country on earth, how sad for us all that the US would choose to spend that great wealth on inflicting pain and suffering on the rest of the world, on inflicting the fascism, now relabelled democracy to the rest of the world, by insisting that the rest of the world shop, become consumers, eat food that is hardly recognisable as anything nutritious, and any country that does not conform to the usury and manipulation of the bansters will be bankrupted or despoiled by war, polluted for ever by depleted uranium.

It is generally regarded that the true test of any civilisation is how it treats its weak, vulnerable and young, unless and until Americans finally wake up, open their eyes and hearts and deny the nationalistic propaganda they are constantly fed and change a system that works only for the rich families and destroys the poor and vulnerable the rest of the world will continue to be brow beaten and bullied into a corrupt and wicked system that impoverishes both materially and spiritually.

The poor in America are dirt poor and deliberately kept so, it seems cruel and wicked to treat people so. However the military industrial complex that makes so much money for the US must be fed and desperate, traumatised young people will join the military and commit atrocities around the world to other poor people who maybe didn’t need to eat rats to survive. Desperate people will fly drone airoplanes thousands of miles away, kill other mothers and children but at least their own kids will be fed that night.

Wake up America, it doesn’t have to be that way, you are people, same as everyone else, loving, laughing, family people, you can take care of your vulnerable, your weak your broken., it really is time to care, those FEMA camps are waiting, complete with coffins. They have not been built for people from another culture that you don’t understand, they have been built for you and yours and only you can save your family and loved ones from them.


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