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Friday, December 10, 2010

Shameful day in England

Message: A group of students make their feelings known at the statue of Churchill

Ninth of December, Two thousand and Ten ~ a day to remember, a day when the ConDem government stole the future from children in England, lets not pretend that it was ever so good. The government consists of millionaires educated themselves at Oxford or Cambridge, finding their chums on the playing fields of Eton. A shameful day, 28 liberal democrat hypocrites broke their election promises and voted for university fees to treble overnight.

There clearly is no democracy in this country, no choice between any political party and the wishes of the people do not count with greedy, lying politicians and their millionaire, or is it billionaire banker friends, these bankers and other millionaires in this country do not even pay their taxes, have profited from insider dealing, profiteering, as bank overdraft fees soar to 19% and are tainted by their love of money, which they have foolishly mistaken for power.

The poor must pay for the rich man’s vampiric greed, for the inadequate man’s futile attempt to feel better about his own inadequacies. Oh yes the poor must pay. The poor who will keep breeding! That’s how they speak of us, they make sure our wages are kept low, that jobs are hard to come by and then they steal from us through taxation to feed their parasitical and useless government machine. Oh lets not forget they indulge in illegal and immoral wars to murder our children and the people of other countries, making sure to contaminate with depleted uranium to prolong the torture and death,

Children, young men and women protested outside parliament, the only way they could make their voices heard, literally through the walls, they called all day, in the cold, in the dark, they were heard in the chambers of the hypocrites, no doubt as they chanted, youthful voices, wanting a future. Did the politicians listen as they indulged in strange handshakes, called in favours from the days when they were children themselves? Did the so-called elected people turn an ear to the calls from outside? No they thought of their own pockets, their own comfortable lives and condemned a generation to less.

Never tell me we live in a democracy, never tell me we have a voice, never tell me that politics don’t affect you, and never, never believe another lie…………………

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

British Jewry goes 'off-message' over Israel

Israelis (above) are no longer beyond criticism by Jews

British Jewry’s relationship with Israel is undergoing seismic change. The monolithic “Israel right or wrong” support of the mainstream suddenly cracked when one of the community’s most senior leaders went dramatically off-message.

As the Jewish Chronicle reported Mick Davis, chairman of the pre-eminent Anglo-Israel charity, the UJIA, and the executive of the Jewish Leadership Council, “shattered a longstanding taboo by publicly criticising the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the peace process, voicing moral reservations about some of Israel’s policies and calling for criticism of Israel to be voiced freely throughout the community.”

What followed was an “I am Spartacus” moment. As the Israeli embassy and their cohort of diehard loyalists within Anglo-Jewry looked on aghast, one heavyweight community player after another voiced support for Mr Davis.

They included figures who have worked tirelessly throughout their professional lives to defend Jewish rights, promote Israel’s right to peace and security and neutralise the ugly sisters of anti-Zionist/anti-Semitism. Nobody could ever accuse the likes of Jon Mendelson, Gordon Brown’s chief fundraiser and former Labour Friends of Israel chairman, or Bicomchairman Poju Zabludowicz, of possessing an iota of “self-hatred”.

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