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Friday, December 03, 2010

Look To The Skies

Look at the United Kingdom of Great Britain, covered, very neatly under a blanket of snow, it’s white and crisp, children are having time off school and a new concept has come into the workplace, “Snow days” in the temperate climate that we enjoy in the UK have we ever before experience such a universal coving in snow? We are a long island, facing the Atlantic, our weather is variable up and down the country, Scotland very often does see snow, and the south coast, with unique micro climates very seldom enjoys the universal blanket that we have at the moment.

Perhaps, grounds for suspicion in these days of Chemical trails and HAARP weather changing technology, certainly it has been a long time since clear blue skies we seen over our green and pleasant land. However for the past five days I have seen no sky at all, a blanket of low lying white obscures any sight of the sky, I have not seen the sun or the moon for nearly a week, and I look, there is zero visibility, and yet planes still fly overhead to and from Heathrow airport. I miss both the sun and the moon; perhaps many others do without realising it.

That the pollutants are already affecting the UK is very apparent from these pictures taken last spring, the Aluminium and sulphur dioxide chemicals are inhibiting plant growth in a very visible manner. We can be sure that these chemicals are having an invisible affect on our bodies, respiratory systems and on those of our loved ones, no one in the country, or it seems, the world can be escaping the effect of these chemical pollutants that are all around us in the atmosphere.

This combined with the fact that a few thousand criminals are intent on stealing every bit of available money, to the obvious determent of their fellow citizens, and are showing no signs of letting up, despite the obvious unrest, here in England, in Ireland, in Portugal, in Greece, in France and in Spain. That internment camps have been built, and are currently being staffed in the United States of America, together with huge underground bunker complexes can only give cause for concern.

Everything we have ever been told is a lie, many are developing critical thinking, many are becoming more knowing, in a psychic way, however it is still hard to see through the fog of lies to reality and truth. We are distracted, by weather, by propaganda, in all it’s various guises, that can, however, be tracked back to the huge and corrupt government machine. Let’s take a step back from this, let’s clear our heads and look to the skies.

On the last few nights before this Chemical soup obscured everything above a few hundred feet in the skies over London, from my kitchen window which faces South, I could see a bright red and blue planet, it flickered in the night sky and caught my interest because it was so beautiful and bright. I looked for it during the day but Chem trails, again obscured my view, How ever, I was not the only person to notice this below is a video of what I saw.

Curiously I have also noticed recently that my compass, seems to have changed slightly, I come from the south west of England so I always orientate myself with the direction of “home” now South west seems to have moved from four o’ clock to three o’ clock, in relation to where I stand. I can only suggest that it might be useful for us all to have a compass and be familiar with using it and mark where north, south, east and west are in relation to you and note any changes. Be aware of your compass. Your body will also be changing and realigning with the magnetic forces of our planet.

Clearly I do feel that the inbreed idiots that have stolen all the power from us and are now stealing all the money are up to more shenanigans than we will ever know. With my back ground of years spent studying any and all esoteric knowledge I can see that they run systems, rituals and are stupid enough to believe the demon entities and discarnate beings they have conjured from the depths of hell. Perhaps to understand this system better you need to know that they sign a pact, they sell their soul for earthly riches, but the pact is signed in blood, not their blood, the blood of a beloved, so if you are in any doubt who is playing this system then just look around them for the ritual blood sacrifice.

That these idiots, dabbling with demons, have been lied to is now becoming increasingly obvious, and that their own psychic skills have been stripped away from them is also obvious by their reliance on technology and occult systems, their symbols are all around us and on television, films and music videos. They have turned themselves into monsters and parasites however they have confused money with power and their greed and selfishness seems to know no limits.

But money is not power and never has been and man made machines will never equal the powers of our own minds. We are a magical, rainbow family, we are full of pollutants and hypnotised by TV but the rulers have never been able to steal the magic they have always wanted from us, they have tried and tried but they have been blind, blinded because of their own evil, when they first signed the pact. So despite their cloning, their genetic manipulations they have never been able to discover the people’s true magic.

They are jealous of this, very jealous, as is becoming apparent, they try and look down on us, try and disparage our lives, their control is vast as is their manipulation of us; but they will never know what we already know, and will never be able to keep up with us as we learn more and more each day. This is the wonder of our human family how we evolve; we should all be dead, or very sick already because of everything they have done to us, yet here we stay! Simply because when the pact was offered to us, as it is offered to everyone, we turned away in scorn, refusing to allow evil into our lives so remained a true spirit within our rainbow family.

That vision of the skies, worldwide are being obscured is obvious, that the evil people ruling the world are panicking, fidgeting and over loading their inbred minds is also very clear to anyone who looks. Every chance you get look to the skies, in England face south, look to the sky, imaging a clock dial in the sky and at about two o’ clock there is an anomaly, a blue and red shining anomaly, if you clear your mind and listen you can hear them, but perhaps that is a subject for another day.

I know there are visitors reading this from all around the world, look to your own skies, when they are not shrouded in chemical fog, if they are ask for clear blue skies, use your energy, the great energy that we can all tap into, because there is a secret out there, something being hidden from us, something that frightens the rulers so much because they can’t hear the wonderful magical music from the universe, and they know that we can. Something that speaks to us all, but only we can hear because this next evolution of our rainbow family promises to be the most enlightening and exciting time, fear not the corrupt, they are frightened for themselves, have fun, enjoy the snow, look to the skies when you can and watch the compass.

Be still, be calm and be true.

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Thursday, December 02, 2010

SB.TV F64 [S2.EP2] - Akala

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Barnaby ~ An English Student

Highwayman - Johnny Cash (the highwaymen)

American Isolation

I have been worried for some time now about the attitudes coming from American individuals, there seems to be even more sensitive than usual lately, which is why I’m writing this, to clear the air and try and get a grip on what is really happening. Americans, along with everyone else are being asked to “Wake up” to look at our respective governments and cultures and challenge what we see to be part of the conspiracy to enslave all of us. Yet time after time when it comes to the crunch Americans will retreat into a defensive position, quoting propaganda such as “We are Free” yet when a definition is sought for “freedom” none is given.

Clearly we are none of us free and are all the victims of the propaganda machine. We each have to see through it for ourselves, find our way through the rabbit hole, learn critical thinking and make our own minds up, as long as it really is our own minds then rational debate and discussion will not be a problem. What concerns me, particularly recently is that rational debate is very hard with brothers and sisters across the pond, not only for me, many friends of mine are finding that American people are becoming very emotional when their programming is challenged and cut themselves off from further contact.

The whole body scanner in the US and TSA scandal and lack of funds has stopped Americans travelling abroad, this together with the false flag of terrorism means that for the past ten years we have seen very few American tourists in England, travellers are open to new ideas and concepts and may well have taken some home with them. Now with the TSA and body scanners many people will be put off from travelling to America. People who could have told you what is really going on here will not be visiting.

The Wikileaks seems to be designed to ridicule the US government and to highlight the prejudices you have against foreigners and has already caused a lot of anti American rhetoric here. The call from US senators to make Wikileaks a terrorist organisation has met with sighs and shakes of disapproval, many here are already astonished at how much the American individual will allow their own government to get away with, and are perhaps beyond words.

My worry at the moment is that Americans, the individual men and women that we know and love are becoming increasingly isolated from the rest of the world, that real communication is becoming harder and harder, debate, already hard is now becoming impossible. As even the gentlest attempt at waking up and individual is met with emotive accusations at everyone hating America, we don’t, we hate enslavement of us all, and most truly believe that unless we are all free no one is, many people are putting up with all sorts of abuse just to stay in touch, we don’t want to loose you Americans, we want your freedom too!

Isolation is a real danger to Americans, you are living in a huge country with a well-oiled propaganda machine, and you have been “dumbed down” for generations both through propaganda and through your diet. You can be told what it’s like out here and many of you will believe it. You government is already shutting down web sites, with out warrants and it seems this situation will escalate. Your government has already built 600 internment camps in the US and the whole Denver Airport situation seems very creepy.

Please, please do not allow yourselves to be isolated any further, dislike me and other “alien nationals” all you want, debate with me all you want, prove me wrong, which I would love, I do not want to think we are all so easily manipulated and I would hate to loose any more friends from over the pond. My maiden name is Alden, highly likely therefore that one of my ancestors sailed on the Mayflower, and I do, as do many others, all over the world think of you as brothers and sisters, members of a great family that is man, my hand will always be held out in friendship, many others are here for you too, please remember that through the days ahead.

With love and best wishes, always