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Monday, January 11, 2010

The First Three Weeks

Brown eyes met Blue, I was me and you were you,

Conversation came with ease, each began to know.

Poets chanted, read and told, eyes met and smiled.

They told of life, passionate, funny, strong and mild.

Understanding came through word, mind met mind

I saw you clearly, knew you were both gentle and kind.

Time flew by and it was time to go home, South was I

And you were North. We parted then with a gentle sigh

I felt stronger, warmer, braver and knew I was blessed,

To know such a man, your heart on me greatly impressed.

A step at a time my head told me, no jumps and no leaps

Friendship is here, a true friend, a blessing for keeps.

The roast beef of old England gave me courage to act

In Winter’s Wonderland I dared to break the pact

I stepped boldly across the line, first kiss and embrace

Remembered and warmed with a scarf made of lace.

Did I trespass? I still could not know, It felt so right

My first steps with you, Hyde Park, on a cold winters night.

Yet next thing my Demons and Ghosts came out to play,

Growling and snarling, we were found guilty of affray

On Christmas Eve night, disgraceful, when all should be well

I am sorry my Darling that I took you through hell

Yet through it all I could see your eyes were strong

You held my hand in yours and we both moved along.

New Year came together and your kindness still grew,

Pleasure and fun, and more. were what we knew

New beginnings for us, new courage, new heart

New decade, new world and we each played our part

Fireworks on Primrose hill, champagne, and bliss

Floating lanterns, sealed with the joy of your kiss.

Walks in country, walks in town, your knowledge shared

Moonlight and snow light , still I’m glad I bravely dared

To cross the line, because beloved you are with me there

The world will crash in and some days are full of care

But centuries pass in you arms, yet each moment too brief

We’ve loved and lost and life is bittersweet with grief.

Our future, ahead we have certain ways to know

The Tarot, the Crystal our Demons surely will show.

Perhaps once introduced they will distract from pain

And we’ll know once again that love holds no shame

A step at a time my heart says, some jumps and some leaps

Kindred spirits, sacred touch and friendship for keeps?

Life and Death ~ Rumi

look at love

how it tangles

with the one fallen in love

look at spirit
how it fuses with earth
giving it new life why are you so busy
with this or that or good or bad
pay attention to how things blend

why talk about all
the known and the unknown
see how the unknown merges into the known

why think seperately
of this life and the next
when one is born from the last

look at your heart and tongue
one feels but deaf and dumb
the other speaks in words and signs

look at water and fire
earth and wind
enemies and friends all at once

the wolf and the lamb
the lion and the deer
far away yet together

look at the unity of this
spring and winter
manifested in the equinox

you too must mingle my friends
since the earth and the sky
are mingled just for you and me

be like sugarcane
sweet yet silent
don't get mixed up with bitter words

my beloved grows
right out of my own heart
how much more union can there be


come on sweetheart
let's adore one another
before there is no more
of you and me

a mirror tells the truth
look at your grim face
brighten up and cast away
your bitter smile

a generous friend
gives life for a friend
let's rise above this
animalistic behavior
and be kind to one another

spite darkens friendships
why not cast away
malice from our heart

once you think of me
dead and gone
you will make up with me
you will miss me
you may even adore me

why be a worshiper of the dead
think of me as a goner
come and make up now

since you will come
and throw kisses
at my tombstone later
why not give them to me now
this is me
that same person

i may talk too much
but my heart is silence
what else can i do
i am condemned to live this life


i've come again
like a new year
to crash the gate
of this old prison

i've come again
to break the teeth and claws
of this man-eating
monster we call life

i've come again
to puncture the
glory of the cosmos
who mercilessly
destroys humans

i am the falcon
hunting down the birds
of black omen
before their flights

i gave my word
at the outset to
give my life
with no qualms
i pray to the Lord
to break my back
before i break my word

how do you dare to
let someone like me
intoxicated with love
enter your house

you must know better
if i enter
i'll break all this and
destroy all that

if the sheriff arrives
i'll throw the wine
in his face
if your gatekeeper
pulls my hand
i'll break his arm

if the heavens don't go round
to my heart's desire
i'll crush its wheels and
pull out its roots

you have set up
a colorful table
calling it life and
asked me to your feast
but punish me if
i enjoy myself

what tyranny is this


you mustn't be afraid of death
you're a deathless soul
you can't be kept in a dark grave
you're filled with God's glow

be happy with your beloved
you can't find any better
the world will shimmer
because of the diamond you hold

when your heart is immersed
in this blissful love
you can easily endure
any bitter face around

in the absence of malice
there is nothing but
happiness and good times
don't dwell in sorrow my friend

Translated by Nader Khalili "Rumi, Fountain of Fire"
Cal-Earth Press, 1994