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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kindred Spirits

Here lay your hearts, your flowers,
Your Book of Hours,
Your fingers, your thumbs,
Your Miss You, Mums.
Here hang your hopes, your dreams,
Your Might-Have-Beens,
Your locks, your keys,
Your Mysteries.

The Southwark Mysteries
John Constable, Oberon Books, 1999, p. 206

"The Liberty of the Clink dates back to 1107, when the Bishop of Winchester was granted a stretch of the Southwark Bankside, which lay outside the law of the City of London. Here, the Bishop controlled the brothels, or 'stews'. His whores were know as Winchester Geese......"

"On the south bank of the Thames, outside the jurisdiction of the City of London, Bankside has long been known as a hotbed of creativity, dissent and loose living. With its brothels and bear-pits, prisons and pubs, the area has inspired the nation's greatest writers - Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dickens, Keats, and Blake - and been home to its famous theatres - The Globe, The Rose, The Old Vic and The National. ................"

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