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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Rose By Any Other Name

There is much talk of Aliens, UFO’s and we hear of Governments about to disclose the truth about Aliens. As if Governments ever disclose the truth about anything. Stories that there are more and more alien sightings and that we can expect more contact in the future.

I decided to look into this for myself, certainly I had seen pictures of “Greys” heard the abduction stories, but, somehow I had never found these stories credible, however an in depth search was what I decided upon, I followed the trail, Greys, Reptilians stories of the human race being waylaid, subverted and prayed upon by turns frightened, angered me or left me feeling despondent and chilled to the bone.

I could see for myself that much of the “evidence” was just man made craft, wishful thinking or perhaps even a deliberate smoke screen, I could see fraud, could smell a rat and knew things were far from how they appeared on the surface. It was then that a beloved and trusted friend gently caught my fall, he told me to wait, just a little while, and meanwhile take a look at some links.

I followed the links and found the link above, I sat back in amazement, I knew these creatures, not as Aliens, I called them Sprites, and there they were, doing exactly what I see them doing, doing exactly what they do when they help me, I am familiar with these wonderful floating sprites, nymphs or aliens. I KNOW them and work with them!

I first became really aware of them when I moved to London, they make me smile, I went out shopping one day and they were all around, I wondered if other people could see them but carried on with my business, In Sainsbury’s . At the check out a beautiful Asian couple, clearly in love and happy qued behind me, the elderly English lady in front of me was being served and the Asian lady at the till spoke to her in an Asian language, the English lady replied in English, then the check out lady spoke again, in English, this time the English lady spoke in an Asian tongue, I was amazed and turned to the Asian couple to see if they had heard, they nodded and laughed. I laughed too!

Speaking in tongues! Very impressive, I paid for my goods and as I left the beautiful Asian couple called out to me “See you later!” It was a promise. That’s how it felt, a certainty, of seeing them again.

Since then these sprites help me to clear chem.trails to keep the skies over London clear, some how they almost seem to eat energy, they love it, they generally have a happy, bubbly energy, tho’ yesterday when I was playing with the clouds, trying to write S.O.S. they seemed sad, and it rained shortly after.

I can only speak as I find, whatever these are, they exist, they are helpful, do not have a spaceship but do understand energy, and, I believe help to enhance psychic awareness and communications. I know them as Sprites, Fairies or Nymphs, a rose by any other name……………..


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