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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~ The Quickening Moon ~

The full moon in February can help prepare for rebirth. Deep within, seeds are stirring with visions fertile and strong. While winter's fury blusters and brays, our own inner visions stir in the growing light of day, below the surface of the earth, small seeds are awakening. Spring is still but a memory within our heart. but the worst of the winter is past and soon the growing season will start.

It's time to clear clutter within and around. Let go of anger, resentment and old limiting behaviour. Clear yourself of habits and things that no longer serve you. Make way for new growth. Light a candle, white for purification and potential, beckoning the brightness of spring.
Hunger Moon, Wild Moon, Ice Moon stealth,
In quiet preparation I love my self,
Brigit, Peresphone, Diana, Kuan Yin,
Help to cleanse and heal what's within
Dalas Jennifer Cobb