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Friday, February 20, 2009

Non Violent non-cooperation

Non Violent non-cooperation……….we are tiny drops in the ocean but together we are the oceans……….

So what is it these bastards want? These elite, these reptilians? It can’t be money because they fucking invented the filthy lucre and let’s face it they have it all already, they enslave us through their monetary system, but that’s not enough, it’s not their goal it’s not their aim.

They have taken a very long time, worked craftily and carefully for maybe thousands of years, they have removed us from our divinity with their religions, religions that are all the same! Mithras bears such an uncanny resemblance to Jesus who bears a very strong resemblance to Horus, these religions have another resemblance the congregation must not approach the divine directly but must do so through intervention from priests.

Possibly thought then we are being removed from our own divinity, denied our own powers, our spiritual awareness is stunted and thwarted we are encouraged to think of the divine as other, as outside ourselves and are grounded with only our five senses, we have more than five who knows how many more, in my every day work I am a psychic, I work on the premium phone lines, every body I speak to is an empath, is psychic, a healer EVERYBODY!

We are made up of energy, cosmic energy, basically that’s all we are, electrical impulses, I am an energy worker and I know how these energies can be directed, used for healing, understanding, psychic communication, our energies never die, they can’t they can leave our bodies and change but energy is infinite, changeable, focused or unfocused, mixing and blending with the cosmic whole or staying unique and individual just as we ourselves are.

Another possible thought then is that these powers that be; these fucking wankers that are controlling everyone are themselves after energy, our energy. Some energy they feed well from, some of it gives them a buzz, fear seems to be really potent for them, hate is an energy they cultivate again and again, sorrow will do at a push, grief will help them bubble, which may explain why we are kept in a state of fear, stress, pain and anguish. Even exposing their nasty games presents us with emotions that they can feed from. Remember emotion is simply energy, powerful directed energy when we watch our TV and see thousands die in the World Trade Centre.

These are my thoughts and I really want to be wrong, but why else constant war? Constant fear? constant division being promoted through humanity? Stupid reasons that make no sense given for why we must kill, why we must send our sons and daughters away to wars, how much fear is really being generated in Iraq, in Gaza, in Afghanistan? Take a moment can you feel that fear? That hate? That pain? Can you? I can, I am in a cold sweat, my stomach in knots, my eyes are full of tears and I know if I let them fall I will sob and sob.

We are being fooled and conned, held back, we know that now, eyes are being opened to awareness all over the world, yet we still feel small powerless unable and perhaps afraid to embrace our own powers, our own control, our own divinity, we have to stop being our own prison warders, we have to realise that we deny our own power at our peril. If they feed from our energy then we can change that, we need to be clear headed, not give in to despair or panic, we will have to be strong and there are difficult times ahead begin to feel your own energies, the energies around you, dare to be familiar with atmosphere, claim back your own divinity and know that you are a divine and powerful being.

Why have matters escalated over the past fifty years so much? They worked in secret for so long, so carefully, could it be arrogance that makes them break cover now or could it be their own fear? There own panic about what is happening with us, with the proles, the huddled masses, could it be that we as humans are evolving into a place we can fight them at their own game? We are evolving you know as a race, as humans, many of us are now born without wisdom teeth, acknowledged to be a natural evolution, how else are we evolving?

How else are we already evolved but in ignorance? Ask yourself these questions and dare to dream, because that’s all we have…….. our dreams.


Blogger Preposterous Proposals said...

"could it be arrogance that makes them break cover now or could it be their own fear?"

My guess would be a good dose of both... you're right, we have got to take control back of our emotions and our lives.... like yesterday!

Again, a wonderful post... thank you!

Tuesday, 10 March, 2009  

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