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Monday, December 08, 2008

Aries ~ Aries Rising

Yeah well, I don't remember asking to be born, but I've been lumbered with this Aries Aries rising thing, which means I am a catalyst I change people, I don’t mean to it just happens. One minute I’m having a normal conversation in the pub next thing I know some Joe has turned into Jack the Giant Killer and is freaking out in the corner.

When I was younger I would attract every psychopath within a 30-mile radius, I spent my teens and early twenties wondering why all the blokes I met were mad and bad, then they turned into pussycats purring at my touch. Growling at anybody else who tried to get through their barriers.

Once I learned to say “No thank you, you can’t buy me a drink because you’re probably a psychopath!”

Life did get a bit easier. You may think I’m this or that but imagine how it is for me to be inside this! It’s difficult, I tippety toe around people daring them to be constant, not wanting to be the one that breaks their hearts, not wanting to be a leader, not wanting to be the one that everyone looks at when I walk into a room.

I didn’t deal the cards I’m just playing the hand I was given, I play well, I may beat you or I may fold, does it really matter?

I never meant to change you, I loved the way you were.

Today I have been listening to my “Aries” CDWagner ~

The Ride of the Valkyries

Vivaldi ~ Spring, From the Four seasons

Schumann ~ Traumerel (Dreaming)

Verdi ~ La Donna e Mobile

Delibes ~ Pizzicato from Sylvia

Strauss ~Radetzky March Opus 228

Orff ~ Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi,

From Carmina Burana

Holst ~ Mars, the bringer of War, From The Planets Suite

It helped.