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Friday, November 14, 2008

A Call To Arms

Boy child, released from evil, free from pain,
We hope, where you are you can smile again.
Blessings for you we send from our heart.
We will, till from mortal life we too depart.

Empaths are here and time walkers too,
We are with you, to love and cherish you.
You suffering we take and lift you from care.
Alone? Darling never, your load we will bear.

Everything that they did is with us now,
We know and will heal you, somehow
We will soothe and release and love
Feel us now! On Earth or above.

Each blow and bite and kick and swing.
We take from you, peace and love bring.
Confusion is gone and clarity so sweet
Is with you now, we bow at your feet.

We surround you with rainbows
We take from you all the blows
Heal each and every injury….
Love, love and love will bless thee.

We tickle your feet and kiss your toes
Smile, sweet boy, and forget all woes
Chunter and chuckle, feel us all near
To protect you from those whom you fear.

With this spell our magic we work well
Our story for you baby boy will begin to tell
Sweet dreams fair one and blessings of peace
Now only with smiles your features will crease,

~ So Mote It Be ~