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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Free Will

The snowdrops have been seen,
The land will soon return to green:
Our winter freeze will blow by,
The sun rises higher in the sky.
We bless the walkers on their path
With light and love they're free to laugh!

Freedom on the paths we all walk
Free will, to learn, laugh and talk:
Let none blinker or cause them pain:
Teach them wrong: or cause shame
Our souls can never be bought or sold.
The paths we walk are free and bold
To your own heart you must be true
Let no other decide your way for you.
If you feel lost and all alone
In your pocket carry a stone
Let the universe into your life
Put away mundane strife.

Our Mother will guide and bless you
Our Father as well, he loves you so
We all learn as we go along
To be true and to be strong
So sweetheart be true to yourself
No more than that, but never less.