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Monday, August 11, 2008


Her gaze looked behind me, scanning the horizon

But when I looked, she had her blindfold on,

And yet she saw far beyond our normal grace.

Her Pearls of Wisdom draped her delicate face,

She wore a badge on her cap and feathers too.

Her aura flashed and showed her spirit as true.

“Lady, why?” I asked as her Black Rose fell“

Wear a blindfold when you see just as well.”

Under the cloak of darkness I saw her smile

“I will tell you true though it may take a while”

Her voice was serene giving sound to her art.

“If I show you my eyes I’d break your heart”“

I’m called to Earth and here I’ll stay

There’s much to learn to remember our way

We’ve been sold out for a very long time

Our powers denied, our names in the grime.

Yet here we are with grace and beauty intact.

We didn’t forsake you, I remain in fact.”

In her voice was passion, her anger was reined

I could tell her fire was bravely restrained.

“Who then and why would disparage you so?”

The person and reasons I was eager to know.

“Their names are so many, they rule through fear.

Yet it is they who pale whenever I am near.”

“I am not in the New Order they seek

So I’ve learned to be mild, I’ve learned to be meek

I’m underground for they “Fire at will.”

But I live on; inspiring still

Freedom and Justice are all I wish

Where in the world can I find this?

The rules and the laws they change at whim

That’s why I feel so angry and grim.

Rules and laws are never for me

I must remain Joyful and Free."

“But freedom is mine.” I said, feeling wise

“Ahh that’s why you can’t see into my eyes!

I see your soul, it’s injured and in pain.

Each lie you believed has left its grain,

Every lie left a mark upon you;

Evil has left some painful residue.”

At her words I felt a chill to the core

And yet, still again, I would listen more.

Her voice told of mysteries yet to share

Filled with light; filled with care.

I felt some confusion, then understood

The rules cut deeper when you try to Be Good.

“When they make up the rules to follow

They fabricate the lies you must swallow.

To follow, blindly the rules of men

Will injure your soul, will damage again.

The beauty that within you does grow

Is damaged and imperilled my eyes will show.”

“These eyes are mirrors and would show clearly

The harm laws inflict on all you hold dearly,

How you heart is broken, twisted and torn.

This process begins the moment you are born.

Men’s’ rules and judgements will torment and bend

Your heart and soul cry out for a friend”

“So, I am here, you’ve invoked and prayed,

I show you my form so you’ll not be afraid.

Believe apparently, by all that you find.

Know once again the powers of your mind!

Remember, once again, by all that you see!

Know that you are blessed by the

Angels of Anarchy.”