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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thor's Day

Thor, Lord Almighty, childhood playmate
Be with us now and help keep us straight
Fight with us against the evil men
Babylon’s here! It shames us again.
Women and children cry out in their pain
While Babylon strives, filthy lucre to gain
The serpent arises, its coils are tensing
Thor, my lord, its Armageddon I’m sensing.

We Bless and honour you on this your sacred day
Offer you a libation and a candle to light the way
As we stand here before you with our banners unfurled
We worry and fret for the evil unleashed in the world.
The witches of the hedgerow stand brave and true
Our ways you well know and our flowers dressed in blue
We garden and nuture, to grow is our favourite way
The wickedness we find can only fill us with dismay.

We speak of the child left weeping and alone
It hurts us my lord. Chills us to the bone
We hold and we cherish, light a candle to bless
Cuddle and care and share the peoples distress
We need you my Lord, we can fight alone no more
The strength and the power of the peoples hero Thor
With great hammer and belt, gauntlets and thunder
Lightening gladdens our hearts and fills us with wonder.

The peodophile, the nonce, the child molester
Theives of childhood, the innocents they pester
Throw thy great hammer, expose this evil plot
So we may see what’s what and what’s not
Protect these your children, peace of mind impart
Bless with kindness and help ease the broken heart
We can live with this evil and this shame no more
Please hear our prayer Mighty God Thor

Thor, Lord Almighty, childhood playmate
Be with us now and help keep us straight
Fight with us against the evil men
Babylon’s here! It shames us again.
Women and children cry out in their pain
While Babylon strives, filthy lucre to gain
The serpent arises, its coils are tensing
Thor, my lord, its Armageddon I’m sensing.

Sharon Damnable

From Here

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

St Boniface School Tooting ~ more lies!

Latest message from St Boniface School Tooting:

Dear Ms Gifford
Thank you for your email. I am waiting for the gardening company to confirm dates with me. I will let you know as soon as I have details.
Thank you

Siobhan Kerins

Despite the fact that i have told Madam Kerins that it's Mrs Gifford, why do people do that?
Passive aggressive ? or just pig ignorant?

Apparently it is beyond Siobhan and her staff to clear a bit of fence, the hidey holes extend past two very elderly families homes, my home and the homes of young people sharing who are out at work all dayI, have told her what has happened to me, I have explained that it would be ten minutes work to clear the other side of my 82 year old neighbours fence, then at least one worry would be cleared and one person would be, if not safe, at least safer.

Why tell me last week that the work would be done within a week and now apparently when they are good and ready!

This is after taking years and years to grow a mess that is a nuisance to everyone, staff walk by the gardens without giving it a second glance, anyone would think they would take some responsibility for the security of the school and it's reputation amongst neighbours. Would perhaps care about people being crept on.

It is incomprehensible to me that it is still standing at all, when I worked with children we gave very serious thought to their safety at all times, gave serious consideration to concerns and if anything like this had occurred then we would simply have cut down the offending area.

The fact that Siobhan Kerins obviously does not believe me is irrelevant too, the fact is that what I am saying is entirely possible, and in this day and age for a primary school to enable dens and hidey hole and have such lax security that dirty old men can get into the area during the day and much more dangerous people at night should spur the school's staff into some kind of action.

But NO, it's me who has turned into the villain of the piece, because I want peace of mind back, because I want my neighbours to be safe and because I can't stand the children to be spied on, followed or groomed by pedophiles.

It would only be ten minutes work to clear Eileen's fence, I have cleared all this side and am very tempted to go in as the criminals do and just pull down the rats nest that makes me cry every time I look at it, but no doubt ms kerins would call the police on me before I could finish, it's only a very small part of the rat run so cunningly grown by St Boniface school, but it would help me to feel better.

So here we are nearly six weeks later, I have explained and explained, how can I heal from what happened to me when I know it may still happen not only to me but to others as well.

Siobhan Kerins is complacent because the school has not been robbed! Well it has, it has been robbed of innocence and self respect, yet nothing changes, I wake up in hell every day, look out of my window not knowing what to expect, I sleep behind more locks and bolts and padlocks than I ever felt the need for before, but I am still not safe, because anyone can get through into the school and then into our homes and gardens.

Friends tell me I should move, but who would want a house in the middle of a rats nest grown by staff at St Boniface School with the complicity of the head teacher ? How could I put some one else in this position? Because Ms Kerins isn't listening to me, she has tried to dismiss me time after time, I have tried and tried to make her realize how serious this situation is, how it is her responsibility and that she should have been considering the security of the school and it's impact on neighbours for all these years, instead of listening to her staff telling her the rat run grows from neighbours houses.

Like I don't have much better things to do with my life, this could have been sorted a month ago, and would have been if there was a head teacher worth a salt at St Boniface school, but no it's nasty Ms Gifford moaning again, making a silly fuss over nothing! I cannot begin to heal until the rat run is gone, so I have no choice but to make sure that it is.

I just thanks the gods that my children never attended such an unsavoury place and that I never had to deal with such a disgraceful head teacher, who runs rats nests and then pretends they don't exist.

Think very carefully before having any dealings whatsoever with this school, if the head teacher is complicit in running a rat run for criminals and pretending it doesn't exsist what else is this woman capable of?

Certainly not a bit of weeding it seems.

Monday, July 07, 2008

St Boniface School Tooting ~ Rats Nest still

Latest message to St Boniface School, yep the head teacher lied yet again, nothing has changed, the school is still a disgusting rat's nest, neighbours property is still being entered and damaged because of the serious security breaches from the school.

How does Siobhan Kerins sleep at night?

Another week has gone by and still you nurture your rat run through the school, I have been more than patient with you, and your e mail claiming to cur down the offending vegetation was just another lie.

I will now get in touch with parents and the local authority, the bishop and the pope and anyone else I see fit, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, silly me!

You lack of concern is shocking, quite shocking.

By the way, your claim of "No man's land" is wrong as well, perhaps you should get in touch with the land registry and check for yourself. Not believe any more lies from your nasty little caretaker.

Hope you had a good week end, I was out on Sat and came home to find my property had once again been entered and plants damaged. Thanks Siobhan.

Your bins are still a disgusting disgrace and the school has apparently stolen a postman's trolley for rubbish now too.

Please do not lie to me any more, I was at the end of my tether before I came to you to try and get you to sort out the rat run you are responsible for.

Friends and neighbors are wanting to join me in cutting down the area ourselves, but naturally as that would be trespass we don't like to, although you seem to encourage dirty old men, creepers and buglers through the school, no doubt you would call the police and furnish them with more of your lies.

Before you claim that you don't know where the rat run is and cut down the wrong areas the rat run goes from behind 40 Ashvale road right to the entrance of the school, there is an overgrown area on the other side of the bins. Which again gives entry into peoples gardens.

I simply don't have the words to express how disgusted I am at your lack of care for the poor children who have the misfortune to attend the school or for the innocent, law abiding people who have the great misfortune to be the school's neighbours.

I also don't have the words, apparently, to make you care either but there are many others who do care and are not prepared to have this disgusting state of affairs continue.