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Monday, July 07, 2008

St Boniface School Tooting ~ Rats Nest still

Latest message to St Boniface School, yep the head teacher lied yet again, nothing has changed, the school is still a disgusting rat's nest, neighbours property is still being entered and damaged because of the serious security breaches from the school.

How does Siobhan Kerins sleep at night?

Another week has gone by and still you nurture your rat run through the school, I have been more than patient with you, and your e mail claiming to cur down the offending vegetation was just another lie.

I will now get in touch with parents and the local authority, the bishop and the pope and anyone else I see fit, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, silly me!

You lack of concern is shocking, quite shocking.

By the way, your claim of "No man's land" is wrong as well, perhaps you should get in touch with the land registry and check for yourself. Not believe any more lies from your nasty little caretaker.

Hope you had a good week end, I was out on Sat and came home to find my property had once again been entered and plants damaged. Thanks Siobhan.

Your bins are still a disgusting disgrace and the school has apparently stolen a postman's trolley for rubbish now too.

Please do not lie to me any more, I was at the end of my tether before I came to you to try and get you to sort out the rat run you are responsible for.

Friends and neighbors are wanting to join me in cutting down the area ourselves, but naturally as that would be trespass we don't like to, although you seem to encourage dirty old men, creepers and buglers through the school, no doubt you would call the police and furnish them with more of your lies.

Before you claim that you don't know where the rat run is and cut down the wrong areas the rat run goes from behind 40 Ashvale road right to the entrance of the school, there is an overgrown area on the other side of the bins. Which again gives entry into peoples gardens.

I simply don't have the words to express how disgusted I am at your lack of care for the poor children who have the misfortune to attend the school or for the innocent, law abiding people who have the great misfortune to be the school's neighbours.

I also don't have the words, apparently, to make you care either but there are many others who do care and are not prepared to have this disgusting state of affairs continue.


Blogger Sharon Amber Damnable said...

as I keep getting comments from anonymous people claiming to be parents at St Bonniface, I can only urge you to take a good look at the school, look at the entrance from Totterdown street, and the area behind the bins where the fence is so broken that anyone from the doss house there can just step over into the school.

Secure school? No I really don't think so, you can accuse me of being a nosey neighbour all you want but until you look at your own back yard you simply do not have the right to criticize anyone.

Still at least the dirty old men aren't able to gain access to my property any more !

Pics of the third world conditions at the rear of the school to follow.........

Sunday, 23 May, 2010  

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